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Current Affairs December 25th 2018

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Current Affairs December 25th 2018

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Current Affairs is a type of broadcast journalism where the emphasis is on detailed analysis and discussion of news stories that have recently occurred or ongoing at the time of broadcast. The article Current Affairs December 25th 2018 includes News summary on current events of International, National, Banking, Sports Awards, Appointments, Science, Obituary and Quiz importance of December 25th 2018.

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PM Sheikh Hasina on top in battle of the Bangladesh Begums

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Key Highlights:

  • Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina heads to the polls in Bangladesh on course for a historic victory, while her ailing opponent faces an uncertain future in a colonial-era Dhaka jail.

  • Bangladesh's "Battling Begums"have been fighting each other for three decades, but the 71-year-old Hasina is set to extend her record as the country's longest serving leader after dispatching Khaleda Zia, her chief rival.
US and Turkey agreed on avoidance of power vacuum in Syria

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Key Highlights:

  • US president Donald Trump and Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan agreed to prevent a power vacuum in Syria after the pullout of American forces.

  • According to an official statement by Turkish Presidency, the both of the leaders in a conversation yesterday, agreed to ensure coordination between countries’ military and other officials to avoid a power vacuum which could result into abuse of the withdrawal and transition phase in Syria.

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PM Modi releases stamp, coin to commemorate Odisha’s Paika rebellion

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Key Highlights:

  • Prime Minister Narendra Modi released a stamp and a coin to commemorate the Paika rebellion of 1817 in Odisha.

  • He also inaugurated the new campus of IIT-Bhubaneswar, built at a cost of Rs 1,660 crore, and launched a slew of projects worth Rs 14,523 crore for the state.

  • The Paika Rebellion, many claim, was the first war of Independence against the British.

  • Odisha Governor Ganeshi Lal, Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik, Union minister Dharmendra Pradhan among others were present on the occasion.
PM opens Buddhist site museum at Lalitgiri in Odisha

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Key Highlights:

  • One of the earliest Buddhist settlements in Odisha, Lalitgiri, where excavations have yielded ancient seals and inscriptions, has been converted into a museum.

  • Prime Minister Narendra Modi inaugurated the museum through video conference from Bhubaneswar.

  • Located in Cuttack district, it became the third site museum of the Bhubaneswar circle of the Archaeological Survey of India after Ratnagiri and Konrak.
India’s first music museum to be set up in Thiruvaiyaru, Tamil Nadu

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Key Highlights:

  • The country’s first music museum will be set up with assistance from the Central government in Thiruvaiyaru, Tamilnadu, the birth place of Saint Tyagaraja, one of the Trinities of Carnatic music. This was announced by the State Minister for Culture and Tamil Development Shri K Pandiarajan in Madurai.

  • The Tyagaraja Aaradhana Music Festival which is held annually in January in Thiruvaiyaru attracts musical talents from all over the world.
Manipur Assembly passed anti-mob violence bill

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Key Highlights:

  • Manipur Assembly led by CM N Biren Singh passed the 'Manipur Protection from Mob Violence Bill' to reduce the number of mob lynchings in the state.

  • The bill recommends life imprisonment for those involved in mob violence if it results in the death of a victim. The assembly also passed the Manipur Goods and Services Tax (Amendment) Bill, 2018 unanimously.

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PNB Rupay Card: special card for Kumbh Mela launched by PNB and UP government

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Key Highlights:

  • State-owned Punjab National Bank (PNB) in collaboration with Uttar Pradesh government launched a special card called PNB Rupay card, for Kumbh Mela 2019.

  • It is aimed to create a model for digitization at this edition of Kumbh Mela for convenient and hassle-free transactions for the participating 12 crore devotees.

  • This product can be used even in absence of internet.
DIPP raises angel tax issue with revenue dept

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Key Highlights:

  • The Department of Industrial Policy & Promotion (DIPP) which works under Ministry of Commerce and Industry, stated that the DIPP has taken up the issue of Angel tax faced by Start Ups in India with the Department of Revenue (DoR), Ministry of Finance.

  • Angel tax is a tax that a start-up has to pay on the investment it has received from an angel investor above its “fair market valuation”.Angel tax is a 30% tax levied on investments made by external investors in a company or startup.

  • Angel investor is the one who funds a startup when it is taking baby steps to establish itself in the competitive market and normally, about 300-400 startups get angel funding in an year.

  • In April, this year, DIPP in consultation with the DoR put in place a mechanism to grant exemption from the provisions of Section 56(2)(viib) of the Income Tax (I-T) Act which provides for taxation of funds received by an entity to genuine investors in recognised startups.

