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SSC Stenographer General Instructions

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SSC Stenographer General Instructions

shape Introduction

SSC Stenographer General Instructions are provided to familiarize the candidates with the different policies and regulations of the Examination, Examination center and in general about the Do’s and Dont’s in the recruitment process. This chapter covers the instructions pertaining to but not limited to: what kind of stationery items to be carried inside the examination hall, particulars to be noted, during the examination, end of the examination, proof of identity to be submitted, action against guilty of misconduct found.
(b) The Commission will not undertake detailed scrutiny of applications for the eligibility and other aspects at the time of written examination and, therefore, the candidature will be accepted only provisionally.
The candidates are advised to go through the requirements of educational qualification, age, physical and medical standards etc. and satisfy themselves that they are eligible for the post(s). Copies of supporting documents will be sought at the time of Document Verification.
When scrutiny is undertaken, if any claim made in the application is not found substantiated, the candidature will be cancelled and the Commission‘s decision shall be final.
(c) Candidates seeking reservation benefits available for SC/ ST/ OBC/ PwD/ ESM must ensure that they are entitled to such reservation as per eligibility prescribed in the Notice.
They should also be in possession of the certificates in the prescribed format in support of their claim.
(d) Candidates with physical disability of 40% and more only would be considered as Persons with Disabilities (PWD) and entitled to reservation for Persons with Disabilities.
(e) Central Government Civilian Employees claiming age relaxation should produce a certificate in the prescribed format from their office at the time of document verification in respect of the length of continuous service which should be for not less than three years during the period immediately preceding the closing date for receipt of application.
They should remain Central Government civilian employees till the time of appointment in the event of their selection.
(f) When application is successfully submitted, it will be accepted 'Provisionally'.
Candidate should take printout of the application form for their own records.
Printout of the 'Application Form' is not required to be submitted to the Commission at any stage.
(g) Only one online application is allowed to be submitted by a candidate for the Examination. Therefore, the candidates are advised to exercise due diligence at the time of filling their online Application Forms.
In case, more than one applications of a candidate are detected, the Commission will consider latest application.
If a candidate submits multiple applications and appears in the examination (at any stage) more than once, his/ her candidature will be cancelled and he/ she will be debarred from the examinations of the Commission as per rules.
(h) The candidates must write their name, date of birth, father’s name and mother’s name strictly as given in the matriculation certificate otherwise their candidature may be cancelled at the time of Document Verification or as and when it comes into the notice of the commission.
(i) Applications with illegible/ blurred Photograph/ Signature will be rejected summarily.
(j) Request for change/ correction in any particulars in the Application Form, once submitted, will not be entertained under any circumstances.
(k) Candidates are advised to fill their correct and active e-mail addresses and mobile number in the online application as correspondence may be made by the Commission through email/ SMS.
(l) The candidates must carry at least one latest photo-bearing identification proof such as Driving License, Voter Card, Aadhaar Card, PAN Card, Identity Card issued by University/ College/ Government or any other office where the candidate may be working, etc in original to the Examination Venue, failing which they will not be allowed to appear for the same.
(m) Mobiles and other electronic gadgets including Bluetooth devices are banned within the premises of the Examination Centres.
Possession of such equipment whether in use or in switch off mode, during the examination will be considered as use of unfair means. Candidature of such candidates will be cancelled.
They will be liable for further action including initiation of criminal proceedings and debarment from commission’s examinations, as may be decided by the commission.
(n) In case of fake/ fabricated application/ registration by misusing any dignitaries name/ photo, such candidate/ cyber cafe will be held responsible for the same and liable for suitable legal action under cyber/ IT act.
(o) All the posts carry All India Service Liability (AISL) i.e. the candidate, on selection, may be asked to serve anywhere in the country.
(p) If a candidate is finally selected and does not receive any correspondence from the Commission or the concerned User Department within a period of one year after declaration of result, he/ she must communicate immediately thereafter with the concerned User Department.
(q) Fee payable: Rs 100/- (Rs one hundred only). Women candidates and candidates belonging to Scheduled Caste (SC), Scheduled Tribe (ST), Persons with disability (PwD) and Ex-servicemen (ESM) eligible for reservation are exempted from payment of fee.

shape Instructions

SSC Stenographer General Instructions - Prohibited Items:

  • Any stationery item like textual material (printed or written), bits of papers, Geometry/Pencil Box, Plastic Pouch, Calculator, Scale, Writing Pad, Pen Drives, Log Table, Electronic Pen/Scanner.

  • Any communication device like Mobile Phone, Bluetooth, Earphones, Microphone, Pager, Health Band etc.

  • Other items like Goggles, Handbags, Hairpin, Hairband, Belt, Cap, Any watch/Wrist Watch, Camera, Any metallic item, Any eatable item opened or packed, water bottle.

  • Any other item which could be used for unfair means for hiding communication devices like camera, blue tooth devices etc.

SSC Stenographer General Instructions - Particulars to be Noted

  • Please note carefully your Roll Number, date, time and venue for the examination given.

  • Please do not bring any valuable belongings except the essential materials required for the examinations.

  • Students should report at the centre

  • Do not leave your seat unless you are allowed.

SSC Stenographer General Instructions - Punctuality in Attendance

  • Candidates should be present at the examination hall at least 30 minutes prior to reporting time.

  • Candidates arriving late will not be permitted to enter the Examination Hall.

SSC Stenographer General Instructions - Compliance with Instructions

  • You should scrupulously follow the instructions given by test administrators and the invigilators at all the stages of the examination for which you have been called.

