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Famous Websites

shape Introduction

Website is defined as a collection of related network web resources, such as web pages and multimedia content, typically identified with a common domain name, and published on at least one web server. Examples: wikipedia.org, google.com, and amazon.com and splessons.com. The article Famous Websites presents the list of some of the famous websites widely in use across the world.

shape Websites

Website is a set of related web pages located under a single domain name. Famous Websites list is as shown below. This article was lasted updated in 2017.
Site Domain Type
Amazon amazon.com E-commerce and cloud computing
AliExpress aliexpress.com Online shopping
Amazon Japan amazon.co.jp E-commerce
Apple Inc. apple.com Technology and software
Amazon Germany amazon.de E-commerce
Amazon UK amazon.co.uk E-commerce
Adobe Systems adobe.com Software
Amazon India amazon.in E-commerce
Alibaba Group alibaba.com E-commerce and Portal
Avito.ru avito.ru E-commerce
AccuWeather accuweather.com Weather forecasting
Baidu baidu.com Search engine
Bing bing.com Search engine
Blogspot blogspot.com Blogging
BBC bbc.co.uk Public broadcasting
BBC Online bbc.com Global News
Booking.com booking.com Booking engine
Bet365 bet365.com Online gambling
CNZZ cnzz.com Web traffic statistics
Cốc Cốc coccoc.com Search engine
web browser
Craigslist craigslist.org Classified advertising
Diply diply.com Entertainment
Dropbox dropbox.com File hosting service
Daily Mail dailymail.co.uk News
eBay ebay.com Online auctions
eBay UK ebay.co.uk E-commerce
Facebook facebook.com Social network
FC2 fc2.com Portal
Google google.com Internet services and products
Google India google.co.in Search engine
Google Japan google.co.jp Search engine
Google Germany google.de Search engine
Google UK google.co.uk Search engine
Google France google.fr Search engine
Google Russia google.ru Search engine
Google Brazil google.com.br Search engine
Google Hong Kong google.com.hk Search engine
Google Italy google.it Search engine
Google Spain google.es Search engine
Google Canada google.ca Search engine
Google Mexico google.com.mx Search Engine
Google Korea google.co.kr Search Engine
GitHub github.com Source code hosting service
Google Taiwan google.com.tw Search engine
Google Turkey google.com.tr Search engine
Google Australia google.com.au Search Engine
Google Indonesia google.co.id Search engine
Google Poland google.pl Search engine
Google file storage googleusercontent.com File hosting service
Guangming Daily gmw.cn Newspaper
Google Egypt google.com.eg Search engine
Google Thailand google.co.th Search engine
Google Saudi Arabia google.com.sa Search engine
Google Argentina google.com.ar Search engine
Google Netherlands google.nl Search engine
Google Vietnam google.com.vn Search engine
Grupo Globo globo.com Search engine
Google Philippines google.com.ph Search engine
Google Colombia google.com.co Search engine
Google Ukraine google.com.ua Search engine
Go2Cloud go2cloud.org Cloud computing
Google News news.google.com News
Hao123 hao123.com Web directories
Instagram instagram.com Social media
Photo sharing
Imgur imgur.com Image sharing
Jingdong Mall jd.com E-commerce
LinkedIn linkedin.com Social network
MSN msn.com Portal
Microsoft microsoft.com Software
Mail.ru mail.ru Portal
Microsoft Office office.com Online office suite
Microsoft Online Services microsoftonline.com Software as a service
Netflix netflix.com Streaming
Naver Naver.com Portal
New York Times nytimes.com Newspaper
Nicovideo nicovideo.jp Video sharing
Odnoklassniki ok.ru Social Networking
Onclckds onclckds.com Online advertising
PopAds popads.net Pop-up advertising
Pinterest pinterest.com Social media
PayPal paypal.com Payment system
Pixnet pixnet.net Social network
Photo sharing
Quora quora.com Question and answer site
Reddit reddit.com Social news
Rakuten rakuten.co.jp E-commerce
Sohu sohu.com Portal
Sina Corp sina.com.cn Portal
Instant messaging
Sina Weibo weibo.com Social network
Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com Question and answer site
Soso.com soso.com Search engine
Soundcloud soundcloud.com Streaming media
Samsung samsung.com Technology
Tencent QQ qq.com Portal
Taobao taobao.com Online shopping
Tmall tmall.com Online shopping
detail.tmall.com Online shopping
Twitter twitter.com Social network
Tumblr tumblr.com Social media
Twitch twitch.tv Streaming
Video games
Tianya Club tianya.cn Internet forum
Universo Online uol.com.br Portal
VK vk.com Social network
Wikipedia wikipedia.org Encyclopedia
Windows Live live.com Software plus services
WordPress.com wordpress.com Blogging
Social media
Wikia wikia.com Wikis
WhatsApp whatsapp.com Instant messaging
Walmart walmart.com Retail stores
YouTube youtube.com Video sharing
Yahoo! yahoo.com Portal
Yahoo! Japan yahoo.co.jp Portal
Yandex yandex.ru Internet services and products
Yahoo! Answers answers.yahoo.com Question and answer site
Yahoo! News Japan news.yahoo.co.jp News