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WordPress Spam Protection

WordPress Spam Protection

shape Introduction

This chapter explains about WordPress Spam Protection, used to protect the site or blog from spam effect. Following concepts are covered in this chapter:
  • Spam Protection
  • Akismet Plugin for Spam Protection

Spam Protection

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Before enabling the Spam protection, make sure that WordPress is updated to the most recent version and install a Captcha plugin. The WordPress reCaptcha plugin is the best option for Captcha plugin.


shape Description

reCAPTCHA is a free CAPTCHA administration that ensures the site against spam, harmful enrollments and different types of assaults where PCs attempt to mask themselves as a human. A CAPTCHA is a completely automated public turing test to differentiate computers and human from each other. reCAPTCHA comes as a gadget that client can easily add to the web journal, forum, and enlistment structure. reCAPTCHA offers more than spam security. The CAPTCHAs are comprehended each time, that human exertion digitizes content, clarify pictures, and assemble machine learning datasets. This helps to safeguard books, enhance maps, and take care of hard AI issues. Advantages

Akismet Plugin for Spam Protection

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By default, WordPress gets installed with AntiSpam solution known as Akismet. So, to utilize the Akismet, client should have a WordPress API Key which can be acquired by enrolling at the official WordPress Website. If already registered make sure to check by visiting the WordPress Dashboard. Follow the steps below in order to empower the Akismet plugin.

shape Step 1

Immediately after logging in to the WordPress admin panel, hover on Plugins section and click Installed Plugins option as shown in the image below.

shape Step 2

Go to the pre-installed plugin Akismet and click Activate link as shown in the image below.

shape Step 3

Now, a page with a button to activate the plugin called Activate your Akismet account will appear as shown in the image below. Proceed by clicking the button to activate.

shape Step 4

A page appears showing some options for getting and entering the API key as shown in the image below. Click the button Get your API key if not yet registered, else enter the key manually.

shape Step 5

Now, the page redirects to a new tab, which contains a link for the registration page for getting the API key as shown in the image below. Click the button Get Started for registering.

shape Step 6

The page now redirects to the new page, which contains some option fields for registering as shown in the image below. Fill the required fields and proceed by clicking Sing up button.

shape Step 7

Go back to the page to enter the API key manually and click the button Use this key as shown in the image below.

shape Step 8

After verifying the key, go back to the Comments section on the Dashboard to check the spam as shown in the image below. Here, the blog is protected by Akismet from spams.


shape Key Points

  • To install the captcha plugin, register and obtain the API key for the plugin.
  • Spam Protection is important for the blog to avoid the issues like virus.
  • WordPress reCAPTCHA plugin is the best plugin for captcha and¬†Akismet is the pre-installed plugin.