  • If you violate the instructions you will be disqualified and may also be asked to leave the examination hall.

SSC Stenographer General Instructions - Use of Books, Notes, Calculators & Cell Phones

  • No calculator separate or with watch is allowed inside the examination hall.

  • No Cell phones will be allowed inside the examination hall.

  • No books, slide rulers, note books or written notes will be allowed inside the examination hall.

SSC Stenographer General Instructions - Use of Stationery

  • You must bring stationery such as pencils and ball point pen with you.

SSC Stenographer General Instructions - Rough work

  • You should do all the necessary rough work on sheet provided only. After the online test is over, you should hand over the sheet, given for rough work to the invigilator.

  • Any candidate who does not return the above material or is found to attempt to take or pass on the questions or answers inside or outside the examination hall will be disqualified and the Bank may take further action against him as per rules of the Bank.

shape At Center

  • You are not allowed to communicate by word of mouth or otherwise with other candidates (this includes the time when answer scripts are being collected).

  • Please raise your hand if you wish to communicate with an invigilator.

  • Unless granted permission by an invigilator, you are not allowed to leave your seat.

  • Once you have entered the examination hall, you will not be allowed to leave the hall until one hour after the examination has commenced.

  • If, for any reason, you are given permission to leave the hall temporarily, you must be accompanied by an invigilator throughout your absence from the examination hall. You are required to leave your handphone on your desk when you leave the hall temporarily.

  • All answers, with the exception of graphs, sketches, diagrams, etc. should be written in black or blue pen unless otherwise specified. Answers written in pencil will not be marked. The blank pages in the answer book are to be used only for candidates' rough work. Solutions or any other materials written on these blank pages will not be marked.

  • Do not write on, mark, highlight or deface any reference materials provided for the examination. If found doing so, the reference materials will be removed from your use for the rest of the examination and you will be made to pay for the cost of the materials that have to be replaced.

  • You are NOT allowed to leave the examination hall during the last 15 minutes of the examination and during the collection of the answer scripts. All candidates must remain seated throughout this period for invigilators to properly account for all answer scripts to be collected.

  • Do NOT continue to write after the examination has ended. You are to remain seated quietly while your answer scripts are being collected and counted.

  • No papers, used or unused, may be removed from the examination hall. You may take your own question paper with you unless otherwise instructed.

  • You are to stay in the examination hall until the Chief Invigilator has given the permission to leave. Do NOT talk until you are outside of the examination hall.

  • You are responsible to ensure that your answer scripts are submitted at the end of the examination. If you are present for the examination and do not submit your answer script, you will be deemed to have sat for and failed the examination concerned. Any unauthorised removal of answer script or part of answer script from the examination hall would deem the answer script as null and void.

  • Once dismissed, you should leave the examination hall quickly and quietly, and remember to take your personal belongings with you.
The candidates must bring one photo identity proof such as passport/ Adhar/PAN Card/ Driving Licence/ (Contd. on next page...) Voter's Card/ Bank Passbook with duly attested Photograph/ Identity Card issued by School or College/ Gazetted Officer in the official letterhead in original as well as a self-attested Photocopy thereof.
The photocopy of Identity proof should be submitted along with call letter to the invigilators in the examination hall, failing which or if the identity of candidates is in doubt the candidate will not be permitted to appear for the test.
(a) If candidates are found to indulge at any stage in any of the malpractices listed below during the conduct of examination, their candidature for this examination will be cancelled and they will be debarred from the examinations of the Commission for the period mentioned below:
S.No. Type of Malpractice Debarment Period
1 Taking away any Examination related material such as OMR sheets, Rough Sheets, Commission Copy of Admission Certificate, Answer Sheet etc. from the examination hall or passing it on to unauthorized persons during the conduct of examination. 2 Years
2 Misbehaving, intimidating or threatening in any manner with the examination functionaries’ i.e. Supervisor, Invigilator, Security Guard or Commission’s representatives etc. 3 Years
3 Obstruct the conduct of examination/ instigate other candidates not to take the examination. 3 Years
4 Making statements which are incorrect or false, suppressing material information, submitting fabricated documents, etc. 3 Years
5 Obtaining support/ influence for his/ her candidature by any irregular or improper means in connection with his/ her candidature. 3 Years
6 Possession of Mobile Phone in ‘switched on’ or ‘switched off’ mode. 3 Years
7 Appearing in the same examination more than once in contravention of the rules. 3 Years
8 A candidate who is also working on examination related matters in the same examination. 3 Years
9 Damaging examination related infrastructure/ equipments. 5 Years
10 Appearing in the Exam with forged Admit Card, identity proof, etc. 5 Years
11 Possession of fire arms/ weapons during the examination. 5 Years
12 Assault, use of force, causing bodily harm in any manner to the examination functionaries’ i.e. Supervisor, Invigilator, Security Guard or Commission’s representatives etc. 7 Years
13 Threatening/ intimidating examination functionaries with weapons/ fire arms. 7 Years
14 Using unfair means in the examination hall like copying from unauthorized sources such as written material on any paper or body parts, etc. 7 Years
15 Possession of Bluetooth Devices, spy cameras, and any other electronic gadgets in the examination hall. 7 Years
16 Impersonate/ Procuring impersonation by any person. 7 Years
17 Taking snapshots, making videos of question papers or examination material, labs, etc. 7 Years
18 Sharing examination terminal through remote desktop softwares/ Apps/ LAN/ VAN, etc. 7 Years
19 Attempt to hack or manipulate examination servers, data and examination systems at any point before, during or after the examination. 7 Years