  • The move by DIPP to raise the concern with DoR came after many startups in Bengaluru and Mumbai raised the issue on social media with Commerce and Industry Minister Suresh Prabhu after they have reportedly received notices from the tax department to clear taxes on the angel capital raised by them.

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Bala Rafique Shaikh Wins Maharashtra Kesari 2018

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Key Highlights:

  • Bala Rafique Shaikh clinched the Maharashtra Kesari title by defeating Abhijeet Katke of Pune in the wrestling duel held at Azad ground in Jalna, Maharashtra. Shaikh was honoured with a silver mace and cash prize of Rs 1 lakh.

  • Maharashtra Kesari is an Indian-style prestigious wrestling championship, established in 1961.
Mithali, Harmanpreet retained as India captains for New Zealand tour

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Key Highlights:

  • Mithali Raj and Harmanpreet were named as Indian women's ODI and T20I captains respectively for the tour of New Zealand.

  • India will play three ODIs in New Zealand beginning January 24 as part of the ICC Women’s Championship before playing three T20 Internationals.

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Indian Railways bagged 17 awards at the ‘National Energy Conservation awards 2018’ in New Delhi

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Key Highlights:

  • The Railways has won 17 awards at the ‘National Energy Conservation awards 2018’, held in New Delhi. This is the highest number of awards bagged by a single organisation.

  • Under ‘transport’ category, Indian Railways obtained 10 awards for the subsector railway station. Under ‘building’ category, Indian Railways got three awards for subsector Railway hospitals.

  • Under ‘institution’ category, Indian Railways bagged four awards for subsector state Public Works Department (PWD), Central Public Works Department (CPWD) and Public Health Engineering Department (PHED).

  • These awards were given by the Bureau of Energy Efficiency (BEE) of the ministry of power Government of India to various Institutions for adopting Energy Efficiency measures for reducing energy consumption and the cost.

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Trump names Patrick Shanahan acting defence secretary

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Key Highlights:

  • US President Donald Trump announced that deputy secretary of defense Patrick Shanahan will take charge as Acting Secretary of Defense from January 1, 2019.

  • The post had been vacant as former Secreatary of Defense Jim Mattis resigned recently.

  • Patrick Shanahan is a former senior executive in Boeing, world’s largest aerospace company.

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HD219134 b: Shimmering ‘super-Earth’ in constellation Cassiopeia discovered

Source: Cick Here

Key Highlights:

  • 21 light years away us in the constellation Cassiopeia, a shimmering “super-Earth”, five times the mass of Earth, dubbed as HD219134 b was discovered.

  • Unlike the Earth, however, it most likely does not have a massive core of iron, but is rich in calcium and aluminium alongside magnesium and silicon.

  • It shimmers red to blue like rubies and sapphires, because these gemstones are aluminium oxides which are common on the exoplanet.

  • According to the researchers it is one of three candidates likely to belong to a new exotic class of exoplanets. The other two exoplanets studied were 55 Cancri e and WASP-47 e.

  • The study was published in the journal Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society: Letters.
First Global Positioning System (GPS) III satellite nicknamed as Vespucci US Military Satellite launched by SpaceX

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Key Highlights:

  • SpaceX launched the U.S. Air Force’s newest ‘GPS III’ satellite on a Falcon 9 rocket from Cape Canaveral Air Force Station in Florida, USA. This GPS 3 satellite replaces an aging GPS 2R spacecraft launched in 1997.

  • The solar-powered spacecraft, dubbed “Vespucci,” is the company’s first official “National Security Space” mission.

  • Vespucci’s nickname honours Italian cartographer and explorer Amerigo Vespucci, after whom North and South America were named.

  • It was competed through the Air Force’s Evolved Expendable Launch Vehicle program.

  • The successful GPS III SV01 mission marked SpaceX’s 21st and final launch of 2018, beating the company’s 2017 flight rate of 18 launches.

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Former Union Minister Jai Narain Prasad Nishad Dies At 88 in New Delhi

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Key Highlights:

  • Former Union Minister,Captain Jai Narain Prasad Nishad died at Max Hospital in Delhi after a prolonged illness at the age of 88.

  • Jai Narain Prasad Nishad was a Member of Parliament (MP) from the Muzaffarpur constituency in Bihar.

