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SharePoint Term Sets and Terms

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SharePoint Term Sets and Terms

SharePoint Term Sets and Terms


A term is a word or a phrase that can be associated with an item in Microsoft SharePoint Server.

Term Sets

A term set is a collection of related terms. You can specify that a Microsoft SharePoint Server column must contain a term from a specific term set. Managed metadata is a way of referring to the fact that terms and term sets can be created and managed independently from the columns themselves. Local term sets are created within the context of a site collection. For example, if you add a column to a list in a document library, and create a new term set to bind the column to, the new term set is local to the site collection that contains the document library. Global term sets are created outside the context of a site collection. For example, the term store administrator could create a term set group called "Human Resources" and designate a person to manage the term set group. The group manager would create term sets that relate to Human Resources, such as job titles and pay grades in the Human Resources term set group. Users can see only global term sets and term sets that are local to the user's site collection.

Terms can be divided into two types

  • Managed terms, which are usually pre-defined, can only be created by users with the appropriate permissions, and are often organized into a hierarchy.
  • Enterprise keywords, which are simply words or phrases that, have been added to SharePoint Server 2010 items. All enterprise keywords are part of a single, non-hierarchical term set called the keyword set.

Create Term Set

Go to Central Administration -> Application Management -> Manage metadata Service applications . Here already we created One group name called Splessons, Right click on that group,then click on  New Term Set Here i created Term set name called Sharepoint.

Create Terms

Right click on that Term Set name called Sharepoint ,then click on  Create Term Like below we can create many terms

Managed Metadata Hierarchy