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WordPress Blogging: Famous Personalities Using the Blogging Platform

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WordPress Blogging: Famous Personalities Using the Blogging Platform

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WordPress powers a wide range of websites all over the world, including small personal blogs, multi-optional websites like the one of a literature review service at DoMyPapers.com, complex sites of the world-famous companies like Lamborghini and Sony, and so on. Today, WordPress is one of the most popular content management platforms and website builders that one can get for free. At the same time, WordPress offers an assortment of unique options that attract not only mere mortals but famous people as well today.

shape Celebrities

Every now and again, we see loads of personal blogs that pop up here and there on WordPress. While in the beginning, WordPress started as a standard blogging platform, it has become much more today. The websites available on the WordPress Blogging platform are nearly in every industry, but today we will take a look at some celebrities that prefer WordPress and use it for blogging.
Maria Sharapova
If you check the website that belongs to the Russian retired professional tennis player, you’ll see the latest news and photos about Maria, including the story of her way to professional success and the latest images from fashion week. On the left-hand side of the site, you see a menu that leads users to more info on the player, like the latest news, Maria’s tour dates, and her social media pages. The best thing about the website is that you get 100% of pressing info before you dive into more content.
Sylvester Stallone
Remember the good old Rocky Balboa? Today, Sylvester Stallone, who played this memorable screen role, has a personal website that is also WordPress featured. Believe it or not, but Sylvester is not only a stunning Hollywood actor, but also a talented painter, fitness pro, and a book author. To showcase each of his incredible talents, the actor gave preference to a clean-cut and sophisticated design that is nice to look at and navigate.
Alanis Morissette
If you check the website of Alanis Morissette, the very first thing that you notice is that it is absolutely straightforward and simple. The main navigation is placed at the top of the page. Thus, you can quickly reach all social media pages, music, and news of this extraordinary Canadian-American singer, record producer, and songwriter. The web designers focused mainly on various webpages that you can click on in order to see more relevant content. The website is not overloaded with messy content. Instead, you can easily get to what you want to do on it.
Jay Z
If you don’t know who Jay Z is, you’re either living in a cave or are sixty years old. The website of the American rapper, songwriter, and producer is laid out as a personal blog that looks attractive and engaging on the home page. The page offers a collection of featured photos from edge to edge. The website looks pretty similar to the Mansion Theme by a design and product entrepreneur Thad Allender.
Leonardo DiCaprio
Here’s the other big person on our list that also uses WordPress. The most valuable and latest content is provided above the fold: social media accounts, the bar for a navigation menu, and links to the latest projects of “Titanic” star. If you’d like to follow Leo and find out what the actor is doing today, all you have to do is to swipe right or left in order to check his current content.
Snoop Dogg
The website of a West Coast rapper has a clean and easy-to-navigate layout where all items are plain to see. Once you get to Snoop Dogg’s site, you get a chance to check his latest album. The representatives of the rapper’s development team did their best to boost your experience on the website through their great hooking CTAs. Once the users scroll down, they find out more about Snoop Dogg’s music videos, tour, and event dates. You can easily get to any content on the website since all important details are presented directly on the homepage.
Bon Iver
The website of an American indie-folk band is based on WordPress. When you first try to log onto the website of Bon Iver, you hear some nice music playing in the background. While most band sires have an mp3 streaming in the background, these guys went further with video. However, this feature is something that usually takes users back.
Perez Hilton
No, it is not Paris Hilton. When you check the website of American influencer, the most valuable thing on it is the self-hosted video player that is showcased as “Perez TV.” When it comes to the plugin that the blogger uses for the video player, chances are it’s similar to the JW Media Player that includes a custom player skin. Just like world-famous YouTube, the website contains pre-roll commercials that are a great feature of the Longtail Video Ad solution.
A famous Barbadian beauty uses her personal site for many different purposes. In particular, the singer shares some professional fashion and makeup recommendations, her music, and pieces of advice on some products. As you open the homepage of the website, you see a nice photo collage reminiscent of Rihanna’s Instagram page showing the singer on the magazines’ covers and on photoshoots. Check the left menu bar to easily navigate the website to get more content, such as biography and social media materials. The site is just as awesome as its owner.
WordPress works well for both small personal blogs and complex sites. Even the most popular celebrity blogs are based on this diverse platform that can help them stand out and promote their work. What are the benefits that helped WordPress evolve throughout the years into a powerful blogging tool?

shape Benefits

Benefits to Blog on the WordPress Platform
You may be wondering, why so many celebs give preference to WordPress to set up and power their websites. Here’s a look at a range of advantages of using an open-source website creation platform to run either your personal or business website:
Even beginners can use WordPress. First of all, the system is easy to use, even if you’re a beginner. You can install and run your WordPress site in a matter of hours, even if you can’t boast of vast tech expertise. All you need to have is a web hosting account and a domain name. You can install WordPress free with the help of your WordPress hosting provider or you can upload it from WordPress.org. Once you’re done with this stage, you will see an easy-to-manage and intuitive Admin dashboard that has all the important features incorporated. You are welcome to use them all to start creating website pages and posts straight away.
Managing your website’s functionalities is easy. When it comes to traditional sites, upgrading any capabilities can be pretty challenging, especially if they were originally created on the basis of sophisticated platforms. It is never like that with WordPress-based websites. You can easily install many different plugins (the process takes just a couple of steps). What is more, the WordPress community is one of the most active, while the best practices are always documented. In other words, if you need to boost your site with a range of features, chances are, the other users have already done the same and documented the process.
SEO is simplified. When you deal with the WordPress platform, Search Engine Optimization is as easy as pie. The use of your URL keywords, the use of H1, H2, and H3 tags, as well as the use of supporting plug-ins (Platinum SEO Pack, SEO Ultimate, Yoast WordPress SEO, and so on), is simple and requires less time and efforts.
WordPress-based sites are mobile responsive. When the question is about Google rankings, your website has to look good on all possible devices. When you deal with WordPress, it gives you a chance to use many different responsive theme designs.
Functionality. When it comes to most HTML site builders, they usually have the basic functionality only. As for WordPress, it brings the concept to a significantly new level. The users are provided with plug-ins and themes that ease the process of the website customization and enhance the overall experience.
WordPress themes for all tastes. The users are provided with a bunch of options for upgrading the functions and appearance of their websites, thanks to a great variety of supreme quality themes. You go to the WordPress theme directory, where you get access to thousands of themes that can be purchased through third-party designers or design marketplaces all over the globe. Every user has an opportunity to preview the themes live and install the best one to boost the layout and look of a WordPress-based website.
Better ability to share. When you’re part of a vast WordPress community, sharing gets easier. You can use various widgets for social media, APIs, plug-ins, and the rest of the options needed to link your website to your social media accounts and share your content on different platforms.
Now that you have checked all of the websites shown above, you can definitely notice that none of them looks alike. However, all of them are WordPress-based. If you haven’t experienced the benefits of the platform yet, we hope these WordPress featured websites that belong to celebs will make you try it as well.

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