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Study Abroad Exams | Exams for Indian Students to Study Abroad

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Study Abroad Exams | Exams for Indian Students to Study Abroad

shape Introduction

Why Studying abroad is on the rise for Indian Students?
  • Research studies and experimental and applied level academics are more developed in Western Countries or certain Asian countries. Thus the flock of dreamy-eyed Indian students makes a queue for these countries each year, resulting in a major brain-drain in the process.
  • The number of scholarships that students can make avail of is also on the rise – with heaps of grants aimed at attracting STEM students as well as the elite students from India. This has made possible a flurry in University Applications to the US or Canada or Australia by the bright students of our country.

How to apply to Foreign Universities? Every elite University has its own admission guidelines but a few exams are common to almost all of them. These exams are the prerequisite for applying for one’s course of choice. Universities consider aspirants eligible only if they pass these standardized exams.

shape Study Abroad

Examinations needed to study Abroad Depending on the field one wants to pursue, different exams serve different purpose, One Standardised Exam and One Language Test is to be sailed through by the aspirants.
What are the different Standardised Exams for studying abroad?
Every country has its own preferred Standardised Exam that students must crack in order to be eligible for the Universities abroad.
Course Standardised Test Score Validity
Undergraduate SAT or ACT 5 years
MBA GMAT or GRE GMAT - upto 5 years;
MS GRE GRE – 5 years after testing
Medical MCAT -
Law LSAT -
  • All English speaking countries would require the aspirants to pass any one of the popular English Language Exams.

  • Proficiency in English is a must to be accepted in any University/College located in an English Country. This is to assess the English skills of the aspirants as they are required to assimilate as easily as the native speakers.

  • Language exams are must for almost all courses – Undergraduate/ Post Graduate/ Certificate Or Diploma etc.

  • Every country gives more preference to one language exam over the other.

shape Foreign Exams

Details on the Major Foreign Exams The two most popular English Language Proficiency Exams are as follows: Both these exams are aimed at testing the English Language Proficiency Skills of non-native English speakers.
Used For:        
  • To study or work in English speaking countries
  • To process immigration applications in some countries – Australia, New Zealand, United Kingdom

Recognised By: 9000 organisations worldwide, includes educational institutions, employers, governments, immigration authorities, and professional bodies.
Fee for taking the Exam: Approx. Rs. 11, 100.
Exam Centres: The British Council offers ELTS tests in over 42 locations in India
Used For:       
  • Eligibility Exam by Foreign Universities.
  • Immigration Departments, infrequently, to issue residential and/or work visas.

Recognised By:  9000 colleges in 130 countries
Fee for taking the Exam: Approx. Rs 11,500.
Exam Duration: 4 Hours
Exam Pattern:
Section Duration Questions Points
Reading 60-80 minutes 35- 55 questions 0-30 points
Writing 50 minutes 2 tasks 0-30 points
Listening 60-90 minutes 34- 51 questions 0-30 points
Speaking 20 minutes 6 tasks 0-30 points
Used for:
  • To assess the student’s knowledge of reading, writing, and mathematics
  • Undergraduate entry by over 2 million students from 175 countries each year
  • A score of 2100/2400 gets one into the top colleges.

Recognised By: Almost all US and Canadian Universities
Conducted During : Within the October- December period
Fee for taking the Exam: Approx. Rs. 3500
Used for:
  • Business school aspirants take the exam
  • It gets one into Master’s Degree in Business Administration or doctoral degrees.

Recognized By: Required by North American Universities
Fee for taking the Exam: Approx. Rs. 12,000
Test Centres in India: Online Test can be taken every 21 days at any GRE center. Paper- the delivered test can be taken as many times as offered throughout the year.
Used for:
  • To assess analytical skills, problem solving abilities, and critical skills.
  • Required for admission into a Graduate Management program – like the MBA

Recognised By: 600 Business and Management Programmes, 2100 Universities across 114 countries
Test Centres in India: 29.
Salient Feature:
  • Computerised Test
  • Conducted 6 days a week, 52 weeks a year
  • Can be taken once every 31 days, total 5 times in a year

Exam Pattern
Sections Question Type Tasks Duration
Analytical Writing 1 topic Analysis or Argument 30 min.
Integrated Reasoning 12 questions Reasoning Graphics Interpretation 30 min.
Quantitative 37 questions Data Sufficiency Problem Solving 75 min.
Verbal 41 questions Reading Comprehension Critical Reasoning Sentence Correction 75 min.
Total Duration 3.5 hours

Qualifying Criteria:
  • At least 500 marks, above 600 is good score and above 700 is very good score
  • Qualification is through at least B grade in each of the 4 subjects

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