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How to Apply For A Passport in India| Passport India

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How to Apply For A Passport in India| Passport India

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How to Apply for a Passport in India Are you planning on a trip overseas? Or is it for the purpose of education? Making the passport has become easier now as this article focuses on the important steps that you must adhere to. Getting a passport done is no more an Achilles heel as most of the process has been digitized. Not only for the sake of foreign visits or education, but a passport serves the best medium for address proof too, which makes it one of the most important documents to have in your kitty.

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How to Apply For A Passport in India - Documents needed for passport application:
Documents Needed Other details
Address Proof Any three of the following documents will do good, provided they should have your current address mentioned on them:
    1. Driving License 2. Voter ID card 3. PAN Card 4. College ID Card ( for students) 5. Bank Statement (With more than 3 transactions, from the present date) 6. Gas Connection/Electricity Bill 7. Category certificate (if applicable)
Identity Proof: Any-one from the given list of options shall be sufficient:
    1. Birth Certificate 2. Class 10/12 Marksheet 3. Notary mentioning the birth details 4. Aadhar Card 5. EPIC card by Election Commission of India
Document of citizenship: To ensure the citizen is registered or naturalized
Identity Certificate (Annexure B & Annexure I) Only valid for government employees
Other documents: Includes ECNR, documents of expense in case of repatriation, details of being deported (Emergency Certificate) (if applicable) Annexure E, which can be surfed on the internet.

Detailed application procedure to get a passport in india Let us follow the steps which would make sure that you can apply for the passport through online mode. Applying through the online mode is often the best mode of application. The steps are broken down into the following parts of registration and application.
Part A: Registration 1. Click here to go to the main page of the Passport Seva website.
2. On the home page, you can see four different options. Select the option of ‘New User Registration’ which is present in maroon color.
3. In the next step, you would find a list of fields asking for the required details. The following details need to be entered very carefully as it is the page for the personal details
4. In the option of ‘Register to apply at’ you have two options to select from. You can either select CPV Delhi if you have a diplomat passport or you can proceed with Passport Office as the default option.
5. You need to select your residential address as the Passport Office as it will be the address proof for you.
6. In the following fields, your personal details are to be filled; which include:
  • Your first name without initials and honorary tags in the ‘Given Name’field.
  • The family name or the surname in the field of surname
  • Birth details in the format of DD/MM/YYYY which is present in your official documents
  • Your email ID, that you use frequently.
  • In the next step, click on Yes if you wish your login ID in Passport Seva to be the same as your email ID, else select No.
  • In the field ‘Login ID’, you need to enter the text which you want to use for logging in to your portal. After you have entered the login ID, make sure you click on the availability to check if it is available or not.
  • In the next field, enter the password as per the policy, which stated that your password must have:
    • i. No more than 14 characters and no less than 8 characters. ii. One digit between 0 through 9 iii. At least one lowercase or upper case character.

  • The hint question helps you to recover your account when you have lost the login details. Select the hint question from a list of dropdown questions, which you find is most relatable. Type the answer to the hint question in the next field.

  • In the next step, fill up the field with the characters displayed. If the characters are unclear, you can even change the picture displayed

  • Check your entered details once, then click on Register

7. A new page opens which acknowledges the registration of your ID on the PassportSeva portal. The account is currently inactive. To activate the account, click on the activation mail which is sent to you on your ID
8. Check for an mail from passpopt.admin under the subject line of Registration Confirmation. Clicking on the link would take you the PassportSeva user ID active page.
9. On this page, you have to enter the user ID that you made in the previous steps. Congratulations, you have activated your account in the PassportSeva portal successfully.
Part B: Applying for the passport After you have successfully registered on the portal, now you need to apply for the passport using your registration details. Follow the steps below to apply for the passport: 1. Click here to open the home page of PassportSeva.
2. Select the option ‘Existing User Login’ which is embodied in Green Color. Selecting this option lands you in a page where you need to enter login credentials which you got after registration in Part A.
3. Click on the Application Home option which is present in the top left corner. On selecting it, you will land on the Home page where you need to select the first option to apply for a fresh passport.
4. For the next step, you can either apply for the form online or download a hardcopy of the application form. Select the first option as the online filling of the form is a preferred option.
5. Select the residential state and district on the next page carefully.
6. The step allows further customization where you need to make the following selections:
    a. Select Fresh Passport in the Applying for option b. You can select the pace of receiving the passport as either Tatkal or Normal c. Change the number of booklets in your passport between 36 or 60 as per your choice.

