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BSNL MT Roles and Responsibilites

shape Introduction

Many companies have Management Trainees. A management trainee (MT) is an individual who undergoes training for managerial or supervisory positions. A management trainee program is the best way to prepare employees to become managers in the future. It equips them with the required skills, judgment, and know-how of being an effective and responsible manager. This article provide detaile information about BSNL MT Roles and Responsibilites.

shape Roles

As a management trainee, an employee will have to gain experience and knowledge required for getting promoted to managerial positions under the direction of people with experience. As part of the job, he or she would have to perform several duties. He or she would have to interact with several departments of the organization such as Data Solutions, Client Services etc.
Management Trainee Job Responsibilities:

  • Receiving training from the concerned people in addition to performing duties in several departments such as client services, health care data, operations, sales etc of a particular organization.

  • Learning staff functions and line, management view points, company policies, practices and operations which are significant in the proper functioning of an organization in the corporate world.

  • Setting objectives and performance goals with higher officials and trainers of the organization.

  • Monitoring the progress of performance with the trainers and management as per the requirement of the organization.

  • Acquiring knowledge of all the standards, procedures and methods that are needed for departmental duties and performance.

  • Receiving training in operations and functions so that successive transferability between other departments is carried out properly by the management trainee.

  • Performing additional duties which are often assigned to management trainees by a particular company apart from the above mentioned duties.

shape Advantages

The advantages of having management trainees in a company are obvious. It provides a good succession planning and improves morale. For the person, however, it might be a different story. Here are some of its advantages of being a Managment Trainee:
1. A management trainee is exposed to every aspect of the business and role.
  • A management trainee would be expected to know all facets of the business, from sales to customer service, to human resources and operations. Even a limited management trainee would be expected to know all aspects of the function.

  • A marketing trainee, for instance, would do some time working with ads, then with the online campaigns, and then with presentations and then finally with client meetings.

As such, the management trainee becomes very flexible when it comes to skills related to his or her job.
2. You can have a pick of the job you love most.
  • Some companies offer management trainees a chance to work in departments they feel they could excel in.

  • If a person been particularly stellar in sales, or he/she is interested in human resources, they could choose to work in that area.

3. It develops teamwork.
  • As trainees, he/she will be working with teams or at least a partner who will show them how things are done in the department. he/she will learn to work with teams of different members and at different levels.

  • Sometimes, will be working with a higher management, other times he/she work hand in hand with their subordinates. Aside from developing teamwork, he/she could also build up a mentor-apprentice relationship with the people they work with.

4. You get promoted easily.
  • Career advancement is the ultimate goal of management training. he/she are trained so that they are ready to head a department or manage a division.

  • Once a vacancy comes up, he/she will have a great chance of being promoted. Simply put, management training places them on the radar of the company’s meticulous executives.

5. It is the best way to “earn your stripes”.
  • Being part of a management trainee program is very much like being in school, or perhaps enrolling in an MBA program.

  • The only difference is that you get real work-related situations and problems that need fast, implementable solutions.

  • Moreover, as a management trainee, he/she have a mentor who screens their every decision to see if they would be feasible. The result? they will learn more about their division or the company. In effect, he/she are given the opportunity to experience being a manager without the big responsibilities.