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IB ACIO Grade II Executive General Awareness

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IB ACIO Grade II Executive General Awareness

shape Introduction

Intelligence Bureau (IB), Ministry of Home Affairs, Government of India has released job notification for direct recruitment of 1430 Assistant Central Intelligence Officer (ACIO) Grade II/ Executive. Online application submission for the IB recruitment will begin on 12 August 2017.  And also one more important thing is to know the Expected and Previous year Cut Off Marks.

shape Written Exam

Written Examination consisting of Objective Tests for 100 marks will be conducted online. This test would be of 1 hour duration consisting of 4 sections.
S. No. Name of the test Type of test Max.Marks Version
1. General Awareness Objective 25 English/Hindi
2. Reasoning Objective 25 English/Hindi
3. English Language Objective 25 English/Hindi
4. Quantitative Aptitude Objective 25 English/Hindi
Total 100
After Completing the written examination the candidate as to write Descriptive test followed by interview.

shape Syllabus

Knowledge of IB ACIO exam syllabus provides an insight of the topics and types of expected questions in the IB ACIO Recruitment exam. The information of different topics will help the students learn about their weakest and strongest areas in different sections. Understanding the strengths and weaknesses will then enable the candidates to plan the preparation strategies accordingly. Below is a guide to the IB ACIO Exam Syllabus.
The General Awareness topics for the exam would include. Each topic will roughly contribute to 2-3 questions in the exam.
    • Current Affairs. • Economy & Finance • Geography • History. • Physics. • Biology. • Chemistry • Static GK • Indian Polity & Constitution. • Economics. • Science & Technology

shape Samples

1. Which among the following is the sacred book of the Buddhists?
    A. Tripitaka B. Vedas C. Upanishad D. Agams E. None of these

Answer: A
2. At which of the following places is the famous Kailasha Temple located?
    A. Ajanta B. Badami C. Chittor D. Ellora E. None of these

Answer: D
3. Which instrument is used to measure strength of direct current ?
    A. Stroboscope B. Streoscope C. Tangent Galvanometer D. Tachometer E. None of these

Answer: C
4. Monotremes are unique mammals because they
    A. lay eggs B. secret milk in a pouch C. give birth to live young D. posses hair E. None of these

Answer: A
5. What is India’s rank in global retail development index?
    A. 4 B. 1 C. 3 D. 2 E. None of these

Answer: B
7. E-taxi service has been launched in which state?
    A. Hyderabad B. Karnataka C. Telangana D. Andhra Pradesh E. None of these

Answer: A
8. Which is major rubber producing state in India ?
    A. West Bengal B. Gujrat C. Uttar Pradesh D. Kerala E. None of these

Answer: D
9. Devaluation of currency leads to ?
    A. fall in domestic prices B. increase in domestic prices C. cant be predicted D. None of above E. None of these

Answer: b
10. What is the Political position of BJP?
    A. Right Wing B. Center Left C. Center Right D. None of the Above E. None of these

Answer: A
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