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Phobias List

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Phobias List

List of Phobias

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A Phobia is a type of anxiety disorder that causes an individual to experience extreme, irrational fear about a situation, living creature, place, or object. Individuals having a phobia will experience extreme and intense distress when they encounter the source of their phobia. In such situations of intense distress, the individual may have a panic attack. In the United States alone, approximately 19 million people have phobias.
Phobias are often more serious than simple fear sensation as they lead to panic attacks and are not limited to fears of specific triggers. Though the individuals understand that their phobia is irrational, they cannot control the fear reaction. Common symptoms observed in patients when encountered with their source of phobia may include sweating, and chest pains. Through medication and behavioral therapy the individuals can try to cope with their phobias. The article Phobias List presents the different types of Phobias experienced by individuals across the globe. This article plays a prominent role in GA/GK preparations as questions from the topic of Phobias are frequently seen in many competitive exams such as SSC CGL, IBPS, RRB, UPSC, CPO, SSC CHSL, Civil Services etc.

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Phobias List in alphabetical order:
Phobia Meaning
Acarophobia Fear of itching or of insects causing itching
Acrophobia Fear of heights
Aerophobia/Aviophobia Fear of flying or draughts
Agoraphobia Fear of open spaces
Agyiophobia Fear of crossing busy streets
Aichmophobia Fear of sharp or pointed objects
Ailurophobia Fear of cats
Algophobia Fear of pain
Amathophobia Fear of dust
Amaxophobia Fear of riding in a car
Ambulophobia Fear of walking
Anglophobia Fear of England or the English
Anthrophobia Fear of humans
Anuptaphobia Fear of staying single
Aquaphobia Fear of water
Arachibutyrophobia Fear of peanut butter sticking to roof of mouth
Arachnophobia Fear of spiders
Astraphobia Fear of being struck by lightning
Astrapophobia Fear of thunder and lightning
Automysophobia Fear of being dirty
Autophobia Fear of solitude
Acousticophobia Fear of Noise
Achluophobia Fear of Darkness
Apiphobia Fear of Bees
Arithmophobia Fear of Numbers
Arrhenphobia/Androphobia Fear of Men
Atychiphobia Fear of Failure
Alektorophobia Fear of Chickens
Aphenphosmphobia Fear of Intimacy
Ablutophobia Fear of bathing, washing, or cleaning
Agraphobia Fear of sexual abuse
Aurophobia Fear of gold
Agrizoophobia Fear of wild animals
Apeirophobia Fear of infinity or eternity
Ancraophobia Fear of Wind
Antlophobia Fear of Floods.
Arsonphobia Fear of Fire
Aulophobia Fear of Flutes
Phobia Meaning
Ballistophobia Fear of missiles
Bathophobia Fear of falling from a high place
Fear of Depths
Batophobia Fear of heights or being close to tall buildings
Batrachophobia Fear of frogs and toads
Belonephobia Fear of pins and needles
Bibliophobia Fear of books
Blennophobia Fear of slime
Brontophobia Fear of thunder and lightning
Bibliomania Obsession for Books
Barophobia Fear of gravity
Bathmophobia Fear of stairs or slopes
Botanophobia Fear of plants
Bacteriophobia Fear of bacteria
Basophobia Fear of walking/standing erect
Phobia Meaning
Cancerophobia/Carcinophobia Fear of cancer
Cathisophobia Fear of sitting
Cenophobia Fear of empty spaces
Chrematophobia Fear of money
Cibophobia Fear of or distaste for food
Claustrophobia Fear of closed spaces
Climacophobia Fear of falling down stairs
Clinophobia Fear of staying in bed
Cremnophobia Fear of cliffs and precipices
Cyberphobia Fear of computers
Cynophobia Fear of dogs
Chemophobia Fear of chemicals
Chiroptophobia Fear of bats
Chromophobia/chromatophobia Fear of colors
Chronophobia Fear of time and time moving forward
Coimetrophobia Fear of cemeteries
Colorphobia Fear or a strong aversion towards a particular color
Coprophobia Fear of feces or defecation
Coulrophobia Fear of clowns
Cacophobia Fear of Ugliness
Catoptrophobia Fear of Mirrors
Coasterphobia Fear of roller coaster
Cacomorphobia Fear of fat people
Cleithrophobia Fear of being trapped
Cainophobia Fear of newsness, novelty
Cardiophobia Fear of Heart
Carnophobia Fear of meat
Chaetophobia Fear of hair
Cheimaphobia Fear of cold
Chionophobia Fear of snow
Chiraptophobia Fear of Being Touched