  • He served as the Union Minister of state, Environment and Forests (Independent Charge) during 1996-97.

shape Quiz

Q1. Prime Minister Narendra Modi released the highest denomination in the form of a coin worth _____ rupees, on commemoration of the birth anniversary of late prime minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee, on 25th December 2018?
    A. Rs 50 B. Rs 75 C. Rs 100 D. Rs 200 Answer: C

Q2. Prime Minister Narendra Modi released a commemorative stamp on the National Police Memorial, at the Conference of Director Generals of Police, held in Narmada district, Gujarat, on 23rd December 2018. Where is National Police Memorial located?
    A. Kolkata B. New Delhi C. Mumbai D. Ahmedabad Answer: B

Q3. India’s first music museum will be set up with assistance from the Central government in ______?
    A. Mysuru, Karnataka B. Thiruvaiyaru, Tamil Nadu C. Indore, Madhya Pradesh D. Nashik, Maharashtra Answer: B

Q4. Which state houses the Lalitgiri Archaeological Museum inaugurated by Prime Minister Narendra Modi on 24thDecember 2018?
    A. Gujarat B. Odisha C. Jharkhand D. Himachal Pradesh Answer: B

Q5. Where was the 6th edition of Yuva Natya Samaroh, a theatre festival of five young directors, held from 22nd to 26th December 2018?
    A. Kolkata B. New Delhi C. Chennai D. Mumbai Answer: B

Q6. Prime Minister Narendra Modi inaugurated and dedicated the new campus of IIT-Bhubaneswarat built at a cost of 1660 crore rupees at _____
    A. Aragul, Odisha B. Sambalpur, Odisha C. Berhampur, Odisha D. Balasore, Odisha Answer: A

Q7. Prime Minister Narendra Modi released a commemorative stamp and coin on the Paika Rebellion (Paika Bidroha) fought against British rule in which state in 1817, as this year marks the 200th anniversary of the rebellion?
    A. Karnataka B. Uttar Pradesh C. Odisha D. Kerala Answer: C

Q8. Where was the Centre for Agricultural Research and Training set up by Oil and Natural Gas Corporation (ONGC) in collaboration with Eklavya foundation inaugurated on 23rd December 2018?
    A. Goa B. Telangana C. Maharashtra D. Uttar Pradesh Answer: B

Q9. Punjab National Bank (PNB) in collaboration with which state government launched a special card called PNB Rupay card, for Kumbh Mela 2019?
    A. Uttar Pradesh B. Himachal Pradesh C. Uttarakhand D. Rajasthan Answer: A

Q10. Who was awarded Drivers’ Driver of the Year award after claiming the 5th World Drivers’ Championship, on 22nd December 2018?
    A. Sebastian Vettel B. Lewis Hamilton C. Fernando Alonso D. Max Verstappen Answer: B

Q11. Which organisation won 17 awards, which is the highest number of awards won by a single organisation in the ‘National Energy Conservation awards 2018’ held in New Delhi, on 14th December 2018?
    A. Indian Railways B. Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO) C. Energy Efficiency Services Limited (EESL) D. Powergrid Answer: A

Q12. Who will replace United States Defence Secretary Jim Mattis as acting Pentagon chief on January 1, 2019?
    A. Frank Gallagher B. Patrick Shanahan C. Mike Delfino D. Arthur Peres Answer: B

Q13. Name the new exotic planet discovered by researchers outside our solar system in the constellation Cassiopeia, which is called “super-Earth”, and is five times the mass of Earth?
    A. HD219134 b B. SD687999 s C. GY789700 d D. FX126888 r Answer: A

Q14. _____ launched the U.S. Air Force’s newest ‘Global Positioning System (GPS) III’ satellite nicknamed “Vespucci,” on a Falcon 9 rocket from Florida, USA, on 23rd December 2018?
    A. National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) B. SpaceX C. European Space Agency (ESA) D. Canadian Space Agency (CSA) Answer: B

Q15. A tsunami following a volcanic eruption hit the Sunda Strait between Java and Sumatra islands of which country and caused heavy damage to the people, on 22nd December 2018?
    A. Philippines B. Indonesia C. Japan D. Vietnam Answer: B

Q16. How many weightlifters were provisionally suspended by International Weightlifting Federation on 24thDecember 2018, after the reanalysis of weightlifters’ urine samples collected during 2012 London Olympics?
    A. 10 B. 5 C. 12 D. 16 Answer: B

Q17. Jai Narain Prasad Nishad died after a prolonged illness in Delhi on 24th December 2018. He was a _____?
    A. Singer B. Politician C. Journalist D. Businessman Answer: B

Q18. Dwijen Mukhopadhyay died at his residence in Salt Lake following various age-related ailments. What was his profession?
    A. Football Player B. Singer C. Actor D. Doctor Answer: B

