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Quantitative Aptitude PDF Notes| Quizzes | Topic Wise

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Quantitative Aptitude PDF Notes - Quantitative Aptitude is an important section in the employment-related competitive exams in India. In particular, Quantitative Aptitude Section is one of the key sections in recruitment exams in India including but not limited to Banking , Railways, Staff Selection Commission, Insurance, Teaching, UPSC and many others. The Quantitative Aptitude section has questions related to Profit and Loss, Percentage and Discount, Simple Equations, Time and Work and Quadratic Equations etc.

Quantitative Aptitude Important Formulas Revision

Quantitative Aptitude test usually assesses candidates ability to solve Numerical Problems and Problem-Solving Skills. Quantitative aptitude needs to be solved with a lot of Accuracy and Speed which requires daily practice. By practicing aptitude tests you will become more familiar with the type of questions you may face during the actual test. Practice as many test questions as you can, this way you are more likely to have seen the same type of question before, giving you an even greater advantage during your test. The article Quantitative Aptitude PDF Notes presents important notes & quizzes in the PDF format for our readers to download and to prepare for their Exams.

Tips to prepare for Quantitative Aptitude Test:
  • Start Quantitative Aptitude preparation from the basics.

  • Concentrate on fundamentals is very Important.

  • Practice Various Mock Test and Practice Test helps the candidates format of questions asked in Exam and also help the candidates maintain Speed and accuracy in the Exams.

  • Preparing a short notes is very Important.

  • Always make a habit of solving problems dont just turn page by seeing problem.

  • Do not waste time if you get stuck in solving a particular question in exam hall.

  • Read the questions carefully so that you understand it properly before answering.

  • shape Formulas

    1. Quantitative Aptitude EBooks - Topic Wise - Formulas
    S. No Type E- Book
    1. Trigonometry_Formulas Trigonometry_Formulas
    2. Time & Work_Concepts & Formulas Time & Work_Concepts & Formulas
    3. Permutation & Combination_Formulas Permutation & Combination _Concepts &Formulas
    4. Profit & Loss_Concepts & Formulas Profit & Loss_Concepts & Formulas
    5. Boats and Streams_Concepts &_Formulas Boats and Streams_Concepts &_Formulas
    6. Mensuration_Concepts & Formulas Mensuration_Concepts & Formulas
    7. Percentages_Concepts &_Formulas Percentages_Concepts &_Formulas
    8. Alligation_or Mixture_Concepts & Formulas Alligation_or Mixture_Concepts & Formulas
    9. Problems_On Ages;_Formulas Problems_On Ages;_Formulas
    10. Volume and Surface Area_Concepts & Formulas Volume and Surface Area_Concepts & Formulas
    11. Geometry_Concepts & _Formulas Geometry_Concepts & _Formulas
    12. LCM and HCF_Concepts & Formulas LCM and HCF_Concepts & Formulas
    13. Clocks and Calendars_Concepts & _Formulas Clocks and Calendars_Concepts & _Formulas
    14. Data Interpretation_Concepts & Formulas Data Interpretation_Concepts & Formulas
    15. Number Systems_Concepts & _Formulas Number Systems_Concepts & _Formulas
    16. Surds and Indices_Concepts & Formulas Surds and Indices_Concepts & Formulas
    17. Height and Distance_Concepts & Formulas Height and Distance_Concepts & Formulas
    18. Ratio and Proportion_Concepts & Formulas Ratio and Proportion_Concepts & Formulas
    19. Stocks and Shares_Concepts & Formulas Stocks and Shares_Concepts & Formulas
    20. Pipes and Cisterns_Concepts & Formulas Pipes and Cisterns_Concepts & Formulas
    21. Averages_Concepts & Formulas Averages_Concepts & Formulas
    22. Simple Interest and Compound Interest & Formulas Simple Interest and Compound Interest

    2. Quantitative Aptitude EBooks - Short Cuts - Quick Calculations

    Quantitative Aptitude Important Formulas Revision

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