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Ama Ghare LED Scheme

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Ama Ghare LED Scheme

shape Introduction

  • The government of Odisha launched the Ama Ghare LED Scheme in January 2019 that aims to provide LED bulbs to over 95 lakh families in the state of Odisha without charging for the same.

  • The scheme was launched by Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik to facilitate the use of energy efficient LED bulbs.

  • The quality of bulbs provided is good, and these are available at a lower price than those available in the market.

  • These bulbs can also contribute significantly to cut the electricity bill.

shape Aim

  • The people living in the rural areas of Odisha had to use CFL bulbs. This had burdened them with higher electricity bills.

  • The LED bulbs that are reasonably priced and consume less electricity are usually not made available to the people in rural Odisha,

  • The distribution of LED bulbs to the low-income families in rural Odisha without charging them a penny shall help to reduce the financial burden that they shall otherwise bear.

  • Moreover, this shall enhance the energy efficiency in these rural areas.

shape Beneficiary

  • The scheme was launched to provide benefits to the existing beneficiaries listed under the National Food Security Scheme and the State Food Security Scheme.

  • Each beneficiary shall get the state assistance after biometric authentication.

  • The general assistance provided is of four LED bulbs per household.

  • It is also true that the Union Ministry of Power has also entitled the citizens of Odisha to avail the LED bulbs under the Ujjala Yojana. The bulbs are available at electricity offices and consumer centers. However, the scheme lacks behind due to the supply side bottlenecks.

shape Distribution

  • It is planned to begin the distribution of bulbs at Peetha camps.

  • Those who are not able to receive the bulbs from the camps can get it from the retail Public Distribution Shop (PDS).

  • The gram panchayat offices shall also be held responsible for the distribution of these LED bulbs.

  • Odisha Power Transmission Corporation Ltd. (OPTCL) is the primary implementing agency for this scheme.