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Types of Banks

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Types of Banks

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Banks are classified either into commercial banks or as central bank. They are also classified as Scheduled and Non-scheduled Banks. The article Types of Banks presents the different types of banks in India.
Types of Banks:
Banks are classified into scheduled and non-scheduled banks. Scheduled banks can further be classified into commercial banks and cooperative banks. Commercial Banks can be further classified into public sector banks, private sector banks, foreign banks and Regional Rural Banks (RRB). On the other hand, cooperative banks are classified into urban and rural. Apart from these, a fairly new addition to the structure is payments bank.

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Scheduled & Non-Schedule Banks
Banks were classified as scheduled banks and non-scheduled banks.
Scheduled Banks:
Scheduled Banks in India constitute those banks which have been included in the Second Schedule of Reserve Bank of India(RBI) Act, 1934. RBI in turn includes only those banks in this schedule which satisfy the criteria laid down vide section 42 (6) (a) of the Act.
The banks included in this schedule list should fulfill two conditions.
    1. The paid capital and collected funds of a bank should not be less than Rs. 5 lac.

    2. Any activity of the bank will not adversely affect the interests of depositors.

Every Scheduled bank enjoys the following facilitiess.
    1. Such bank becomes eligible for debts/loans on bank rate from the RBI

    2. Such bank automatically acquire the membership of clearing house.

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Commercial Banks:
These are the banks which are doing the banking business, i.e. dealing with general public, accepting deposits from making loans to large numbers of households and firms.
Scheduled Commercial banks list
  • Public Sector Banks

