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SharePoint Site Templates

SharePoint Site Templates

SharePoint templates will help users to create the site based predefined features, styles etc. You can see that there are four sections under select a template Collaboration, Enterprise, Publishing and custom. The default site templates, such as Team Site, Project Site, and Communities Site. SharePoint site templates are prebuilt definitions designed around a particular business need. You can use these templates as they are to create your own SharePoint site, and then customize the site as much as you can also create your own site template based on a site you've created and customized. A custom site template is a way to package site features and customizations that you can add to a solutions gallery.

Types of   Templates

  • Team site
  • Blog
  • Development Site
  • Project Site
  • Community site
  • Publishing Site
  • eDiscovery  center
  • Document center
  • Business intelligence center
  • Enterprice Search center ..Etc
Go to -> Central Admin -> Application Management -> Create Site collections under site collection section You can see that there are four sections under select a template Collaboration, Enterprise, Publishing and custom. In the below figure the select experience version is 2013.

Team Site

A SharePoint site is a Web site that provides a central storage and collaboration space for documents, information, and ideas. A SharePoint site is a tool for collaboration, just like a telephone is a tool for communication, or a meeting is a tool for decision making. A SharePoint site helps groups of people share information and work together

Developer Site

Developer site templates are used to develop, test and publish apps for office and SharePoint.

Project Site

A Site for managing and collaborating on a project. This site template brings all Status, communication, and artifacts relevant to the project into one place.

Community Site

Community site template for Sharing the information across the organization. Community members discuss topics of common interest. Members can browse and discover relevant content by exploring categories, sorting discussions by popularity or by viewing only posts that have a good reply. Members gain reputation points by participating in the community, such as starting discussions and replying to them, liking posts and specifying best replies.

eDiscovery Center

A site to manage the preservation, search, and export of content for legal matters and investigations.


A Site for managing product catalog data which can be published in an Internet-facing site through search. The product catalog can be configured to support product variants and multilingual product properties. The site includes admin pages for managing faceted navigation for products.