Q19. Nana Chudasama died in Mumbai on 23rd December 2018. He was a former Mumbai Mayor, a jurist and a _____?
    A. Writer B. Social worker C. Actor D. Cricketer Answer: B

Q20. Nirupam Sen passed away at a city Hospital in Kolkata following a cardiac arrest on 24th December 2018. What was his occupation?
    A. Politician B. Engineer C. Mathematician D. Film maker Answer: A

Q21. When was National Farmer’s Day (NFD) also known as Kisan Diwas celebrated to mark the birth anniversary of Indian farmer’s leader and 5th Prime Minister of India Chaudhary Charan Singh?
    A. December 22 B. December 23 C. December 24 D. December 25 Answer: B

Q22. Where was the statue of Indian farmer’s leader and 5th Prime Minister of India Chaudhary Charan Singh, inaugurated on National Farmer’s Day (NFD)?
    A. Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh B. Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh C. Jaipur, Rajasthan D. Patiala, Punjab Answer: B

Q23. What was the theme of National Consumer Day 2018 celebrated in India on 24th December 2018?
    A. Timely Disposal of Consumer Complaints B. Making digital marketplaces fairer C. Building a Digital World D. Consumer Protection Answer: A

Q24. P V Bharathi has been appointed as Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer of the ________ on 24 December 2018.
    A. Allahabad Bank B. UCO Bank C. Corporation Bank D. Yes Bank Answer: C

Q25. Who among the following has joined the Competition Commission of India (CCI) as its member on 24 December 2018?
    A. Aruna Sundarajan B. Sangeeta Verma C. Mugdha Sinha D. Durga Shakti Nagpal Answer: B

Q26. Former Union Minister Captain Jai Narayan Prasad Nishad passed away on 24 December 2018. He had represented the Bihar's ________ parliamentary constituency in Lok Sabha.
    A. Minapur B. Keoti C. Muzaffarpur D. Sakra Answer: C

Q27. Which country has ended the year at the top of the FIFA rankings for December 2018?
    A. Belgium B. Argentina C. France D. Germany Answer: A

Q28. Which bank has launched a special Rupay card for Kumbh Mela 2019?
    A. HDFC B. ICICI C. PNB D. YES Answer: C

Q29. A commemorative coin worth Rs ________ in honour of former Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee was launched on 24 December 2018.
    A. 50 B. 100 C. 200 D. 500 Answer: B

Q30. Which state has become the first state in the country to appoint out-of-state trade representatives?
    A. Punjab B. Haryana C. Rajasthan D. Maharashtra Answer: D

Q31. Which country launched its first messaging app 'BizBarde', on 24 December 2018?
    A. Turkmenistan B. Sudan C. Kenya D. Yemen Answer: A

Q32. Where will the 106th edition of the Indian Science Congress be held on 3 January 2019?
    A. Delhi B. Punjab C. Maharashtra D. Gujarat Answer: A

Q33. Amarinder Singh released a book on Maharaja Jagatjit Singh of Kapurthala on 24 December 2018, co-authored by Brigadier (Retd) Sukhjit Singh and ________.
    A. Varun Agarwal B. Cynthia Meera Frederick C. Vandana Shiva D. Rajiv Malhotra Answer: B

Q34. Where was 'Sadaiv Atal', the memorial of former Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee, inaugurated on 25 December 2018?
    A. Delhi B. Gujarat C. Uttar Pradesh D. Bihar Answer: A

Q35. The Uttar Pradesh Cabinet gave its approval for setting up of development boards for Bundelkhand and Purvanchal. It will be chaired by ________.
    A. Satish Mahana B. Rajesh Aggrawal C. Yogi Adityanath D. Rita Bahuguna Answer: C

Q36. When is Good Governance Day observed every year?
    A. 24 December B. 22 December C. 23 December D. 25 December Answer: D

Q37. Ministry of Power, Government of India has decided to make all meters smart prepaid in ________ years from 1st April 2019
    A. 2 B. 3 C. 4 D. 5 Answer: B

Q38. Where was the first meeting of the Follow-up Committee for implementation of the Trilateral Chabahar Agreement between India, Afghanistan, and Iran held on 24 December 2018?
    A. New Delhi B. Chabahar C. Istanbul D. Chennai Answer: B

Q39. In which state was India's longest rail-cum-road bridge - Bogibeel Bridge inaugurated on 25 December 2018?
    A. Assam B. Manipur C. Mizoram D. Nagaland Answer: A
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