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Female Labour Force

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Female Labour Force

shape Introduction

The Female Labour Force is about Working Women. Most of the Women's are likely to Work in Agricultural Lands. The Female Labour Force Participation rate today is higher than three decades ago. This is true in the majority of countries, across all income levels. The global rate of female labor force participation increased from 50.2 to 51.8 percent, while the male rate fell slightly from 82.0 to 77.7 percent.

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Ten countries with the lowest female labour force participation rate (%) in 2017-18:
Country Name Female LFPR(%)
Yemen 6%
Syria 12%
Iraq 12.4%
Jordan 14.1%
Algeria 14.9%
Iran 16.8%
Somalia 19.1%
Morocco 21.4%
Egypt 22.8%
India 23.3%

shape Key Points

    i. India’s Female Labour Force Participation Rate (LFPR) pointed out that three out of four women over the age of 15 in India were neither working nor seeking work.
    ii. Bihar had the lowest rate of female workforce participation whereas the southern and eastern states did better.
    iii. The most common jobs for urban women were of garment workers, domestic cleaners and ‘directors and chief executives’ among which 99% of were self-employed. Most rural women worked in agriculture-related jobs.
    iv. The teaching profession made the top 10 most common jobs for women.
    v. As per the International Labour Organization (ILO) estimates, during April-June 2018, the average employed Indian woman worked for 44.4 hours per week as against the developing country average of 35-36 hours,
    vi. Women performed the majority of unpaid household and care work in developed and developing countries.
    vii. In rural areas, salaried men earned nearly 1.4 to 1.7 times of a female salaried employee. In urban areas, salaried men earned 1.2 to 1.3 times a salaried woman.

Static GK :
    NSSO - National Sample Survey Office
  • It works under the Ministry of Statistics of the Government of India.
  • It was established in 1950.