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BSNL MT Career Progression

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Management Trainee is All India Cadre and will be controlled centrally by the BSNL Corporate Office. Persons appointed to the Management Trainee post shall be liable for posting/transfer anywhere in India/at any place falling in the operational area of BSNL. Company has the right to post any selected Management Trainee to any of the Circles either for a fixed or temporary period. The article BSNL MT Career Progression provides the complete information about Managment Trainee career growth in BSNL.

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BSNL MT Career Progression - Probation-cum-Training and Bond:
  • All Management Trainees will remain on probation-cum-training for a period of 2 years including the job training of 52 weeks.

  • All candidates shall, before their appointment as Management Trainee have to successfully undergo prescribed training as per the training plan laid down and amended by the Company from time to time.

  • All candidates provisionally recruited shall execute Bonds in the format specified by the BSNL indicating their willingness to serve the Corporation for a period of at least five years from the date of their appointment as Management.

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BSNL MT Career Progression:

  • Appointment as Manager (MT): On successful completion of Probation-cum- training, the officer shall be appointed as Manager (MT).

  • To be promoted as Assistant General Manager (AGM) on working as Manager (MT) for two years subject to being adjudged fit for promotion.

  • Further career progression for promotion to higher grades shall be regulated by BSNL MS RR 2009 with subsequent modifications.