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RRB ALP First Stage Practice Test

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RRB ALP First Stage Practice Test

RRB ALP First Stage Practice Test

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RRB ALP First Stage CBT is important to qualify for the Second Stage CBT and common for ALP and Technician. RRB ALP First Stage Practice & Mock Test section allows candidates to practice the learned material to ensure the candidate understands the pattern of the exam and the expected questions that would appear in the actual test.

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S.No Sections No. of Questions Time allocated
1 Mathematics 75 60 minutes (80 minutes for eligible PWD candidates accompanied with scribe)
2 General Intelligence and Reasoning
3 General Science
4 General awareness on current affairs

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[Click Here] for RRB ALP First Stage CBT Syllabus

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1. A number when divided by a divisor leaves a remainder of 24. When twice the original number is divided by the same divisor, the remainder is 11. What is the value of the divisor?
    A. 13 B. 59 C. m35 D. 37
Answer: Option D
2. The salaries A, B, C are in the ratio 2 : 3 : 5. If the increments of 15%, 10% and 20% are allowed respectively in their salaries, then what will be new ratio of their salaries?
    A. 3 : 3 : 10 B. 10 : 11 : 20 C. 23 : 33 : 60 D. Cannot be determined
Answer: Option C
3. Two numbers A and B are such that the sum of 5% of A and 4% of B is two-third of the sum of 6% of A and 8% of B. Find the ratio of A : B.
    A. 2 : 3 B. 1 : 1 C. 3 : 4 D. 4 : 3
Answer: Option D
4. Ravi and Kumar are working on an assignment. Ravi takes 6 hours to type 32 pages on a computer, while Kumar takes 5 hours to type 40 pages. How much time will they take, working together on two different computers to type an assignment of 110 pages?
    A. 7 hours 30 minutes B. 8 hours C. 8 hours 15 minutes D. 8 hours 25 minutes
Answer: Option C
5. What will be the compound interest on a sum of Rs. 25,000 after 3 years at the rate of 12 p.c.p.a.?
    A. Rs. 9000.30 B. Rs. 9720 C. Rs. 10123.20 D. Rs. 10483.20 E. None of these
Answer: Option C
1. In the following questions find out the alternative which will replace the words. Nest : Bird
    A. Cave : bear B. flower : petal C. window : house D. dog : basket
Answer: Option A
2. If in a certain language, MADRAS is coded as NBESBT, how is BOMBAY coded in that code?
    A. CPNCBX B. CPNCBZ C. CPOCBZ D. CQOCBZ E. None of these
Answer: Option B
3. Choose the most logical order of sentences from among the given choices to construct a coherent paragraph. a. 1971 war changed the political geography of the subcontinent b. Despite the significance of the event. There has been no serious book about the conflict c. Surrender at Dacca aims to fill this gap d. It also profoundly altered the geo-strategic situation in South-East Asia
    A. acbd B. cadb C. badc D. adbc
Answer: Option D
4. In following alphabet series, one term missing as shown by question mark (?). Choose missing term from options.: U, O, I, ?, A
    A. E B. C C. S D. G
Answer: Option A
5. Pointing to Varman, Madhav said, "I am the only son of one of the sons of his father." How is Varman related to Madhav?
    A. Nephew B. Uncle C. Father or Uncle D. Father
Answer: Option C
1. When the speed of car is doubled then what will be the braking force of the car to stop it in the same distance?
    A. four times B. two times C. half D. one fourth
Answer: Option A
2. The dimension of which of the following is the same as that of impulse?
    A. Volume B. Momentum C. Torque D. Change in the rate of momentum
Answer: Option B
3. In which of the following states maximum iron ore is found?
    A. FeC03 B. Fe203 C. Fe304 D. FeS2
Answer: Option B
4. Which one of the following metals pollutes the air of a city having large number of automobiles?
    A. Cadmium B. Chromium C. Lead D. Copper
Answer: Option C
5. Which among the following is a large spectrum Antibiotic?
    A. Paracetamol B. Pencillin C. Ampicillin D. Chlormphenicol
Answer: Option C
1. Which state has won the Senior Women’s National Football Championship 2018?
    A. Manipur B. Madhya Pradesh C. Punjab D. Tamil Nadu
Answer: D
2. Prime Minister Narendra Modi inaugurated the Dorjee Khandu state at which state?
    A. Karnataka B. Odisha C. Andhra Pradesh D. Arunachal Pradesh
Answer: D
3. From which company Bharat Heavy Electricals Limited (BHEL) Bags Rs 560 Crore Order?
    A. NTPC B. BHEL C. ISRO D. Ashok Leyland
Answer: A
4. Who hosts LPG Panchayat at Rashtrapati Bhavan?
    A. Shri Vijay Prakash B. Shri Ramesh Krishnan C. President Ram Nath Kovind D. Shri Naresh iyer
Answer: C
5. Which ministry to introduce ranking system for national sports federations?
    A. Ministry of External affairs B. Ministry of Sports C. Ministry of Telecommunications D. Ministry of Internal Affairs
Answer: B

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For RRB ALP First Stage CBT Practice Test: [Click Here]
For RRB ALP First Stage CBT Mock Test: [Click Here]

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To prepare for RRB ALP First Stage CBT 2018, the four main subjects that you need to be excellent at are Mathematics, General Intelligence and Reasoning, General Science and General awareness on current affairs.
Candidates can crack the exam only with the right approach and correct strategy and can also clear the RRB ALP First Stage CBT 2018, but remember there shall be negative marking for incorrect answers in First Stage CBT. 1/3rd of the marks allotted for each question shall be deducted for each wrong answer.
✦ Tip - 1: Identify the weak areas, for some it may be Mathematics; for others it may be General Intelligence and Reasoning. If possible take the help of extra coaching.
✦ Tip - 2: Take online mock tests to see where you stand and what your strengths. Look for reputed online coaching websites for free mock tests.
✦ Tip - 3: If you are repeatedly making the same mistakes, find out what is happening and analyze the mistakes. A reliable coach can help you in this matter.
✦ Tip - 4: Space out your learning in comfortable time slots. It is sufficient to start preparing 2 months before the exam. But allot enough time in the day to the preparation so that you have adequate time to focus on each section of the test.
✦ Tip - 5: This is the most important one. Stay Positive! There will be highs and lows in your journey for preparing the bank exam. Whatever happens stay focused and don’t give up.