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Computer Based Test|Online Test| Prestigious Exams

shape Introduction

What is a Computer Based Test/Online Test/Online Exam?
  • Any exam/test conducted online through computers is referred to as a Computer Based Test/Online Test/Online Exam. They are mostly MCQ Based Exams, requiring the examinee to choose the correct option out of the given options.
  • These can often include TITA (Type In Your Answer) questions too.
  • Often short descriptive questions are included too. This varies from one exam to another.
  • Some exams are a mix of both online and offline modes.

What are the types of a Computer Based Test /Online Test/Online Exam?
  • A Computer Based Test can be proctored or self-tests.
  • In proctored exams, examinees are required to gather at the exam site and take the examination under the supervision of examiners.
  • In self-tests, students can take the exams at their own time. All they need is a stable internet connection and a fast browser.

Why Computer Based Test /Online Exams are becoming Popular?
  • Gone are the days of pen and paper exams. The long hours, the descriptive questions and the long essays required to test aptitude. It was a flawed system at best since different examiners seemed to favor different writing methods or technical approach.
  • An alternative to this is the rehauling of the examination system is the standardized test. These computer-based online exams are regularly used abroad and are now gaining traction in India too.

shape Examples

Examples of Prominent Online Computer Based Tests in India
  • JEE
  • NEET
  • CAT
  • TISS
  • XAT
  • Bank Po Exams
  • GRE
  • GMAT

shape Benefits

What are the benefits of Computer Based Test/Online Exams?
A. Benefits of Computer Based Test for Institutes
1. The time involved: Online exams are less time consuming, usually over in 3 hours.
2. Convenience: The logistics involved are simple. Thus anyone can set up a center with proper permissions. Examiners need not fret over cheating instances anymore.
3. Cost-effective: Rigorous processes, paper costs, etc. are no longer present, thus making the process way more cost-effective. Computers can easily be taken on rent as can be the internet connection required.
4. Accessibility: Standardised tests are automated, as the computer checks the individual papers against present answers. In case of any confusion, examiners can easily access the paper and do cross-checking. No one has to search through heaps of paper anymore.
5. Exam Rubrics: Sophisticated rubrics and parameters are used to check the intellectual capacity and aptitude of the students. These are in line with modern-day trends and the latest research in the field of education.
6. Analytics: The results are made accessible often; this helps the students to access not only their absolute score but also their accuracy and speed and several other performing indices. This helps the exam become more reputed and prestigious over time.
7. Error-free: Online exams are by and large error-free, smooth to conduct. Human error and bias are deleted completely.
What are the benefits of Computer Based Test/Online Exams?
B. Benefits of Computer Based Test for Students
1. Convenience: The student is able to register easily, it’s at the click of a button. With increased net connectivity across India, online registration is easier and less hassle-free than the earlier method which needed, printing, posting, sending bank drafts, etc.
2. Exam Pattern: All major competitive exams follow more or less a standardized method of conducting the exam. So students get acquainted with how to answer an online questionnaire.
3. Easy mode of Exam: MCQ Exams just need a click of the exam. So acquaintance with how to run a computer is not a prerequisite as it is easily learned.
4. Accessibility: Students are not required to travel across states for the exam anymore since online exam centers pop up nearby on the day of the exam. Many prestigious examinations can also be given as a self-test, thus the student can give it at their own time, from home or elsewhere.
5. Exam preparations made easy: Coaching centers and online learning portals are devising sophisticated testing patterns to stimulate the exam. The pattern of questions is being cracked and this is giving an edge to all students for faring better at the exams.
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