7. After you are done filling up the above details, click on Next for landing on the next page.
8. Now, you get the page where you need to fill in the details of the applicant that includes various information. Information related to your name, surname, change of name, birth details and other vital information needs to be filled judiciously. Your birth location must be filled in terms of place, district, city, and state along with the country; if you are born outside India. Information like citizenship becomes important as only Indian residents can avail of the passport from India. Optional data fields include the birthmark, PAN card, and surname, whereas Aadhar Card Number is a mandatory field.
9. You need to agree to the laid down terms by checking on the box, then click on the Yes button followed by the next button.
10. In the next couple of pages, you would be asked to enter your family details like parent’s details, guardian’s details (if applicable) along with the complete details of your residential address.
11. Upon clicking the Next button, you will land in the emergency contact page, where you need to fill up the contact details like Name, Address and Contact number of the respective person.
12. Following it, you need to enter the details of whether you are applying for the passport for the first time. The previous details of the identity certificate might be needed, so keeping them handy might be a good option. Click on the Next button to proceed further.
13. In the page titles Other Options, select No if you are a first-time applicant.
14. Verification of the details that you have mentioned is very important. Carefully check if all the details entered by you are right, then press the Next button.
15. In the page of Self-declaration, make the following selections:
    a. Proof of Birth: Select the eligible proof from the list of dropdown menus b. Residential proof: Click on the arrow at the side to have a list of dropdown options. Select the appropriate proof from the list. c. SMS Seva: Check the box if you are willing to receive text messages on your registered mobile number from the passport office regarding the latest announcements, at the nominal charge of Rs 50.

16. Submit: Then agree on the T&C and press the submit button as you would receive a 12 digit reference number in your registered cell number.
Part C: Payment & Appointment 1. After your application has been submitted, you will be launched into a page where you need to make the necessary payments. Select the first link which reads as Pay and Schedule to make the required payments.
2. You can select the payment mode, though we suggest you select the online payment mode for quick and convenient payment
3. On the payment gateway, make the required appointment-related selections by selected your Seva Kendra, then click on the Next button to be redirected to the payment option of your bank.
4. Make sure to read the payment instructions carefully and as the payment is done, your appointment to the desired center shall be done.
5. Make sure to take a hardcopy of the application and keep it with you as you visit the Passport Seva Kendra on the appointed day.
1. Where should I apply for the passport? The procedure for applying for the passport has digitized completely. You can apply for the passport ON THE OFFICIAL WEBSITE
2. What are the different types of passport? The Indian Government offers three different kinds of passports to its citizens: i. P-Type: The passport which is used by most of the common citizens. In order to have the passport, an application needs to be made for availing it. The passport is used mostly for personal use, hence the name P-Type passport. The passport is navy blue in color. ii. S Type: The representatives of the country on the foreign arena and platforms like sports persons and musicians are eligible for this passport. It is intended to be used for the service purpose, hence given the name S Type passport. It comes in White-colored cover. iii. D Type: It is a highly prestigious passport which is given to the diplomats of the nation. Being recognized as the most influential passport in the country, it is given to bureaucrats and high-ranked officials. It comes in Maroon colored cover, it is the most respected passport in the country.
3. What is the eligibility for applying for a passport? The only eligibility to apply for the Indian passport is that you have to be a citizen of India.
4. In how many days will I get my passport? You can apply for the passport in two different modes: 1. Normal mode: Under normal mode, you can get your passport within 20 days. 2. Tatkal mode: In the tatkal mode of application, you can have the passport within one week. Under the tatkal mode of application, you would need to pay Rs 2000/- more than the original cost for normal passport issuance.
5. What is the strength of an Indian passport? Strength of the Indian Passport: Based on the various rankings by the global bodies, the ranking of the Indian passport has been listed below, which shows how powerful our passport really is:
Henley Passport Index HVRI 79
The Passport Index Arton Capital 70
United Nation Health Development Index United Nations 144

6. What will the charge for passport application? The charge of the passport depends on two things:
    i. The number of booklets: You can either have a 30-page passport or a 60 page one ii. Mode of delivery: You can either opt for a regular mode of passport or tatkal services
A detailed description of the same will be listed in the official website of Passport Seva

Author: Biplab Roy Published: December 04, 2019
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