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SSC Stenographers Salary and Perks

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SSC Stenographers Salary and Perks

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SSC Stenographers salary varies according to the grade, they have a good salary structure. Due to being a government job, Staff Selection Commission (SSC) Stenographers have a stable pay with possibility of increase. SSC recruit Stenographers in various offices and departments under the Government of India. There are basically two grades in SSC Stenographer post.
  • Stenographer Grade C, and

  • Stenographer Grade D

shape Salary

The detailed information about SSC Stenographers Salary and Perks for both Grade C and Grade D are provided below:
SSC Stenographer Grade C Salary
Pay Scale 9300 – 34800/-
Grade Pay 4200/-
Initial Pay 5200
Total Pay 14500

SSC Stenographer Grade D Salary
Pay Scale 5200 – 20200/-
Grade Pay 2400/-
Initial Pay 5200
Total Pay 7600

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Apart from the salary, SSC Stenographers receive various allowances:
  • Dearness Allowance

  • House Rent Allowance

  • Transport Allowance

Salary after [latex]7^{th}[/latex] Pay Commission:
After the implementation of 7th Pay Commission the salary structure of various government positions have been upgraded. Salary of various government positions can be calculated in the below manner:

shape Advantages

Additional Advantages of Working as SSC Stenographer:
Apart from the great SSC Stenographer Salary and scope for promotions, there are other advantages and benefits of working as a SSC Stenographer:
    1. SSC Stenographers work closely with various officers and ministers and hence, get the opportunity to learn about a vast range of subjects related to politics, economics, administration, etc.
    2. Owing to the nature of their work, SSC Stenographers get to meet experts and professionals from various fields.
    3. Being part of important functionaries of the Government, helps SSC Stenographers develop a better outlook and thinking abilities.