  • State Bank of India and its associates, and

  • Other Nationalised banks

  • Private Sector Indian Banks

  • Old private-sector banks

  • New private-sector banks

  • Private-sector Foreign banks

  • Regional Rural Bank (RRB)
Public Sector Banks
These are banks where majority stake is held by the Government of India
S. NO Bank Name
1. Allahabad Bank
2. Andhra Bank
3. Bank Of Baroda
4. Bank Of India
5. Bank Of Maharashtra
6. Canara Bank
7. Central Bank Of India
8. Corporation Bank
9. IDBI Bank
10. Indian Bank
11. Indian Overseas Bank
12. Oriental Bank Of Commerce
13. Punjab And Sind Bank
14. Punjab National Bank
15. State Bank of India
16. Syndicate Bank
17. UCO Bank
18. Union Bank Of India
19. United Bank Of India
20. Vijaya Bank
21. Dena Bank
Private Sector Banks
S. NO Bank Name
1. Axis Bank Ltd.
2. Bandhan Bank Ltd.
3. Catholic Syrian Bank Ltd.
4. Citi Union Bank Ltd.
5. Development Credit Bank Ltd.
6. Dhanalakshmi Bank Ltd.
7. Federal Bank Ltd
8. HDFC Bank Ltd.
9. ICICI Bank Ltd.
10. IDFC Bank Ltd.
11. IndusInd Bank Ltd.
12. Jammu & Kashmir Bank Ltd.
13. Karnataka Bank Ltd.
14. Karur Vysya Bank Ltd.
15. Kotak Mahindra Bank Ltd.
16. Lakshmi Vilas Bank Ltd.
17. Nainital Bank Ltd.
18. Ratnakar Bank Ltd.
19. South Indian Bank Ltd.
20. Tamilnad Mercantile Bank Ltd.
21. Yes Bank Ltd.
Local Area Banks
S. NO Bank Name
1. Coastal Local Area Bank Ltd.
2. Krishna Bhima Samruddhi Local Are Bank Ltd.
3. Subhadra Local Area Bank Ltd.
Small Finance Banks
S. NO Bank Name
1. AU Small Finance Bank Ltd.
2. Capital Small Finance Bank Ltd.
3. Equitas Small Finance Bank Ltd.
4. ESAF Small Finance Bank Ltd.
5. Fincare Small Finance Bank Ltd.
6. Jana Small Finance Bank Ltd.
7. North East Small Finance Bank Ltd.
8. Suryoday Small Finance Bank Ltd.
9. Ujjivan Small Finance Bank Ltd.
10. Utkarsh Small Finance Bank Ltd.
Payments Banks
S. NO Bank Name
1. Aditya Birla Idea Payments Bank Ltd.
2. Airtel Payments Banks Ltd.
3. Fino Payments Bank Ltd.
4. India Post Payments Bank Ltd.
5. Jio Payments Bank Ltd.
6. PayTm Payments Bank Ltd.
Foreign Banks
S. NO Bank Name
1. AB Bank Ltd.
2. Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank PJSC
3. American Express Banking Corp.
4. Australia and New Zealand Banking Group Ltd.
5. Bank Of America
6. Bank Of Bahrain & Kuwait B.S.C
7. Bank Of Ceylon
8. Bank Of Nova Scotia
9. Barclays Bank PLC
10. BNP Paribas
11. Citi Bank N.A.
12. Cooperatieve Centrale Raiffeisen-Boerenleen Bank B.A.
13. Credit Agricole Corporate and Investment Bank
14. Credit Suisse A.G
15. CTBC Bank Co. Ltd.
16. DBS Bank Ltd.
17. Deutsche Bank A.G
18. Doha Bank
19. Emirates NBD Bank PJSC
20. First Abu Dhabi Bank PJSC
21. First Rand Bank Ltd.
22. HSBC Ltd.
23. Industrial and Commercial Bank of China Ltd.
24. Industrial Bank of Korea
25. JPMorgan Chase Bank N.A.
26. JSC VTB Bank
27. KEB Hana Bank
28. Krung Thai Bank Public Co. Ltd.
29. Mashreq Bank PSC
30. Mizuho Corporate Bank Ltd.
31. National Australia Bank
32. PT Bank MayBank Indonesia TBK
33. Qatar National Bank SAQ
34. Royal Bank of Scotland
35. Sber Bank
36. Shinhan Bank
37. Société General
38. Sonali Bank Ltd.
39. Standard Chartered Bank
40. State Bank Of Mauritius Ltd.
41. Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation
42. The Bank Of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ, Ltd.
43. United Overseas Bank Ltd.
44. Wespac Banking Corporation
45. Woori Bank
Regional Rural Banks
S. NO Bank Name
1. Andhra Pradesh Grameena Vikas Bank
2. Allahabad UP Gramin Bank
3. Andhra Pragathi Grameena Bank
4. Arunachal Pradesh Rural Bank
5. Assam Gramin Vikash Bank
6. Bangiya Gramin Vikash Bank
7. Baroda Gujarat Gramin Bank
8. Baroda Rajasthan Kshetriya Gramin Bank
9. Baroda Uttar Pradesh Gramin Bank
10. Bihar Gramin Bank
11. Central Madhya Pradesh Gramin Bank
12. Chaitanya Godavari Grameena Bank
13. Chhattisgarh Rajya Gramin Bank
14. Dena Gujarat Gramin Bank
15. Ellaquai Dehati Bank
16. Gramin Bank of Aryavart
17. Himachal Pradesh Gramin Bank
18. J&K Grameen Bank
19. Jharkhand Gramin Bank
20. Karnataka Vikas Grameena Bank
21. Kashi Gomti Samyut Gramin Bank
22. Kaveri Grameena Bank
23. Kerala Gramin Bank
24. Langpi Dehangi Rural Bank
25. Madhya Bihar Gramin Bank
26. Madhyachal Gramin Bank
27. Maharashtra Gramin Bank
28. Malwa Gramin Bank
29. Manipur Rural Bank
30. Meghalaya Rural Bank
31. Mizoram Rural Bank
32. Nagaland Rural Bank
33. Narmada Jhabua Gramin Bank
34. Odisha Gramya Bank
35. Pallavan Grama Bank
36. Pandyan Grama Bank
37. Paschim Banga Gramin Bank
38. Pragathi Krishna Grameena Bank
39. Prathama Bank
40. Puduvai Bharathiar Grama Bank
41. Punjab Gramin Bank
42. Purvanchal Gramin Bank
43. Rajasthan Marudhara Gramin Bank
44. Saptagiri Grameena Bank
45. Sarva Haryana Gramin Bank
46. Sarva UP Gramin Bank
47. Saurashtra Gramin Bank
48. Sutlej Kshetriya Gramin Bank
49. Telangana Grameena Bank
50. Tripura Gramin Bank
51. Utkal Grameen Bank
52. Uttar Banga Kshetriya Gramin Bank
53. Uttar Bihar Gramin Bank
54. Uttarakhand Gramin Bank
55. Vananchal Gramin Bank
56. Vidarbha Konkan Gramin Bank
Scheduled Co-operative banks
  • Scheduled State Co-operative Banks

