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IB ACIO Grade II Executive Personal Interview

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IB ACIO Grade II Executive Personal Interview

shape Introduction

The personal interview is a basic stride in the selection procedure for the IB ACIO and should not be taken lightly, mostly all the recruiters  will not accept a candidate without meeting him/her in person. A personal interview is aimed at knowing a candidate more personally - evaluating the clarity of thinking process, future goals and the 'fit' with the Intelligence Bureau terms and conditions. According to experts, Personal Interview stresses on the following areas:

shape Interview

  • The confidence is the key element in any interview . In the event that you trust that you are the ideal candidate for the occupation and are confident at that point it's probable that your questioner will trust that as well.
  • To enhance your confidence talk more, you can rehearse by confronting the mirror and talking. Concentrate on talking smoothly without faltering.
  • It's fundamental that whichever language you talk in, you ought to have a strong command over the language.
  • Tune in to news in the language. This will enable you to recall rectify pronunciations and enhance your stream of language.
  • Make sure to keep up eye to eye connection with the interviewer.
  • Research the organization before your interview and prepare at least 2-3 questions .
  • Maintain good body language that makes you more confident.
  • You need to practice in front of mirror and find your weak area and concentrate on your weak area.
  • Be positive and talk in positive way.
  • Try to be professional and do not make any cheap conversations .
  • Showing anger is definitely not a good idea.
  • Be calm and listen the question clearly.
  • On the day of the interview make sure you are properly dressed in formal attire.
  • Reach the venue early and arrive for the interview on time.