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GRE Before and After

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GRE Before and After GRE (Graduate Record Examination) is a Computer Adaptive Test. In a Computer Adaptive Tests, the difficulty of the questions depend on test taker performance. This means that the questions that are served to test taker may be easy or difficult and is based on his/her performance till that moment in the test. GRE is conducted round the year. Educational Testing Services (ETS) conducts GRE. GRE is conducted at various prometric centers around the globe. Generally, most Universities require students to write GRE General Test. The GRE Subject Test is a special requirement for Ph.D. or for students who want to change their Undergraduate stream.

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Here are the must-do steps if a test taker wish to clear GRE and study in U.S. The steps below gives the complete procedure and things to be done by GRE aspirants.
A valid passport serves as a primary means of identification to gain admission to the test center and to the dream country of a test taker.
Without a valid passport one cannot appear for the GRE, So the candidate should apply for a passport as soon as possible before attempting the exam, but remember candidates can only register for the exam without a passport.
Register for the GRE at least three months in advance to be assured of obtaining the preferred testing date, and one can also get enough time for practicing.
Before deciding to take the GRE, the first step is to select an appropriate test date so that his/her scores will reach well before the admission deadline of selected prospective schools. Next fill in the application form of the test to fulfill the aspirations.
[Click here] Know more about GRE Registration process.
International students who haven't studied in a country where English is the primary language, have to appear for the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) in addition to the GRE.
The TOEFL test seeks to test the ability of a test taker to communicate in English in specifically academic, university and classroom-based settings and is accepted by over 8,500 institutions across 130 countries, including the UK, USA and Australia, as well as all of the world’s top 100 universities. TOEFL is administered by US-based organization the Education Testing Service, and so is conducted in American English. This test is more likely to be favored by American institutions.
If a student plan to appear for the GRE exam the preparation should be begin at least a year before. Check out the best study materials available in the market or browse online and plan accordingly for practicing.
Choose the best institutes and take a GRE prep course and it is recommend to take a prep course to get a good score. Always keep the intensity high and continue practicing.
Test takers can get a perfect score only by practicing the test, take few mock test before attempting the main test and make sure to include all the sections of GRE.
In the final weeks review the practiced notes, mainly the problems and concepts which are difficult to solve. Try to focus on the weaknesses and work accordingly as much as possible.
Do not take any preparation test on the day before exam. Try to eat good food and stay healthy, have a nice sleep and avoid last moment preparations.
On the test day:
Candidates are expected to arrive the test center at least 30 minutes before the scheduled time and are expected to bring the following items to the test center:
Do not prepare anything in the last minute, try to pack all the required things a day before exam. Do relaxing and fun activities to pass time until the test. On breaks, make sure to get up and move to get some refreshment.
While preparing a list of colleges make sure to consider following factors:
Pre-application involves emailing the colleges of candidate choice, requesting them to send the prospectus or application forms to candidate by mail. Mention the following in pre-application letters:
Many colleges often inform candidates there and then about his/her chances of gaining admission into their college. By doing this one can often save the cost of the application fee by knowing beforehand which colleges are likely to accept or not.
Candidates need to attach a bank statement along with the application indicating that they have enough fund for their education in the US. The statement should show the proof of funds amounting to approximately $25,000.
The application will be rejected if one fail to show the enough fund in their bank accounts.
Candidates need to submit 3 recommendation letters from their undergraduate universities, the recommendation letters should contain all the information about the candidate.
Number of recommendation letters required: All the universities of US require at least 2 recommendation letters from the related education background, most of the universities require 3 recommendation letters, 2 from the professor and 1 from the manager of supervisor.
Recommendation letters are taken from: Candidates required to take the recommendation letters from the well-known professor and who have worked with them over a long period of time i.e. throughout the graduation. If possible one can get the recommendation letter from the Head of the department or can take from the mentor, academic advisor or a project guide. Make sure to get at least 2 recommendation letters from the academic background.
How to submit recommendation letters: Candidates can submit the recommendation letters in two ways:
Online submission: Offline submission: Recommendation letter content:
The letter length should not be more than one page and should contain the following skills:
The purpose statement is the letter to the university which address the reason for wanting to purse graduate study and the statement should include the following points:
Candidates need to send the applications to the universities before the last dates, check the university websites for the last date of submission. The better chances of gaining the admission in the universities is to send the application as early as possible.
The earlier one apply, the sooner they get replies from the universities and it is a good advantage for the candidate to choose the better university out of them.
Candidates need to apply for a student visa in order to study MS in US. While applying for a VISA candidates must and should prove the VISA officer that they have enough fund to study in US, along with the proper reason to return back home after completion of education. Generally, there are two types of VISA’s available for a student to study MS in US. F-1 visa allows students to seek the employment after completing their studies in US, whereas the J-1 visa will not allow the student to seek employment and they should return back home after completing their studies and they cannot enter US again for at least two years.
F-1 visa stamping and I-20 form: If a candidate got admission in a university. The respective university will send the candidate a form called I-20. The form is a legal document which allows the student to apply for a student visa at the US consulate. Once if the candidate got selected for VISA, the consulate will stamp the student passport with an F-1 visa.
Form IAP-66- If the candidate receives financial assistance from a university, then the candidate may get an IAP-66 from, instead of an I-20 form. With IAP-66, the candidates will get a J-1/Exchange visitor visa which allows student to stay in the country only for two years till they complete the studies.
VISA application and approved fee- The application fee for VISA is a non-refundable and charges around $45, once if the student got approved, then they need to pay the separate fee for VISA of $75, and all this payments should be made in a form of bank draft.
Sponsor’s affidavit- The candidate’s need a notarized affidavit support form, if someone like relatives or friends pay for their education, along with the affidavit the candidate should also submit the income tax statement, bank statement or other financial support documents.
Required Documents- The candidates required to carry the following documents during the visa interview process:
Once the student approved with a Visa, the consulate will ask to submit their passport and can be collected it the evening of the same day.