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SharePoint What is a Webpart

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SharePoint What is a Webpart

SharePoint What is a Webpart

It is one of the most powerful aspect of sharepoint. Webparts are the main interface elements in sharepoint. Webparts are reusable component that dispalys content on the Webpage in sharepoint. A Web Part, also called a Web Widget, is an ASP.NET server control which is added to a Web Part Zone on Web Part Pages by users at run time. The controls enable end users to modify the content, appearance, and behavior of Web pages directly from a browser. It can be put into certain places in a web page.

We can create webparts in three ways

  • Using Visual studio
  • Using SharePoint designer
  • Using OOB

There are 4 ways to deploy webparts

  • Using Visual Studio to deploy the solution
  • Manually moving the DLL to the server
  • Uploading WSP to SharePoint server
  • Deploying through command prompt