Cholerophobia Fear of anger or Fear of cholera
Chorophobia Fear of Dancing
Chronomentrophobia Fear of clocks
Cryophobia Fear of extreme cold, ice or frost
Cyclophobia Fear of bicycles
Phobia Meaning
Dromophobia Fear of crossing streets
Dysmorphophobia Fear of physical deformities
Decidophobia Fear of making decisions
Demonophobia, daemonophobia Fear of demons
Dentophobia Fear of dentists and dental procedures
Demophobia Fear of Crowds or Mobs
Disposophobia Fear of getting rid of stuff
Dendrophobia Fear of trees
Dikephobia Fear of justice
Dipsophobia Fear of drinking
Dystychiphobia Fear of accidents
Phobia Meaning
Ecophobia Fear of home
Eleutherophobia Fear of freedom
Eosophobia Fear of dawn
Ergasiophobia/Ergophobia Fear of work
Erotophobia Fear of sex
Erythrophobia Fear of red lights or of blushing
Euphobia Fear of good news
Eurotophobia aversion to female genitals
Emetophobia Fear of vomiting
Enochlophobia Fear of crowds
Ephebiphobia Fear of youth
Electrophobia Fear of Electricity
Entomophobia Fear of Bugs and Insects
Ecclesiophobia Fear of church
Elurophobia Fear of cats
Enetophobia Fear of pins
Epistemophobia Fear of Knowledge
Equinophobia Fear of horses
Phobia Meaning
Francophobia Fear of France or the French
Frigophobia Fear of becoming too cold
Febriphobia Fear of fever
Frigophobia Fear of cold
Phobia Meaning
Gallophobia Fear of France or the French
Gamophobia Fear of marriage
Geniophobia Fear of chins
Genophobia Fear of sex
Gerascophobia Fear of growing old
Graphophobia Fear of writing
Gymnophobia Fear of nudity
Gelotophobia Fear of being laughed at
Gephyrophobia Fear of bridges
Gerontophobia Fear of the elderly
Globophobia Fear of balloons
Glossophobia Fear of speaking in public
Gynophobia Fear of women
Galeophobia Fear of cats
Genuphobia Fear of Knees
Geumaphobia Fear of taste
Phobia Meaning
Heliophobia Fear of sunlight
Herpetophobia Fear of snakes
Hierophobia Fear of sacred things
Homichlophobia Fear of fog
Homophobia Fear of homosexuals
Hydrophobia Fear of water
Hypsophobia Fear of high places
Halitophobia Fear of bad breath
Haphephobia Fear of being touched
Hedonophobia Fear of obtaining pleasure
Hemophobia, Haemophobia Fear of blood
Hexakosioihexekontahexaphobia Fear of the number 666
Hoplophobia Fear of firearms
Hypnophobia Fear of sleep
Hamartophobia Fear of Sinning or Errors
Hippopotomonstrosesquippedaliophobia Fear of Long Words
Hippophobia Fear of horses
Hylophobia Fear of trees, forests or wood
Hadephobia Fear of hell
Hagiophobia Fear of saints or holy things
Hodophobia Fear of road travel
Hormephobia Fear of shock
Hypengyophobia Fear of responsibility
Phobia Meaning
Iatrophobia Fear of going to the doctor
Iconophobia Fear or hatred of images
Ichthyophobia Fear of fish, including fear of eating fish, or fear of dead fish
Iophobia Fear of Poison
Ideophobia Fear of ideas
Phobia Meaning
Judeophobia Fear of Jews
Phobia Meaning
Kainotophobia Fear of change
Kakorrhaphiophobia Fear of failure
Kenophobia Fear of empty spaces
Koumpounophobia Fear of buttons
Katsaridaphobia Fear of Cockroaches
Kleptomania Obsession to Steal
Kinemortophobia Fear of Zombies
Kinetophobia, Kinesophobia Fear of movement
Kleptophobia Fear of stealing or being stolen
Kinesophobia Fear of high speed
Koinoniphobia Fear of rooms
Kynophobia Fear of rabies
Kyphophobia Fear of stooping
Phobia Meaning
Ligyrophobia Fear of loud noises
Linonophobia Fear of string
Lygophobia Fear of darkness
Lyssophobia Fear of hydrophobia
Lilapsophobia Fear of tornadoes or hurricanes
Lalophobia Fear of Speaking
Lepidopterophobia Fear of Butterflies
Legophobia Fear of study
Lachanophobia Fear of vegetables
Limnophobia Fear of lakes
Logophobia Fear of words
Phobia Meaning
Macrophobia Fear of prolonged waiting
Metrophobia Fear of poetry
Monophobia Fear of being alone
Muriphobia Fear of mice
Mysophobia Fear of contamination or dirt
Mageirocophobia Fear of cooking
Melanophobia Fear of the color black
Melissophobia Fear of bees
Musophobia, murophobia Fear of mice or rats
Myrmecophobia Fear of ants
Mysophobia Fear of germs, contamination or dirt
Methyphobia Fear of Alcohol
Microphobia Fear of Small Things
Mechanophobia Fear of machines
Meteorophobia Fear of meteors
Mnemophobia Fear of memories
Megalophobia Fear of large objects
Maieusiphobia Fear of childbirth
Metallophobia Fear of metal
Phobia Meaning
Nebulaphobia Fear of fog
Negrophobia Fear of blacks
Neophobia Fear of novelty
Nosophobia Fear of disease
Novercaphobia Fear of one's stepmother