  • Scheduled Urban Co-operative Banks
Scheduled State Co-operative Banks
S. NO Bank Name
1. Andhra Pradesh State Co-operative Bank Ltd.
2. The Bihar State Co-operative Bank Ltd.
3. Chhattisgarh Rajya Sahakari Bank Maryadit
4. The Goa State Co-operative Bank Ltd.
5. The Gujarat State Co-operative Bank Ltd.
6. Haryana Rajya Sahakari Bank Ltd.
7. Himachal Pradesh State Co-operative Bank Ltd.
8. Karnataka State Co-operative Apex Bank Ltd.
9. Kerala State Co-operative Bank Ltd.
10. Madhya Pradesh Rajya Sahakari Bank Maryadit
11. The Maharashtra State Co-operative Bank Ltd.
12. The Orissa State Co-operative Bank Ltd.
13. Pondicherry State Co-operative Bank Ltd.
14. Punjab State Co-operative Bank Ltd.
15. The Rajasthan State Co-operative Bank Ltd.
16. Tamil Nadu State Apex Co-operative Bank Ltd.
17. Telangana State Cooperative Apex Bank Ltd.
18. The Uttar Pradesh Co-operative Bank Ltd.
19. Uttarakhand State Co-operative Bank Ltd.
20. West Bengal State Co-operative Bank Ltd.
Urban Co-operative Banks
S. NO Bank Name
1. Abhyudaya Co-operative Bank Ltd.
2. Ahmedabad Mercantile Co-Op Bank Ltd.
3. Amanath Co-operative Bank Ltd.
4. Andhra Pradesh Mahesh Co-Op Urban Bank Ltd.
5. Apna Sahakari Bank Ltd.
6. Bassein Catholic Co-operative Bank Ltd.
7. Bharat Co-operative Bank (Mumbai) Ltd.
8. Bharati Sahakari Bank Limited.
9. Bombay Mercantile Co-operative Bank Limited
10. Citizen Credit Co-operative Bank Ltd.
11. Cosmos Co-operative Bank Ltd
12. Dombivli Nagari Sahakari Bank Ltd.
13. Goa Urban Co-operative Bank Limited.
14. Gopinath Patil Parsik Janata Sahakari Bank Ltd.
15. Greater Bombay Co-operative Bank Limited
16. GS Mahanagar Co-operative Bank Ltd.
17. Indian Mercantile Co-operative Bank Ltd.
18. Jalgaon Janata Sahakari Bank Ltd.
19. Jalgaon People's Co-operative Bank Ltd.
20. Janakalyan Sahakari Bank Ltd.
21. Janalaxmi Co-operative Bank Ltd.
22. Janata Sahakari Bank Ltd.
23. Kallappanna Awade Ichalkaranji Janata Sahakari Bank Ltd.
24. Kalupur Commercial Coop.Bank Ltd.
25. Kalyan Janata Sahakari Bank Ltd.
26. Kapol Co-operative Bank Ltd.
27. Karad Urban Co-operative Bank Ltd.
28. Mapusa Urban Co-operative Bank of Goa Ltd.
29. Mehsana Urban Co-Op Bank Ltd.
30. Nagar Urban Co-operative Bank Ltd.
31. Nagpur Nagrik Sahakari Bank Ltd.
32. Nasik Merchant's Co-operative Bank Ltd.
33. New India Co-operative Bank Ltd.
34. NKGSB Co-operative Bank Ltd.
35. Nutan Nagarik Sahakari Bank Ltd.
36. Pravara Sahakari Bank Ltd.
37. Punjab & Maharashtra Co-operative Bank Ltd.
38. Rajarambapu Sahakari Bank Ltd.
39. Rajkot Nagrik Sahakari Bank Ltd.
40. Rupee Co-operative Bank Ltd.
41. Sangli Urban Co-operative Bank Ltd.
42. Saraswat Co-operative Bank Ltd.
43. Sardar Bhiladwala Pardi Peoples Coop Bank Ltd.
44. Shamrao Vithal Co-operative Bank Ltd.
45. Shikshak Sahakari Bank Ltd.
46. Solapur Janata Sahakari Bank Ltd.
47. Surat Peoples Coop Bank Ltd.
48. Thane Bharat Sahakari Bank Ltd.
49. The Akola Janata Commercial Co-operative Bank Ltd.
50. The Akola Urban Co-operative Bank Ltd.
51. The Khamgaon Urban Co-operative Bank Ltd.
52. TJSB Sahakari Bank Ltd.
53. Vasai Vikas Sahakari Bank Ltd.
54. Zoroastrian Co-operative Bank Ltd.

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State Co-operative Banks
S. NO Bank Name
1. Andaman and Nicobar State Co-operative Bank Ltd.
2. Arunachal State Co-operative Apex Bank Ltd.
3. Assam Co-operative Apex Bank Ltd.
4. Chandigarh State Co-operative Bank Ltd.
5. Delhi State Cooperative Bank Ltd.
6. Jammu and Kashmir State Co-operative Bank Ltd.
7. Jharkhand State Cooperative Bank Ltd.
8. Manipur State Co-operative Bank Ltd.
9. Meghalaya Co-operative Apex Bank Ltd.
10. Mizoram Co-operative Apex Bank Ltd.
11. Nagaland State Co-operative Bank Ltd.
12. Sikkim State Co-operative Bank Ltd.
13. Tripura State Co-operative Bank Ltd.