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Indian Research Institutes

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Indian Research Institutes

Indian Research Institutes

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India is a developing country, the economy and growth of India mainly depend on its various Institutes and Research Centers. The research centers are primarily established in India to develop the country economically, agriculturally and to make the defense sector stronger. There are different research centers in India in different fields with every research center in India playing its own important role. Research centers like Indian Agriculture Research Institute, Tata Institute of Fundamental Research, ISRO, BARC etc are playing a very crucial role in the holistic development of the country.
The article Indian Research Institutes presents the list of important Indian Research Institutes across the country. This article plays a prominent role in GA/GK preparation in many competitive exams such as IBPS, SBI, SSC CGL, UPSC, Railways etc.

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National Institutes or Central Institutes are institutes established by the Government of India and supported by national agencies such as CSIR, ICAR, MoHFW, DBT, DST, ICMR, DAE, MHRD etc. Below table contains the list of prominent Indian Research Institutes:
Place Institute Name
Ahmedabad (Gujarat) National Institution of Occupational Health
Textile Research Institute
Bhavnagar (Gujarat) Central Salt and Marine Chemical Research Institute
Bengaluru (Karnataka) National Tuberculosis Institute
Raman Research centre
National Aeronautical Laboratory
Chengalpattu (Tamil Nadu) Central Leprosy Training and Research Institute
Coimbatore (Tamil Nadu) Central Sugarcane Research Institute
Chennai (Tamil Nadu) Central Leather Research Institute
Chandigarh (Punjab) PGI Medical Education and Research
Central Scientific Instruments Organization
Cuttack (Odisha) Central Rice Research Institute
Dehradun (Uttarakhand) Central Forest Research Institute
Indian Institute of Petroleum
Delhi Vallabhai Patel Chest Institute
National Institute of Communicable Diseases
Dhanbad (Jharkhand) Central Fuel Research Institute
Central Mining Research Institute
Durgapur (West Bengal) Central Mechanical Engineering Research Institute
Guindy (Chennai) King Institute of Preventive Medicine
Gulmarg (Jammu and Kashmir) High Altitude Research Laboratory
Hisar (Haryana) Cattle breeding Institute
Hyderabad (Telangana) Center for Molecular and Cellular Biology
National Geophysics Research Institute
National Institute of Nutrition
National Geophysics Research Institute
Karnal (Haryana) National Dairy Research Institute
Kerala Central Coconut Research Institute
Karaikudi (Tamil Nadu) Central Electro-Chemical Research Institute
Kolkata (West Bengal) Archaeological Survey of India
All India Institute of Hygiene and Public Health
Central Glass and Ceramic Research Institute
Central Jute Technological Research Institute
Indian Institute of Chemical Biology
School of Tropical Medicine
Kanpur (Uttar Pradesh) National Sugar Research Institute
Lucknow (Uttar Pradesh) Central Drug Research Institute
Industrial Toxicology Research Institute
National Botanical Research Institute
Mumbai (Maharashtra) Haffkine Institute
Indian Cancer Research Institute
Tata Institute of Fundamental Research
Mukteshwar (Himachal Pradesh), Izatnagar (Uttar Pradesh) Indian Veterinary Research Institute
Mysore (Karnataka) Central Food Technological Research Institute
New Delhi All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS)
All India Malaria Research Institute
Central Road Research Institute
Indian Agricultural Research Institute
Nagpur (Maharashtra) National Environmental Engineering Research Institute
Pune and Delhi Indian Meteorological Observatory
Pune (Maharashtra) Central Institute of Virology
Panaji (Goa) National Institute of Oceanography
Ranchi (Jharkhand) Indian Lac Research Institute
Roorkee (Uttarakhand) Central Building Research Institute
Shimla (Himachal Pradesh) Central Potato Research Institute

shape Established

List of Important Indian Research Institutes in various domains in India presented along with the year when they were established.
S. No Name of Research Centers Location/HQ Established
1 Indian Agriculture Research Institute New Delhi 1st April 1905
2 Central Potato Research Institute Shimla 1st April, 1935
3 Indian Lac Research Institute Ranchi 1924
4 Central Mining Research Institute Dhanbad
5 Central Rice Research Institute Cuttack 23 April 1946
6 Central Tobacco Research Institute Rajamundry
7 National Dairy Research Institute Karnal (Haryana) 1923
8 Central Sugarcane Research Institute Coimbatore 1952
9 Central Road Research Institute New Delhi 1952
10 Central Institute of Mining and Fuel Research Dhanbad
11 National sugar Research Institute Kanpur 1936
12 Central Leather Research Institute Chennai 1948
13 Central Drug Research Institute Lucknow 1951
14 Central Salt and Marine Chemical Research Institute Bhavnagar 10 April 1954
15 Textile Research Institute Ahmadabad 11 February 1961
16 National Geophysical Research Institute Hyderabad 1961
17 Indian Meteorological Observatory Pune & Delhi 1875
18 Archaeological Survey of India Kolkata 1861
19 All Indian Institute of Medical Science New Delhi 1956
20 Indian Institute of Petroleum Dehradun 1960
21 Raman Research Institute Bangalore 1948
22 Central Jute Technological Research Institute Kolkata 1953
23 National Aeronautical Laboratory Bangalore 1959
24 Central Building Research Institute Roorkee 1947
25 Central Scientific Industrial Organisation Chandigarh 26 Sept 1942
26 Central Coconut Research Institute Kasergod, Kerala 1948
27 National Institute of Oceanography Panaji January 1, 1966
28 Tata Institute of Fundamental Research Mumbai 1 June 1945
29 High Altitude Research Laboratory Gulmarg 1963
30 Central Electro–Chemical Research Institute Karaikudi (Tamil Nadu) 1953
31 Centre for Cellular and Molecular Biology Hyderabad 1977
32 National Botanical Research Institute Lucknow
33 Indian Institute of Chemical Biology Kolkata 1935
34 Vikram Sarabhai Space Centre Thiruvananthapuram Nov 21, 1963
35 Central Food Technological Research Institute Mysore 21 October 1950
36 Industrial Toxicology Research Centre Lucknow 1965
37 Uranium Corporation of India Jadugoda 1967
38 Central Glass and Ceramic Research Institute Kolkata 1950
39 National environmental engineering research institute Nagpur 1958
40 Central Mechanical Engineering Research Institute Durgapur Feb 26, 1958
41 National Institute of Communicable Diseases Delhi 1909
42 National Institute of Virology Pune 1952