Nyctophobia Fear of the night or darkness
Necrophobia Fear of death or the dead
Nomophobia Fear of being out of mobile phone contact
Nosocomephobia Fear of hospitals
Nostophobia Fear of returning home
Numerophobia Fear of numbers
Nelophobia Fear of glass
Nephophobia Fear of clouds
Noctiphobia Fear of night
Nomatophobia Fear of names
Phobia Meaning
Ochlophobia Fear of crowds
Oenophobia Fear or hatred of wine
Ombrophobia Fear of rain
Onomatophobia Fear of hearing a certain word
Ophidiophobia Fear of snakes
Ophthalmophobia Fear of being stared at
Optophobia Fear of opening one’s eyes
Ornithophobia Fear of birds
Oikophobia Fear of home surroundings and household appliances
Oneirophobia Fear of dreams
Omphalophobia Fear of belly buttons
Osmophobia, Olfactophobia Fear of smells
Orthophobia Fear of propriety or correct behavior
Ochophobia Fear of vehicles
Octophobia Fear of the figure 8
Phobia Meaning
Paedophobia Fear of children
Fear of dolls
Panophobia Melancholia marked by groundless fears
Pantophobia Fear of everything
Parthenophobia Fear of young girls (virgins)
Pathophobia Fear of disease
Pediculophobia Fear of lice
Pentheraphobia Fear or hatred of one’s mother-in-law
Phagophobia Fear of eating
Phengophobia Fear of daylight
Phonophobia Fear of noise or of speaking aloud
Photophobia Fear of light
Pogonophobia Fear of beards
Psychrophobia Fear of the cold
Pteronophobia Fear of being tickled by feathers
Pyrophobia Fear of fire
Panphobia Fear of everything or constant fear of an unknown cause
Phallophobia Fear of erections
Pharmacophobia Fear of medications
Phasmophobia Fear of ghosts or phantoms
Philophobia Fear of love
Phobophobia Fear of fear itself or of having a phobia
Pornophobia Fear of pornography
Pyromania Obsession with Fire
Pseudodysphagia Fear of choking
Podophobia Fear of feet
Paraskevidekatriaphobia Fear of friday the 13th
Potophobia Fear of alcohol
Peniaphobia Fear of poverty
Papaphobia Fear of the pope
Papyrophobia Fear of paper
Phronemophobia Fear of thinking
Psychophobia Fear of mind
Phobia Meaning
Russophobia Fear of Russia or Russians
Radiophobia Fear of radioactivity or X-rays
Ranidaphobia Fear of frogs
Phobia Meaning
Satanophobia Fear of the devil
Sciaphobia Fear of shadows
Scopophobia Fear of being looked at
Scotophobia Fear of the dark
Sitiophobia Fear of food
Sitophobia Fear of food or eating
Spectrophobia Fear of looking in a mirror
Symmetrophobia Fear of symmetry
Syphilophobia Fear of syphilis
Sexophobia Fear of sexual organs or sexual activities
Siderodromophobia Fear of trains or railroads
Sociophobia Fear of people or social situations
Spectrophobia Fear of mirrors
Stasiphobia Fear of standing or walking
Sidonglobophobia Fear of cottong balls
Somniphobia Fear of sleep
Selenophobia Fear of the moon
Sophophobia Fear of learning
Scolionophobia Fear of school
Siderophobia Fear of stars
Syngenesophobia Fear of relatives
Phobia Meaning
Taphophobia, taphephobia Fear of the grave
Technophobia Fear of advanced technology
Telephone phobia Fear or reluctance of making or taking telephone calls
Teratophobia Fear of disfigured people
Tetraphobia Fear of the number 4
Thalassophobia Fear of the sea, or fear of being in the ocean
Thanatophobia Fear of dying
Thermophobia Intolerance to high temperatures
Tokophobia Fear of childbirth or pregnancy
Tomophobia Fear of invasive medical procedure
Toxiphobia Fear of being poisoned
Traumatophobia Fear of having an injury
Trichophobia Fear of hair loss
Triskaidekaphobia, terdekaphobia Fear of the number 13
Trypanophobia Fear of needles or injections
Trypophobia Fear of holes or textures with a pattern of holes
Tachophobia Fear of speed
Thaasophobia Fear of sitting
Thalassophobia Fear of the sea
Theophobia Fear of gods or religious
Tuberculophobia Fear of tuberculosis
Tonitrophobia Fear of thunder
Topophobia Fear of certain places
Toxicophobia Fear of poisoning
Phobia Meaning
Uranophobia Fear of heaven or the sky
Phobia Meaning
Vaccinophobia Fear of vaccination
Verbophobia Fear of words
Vestiphobia Fear of clothing
Phobia Meaning
Workplace phobia Fear of the workplace
Walloonphobia Fear of the walloons
Phobia Meaning
Xanthophobia Fear of the color yellow
Xenophobia Fear of strangers, foreigners, or aliens
Xenoglossophobia Fear of foreign languages
Xerophobia Fear of dryness
Xyrophobia Fear of razors
Xylophobia Fear of trees, forests or wood
Phobia Meaning
Zelophobia Fear of jealousy
Zeusophobia Fear of gods
Zoophobia Fear of animals