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WordPress Categories

WordPress Categories

shape Introduction

This chapter explains about WordPress Categories. Categories are used to add a hierarchical structure for the WordPress Post. Following concepts are covered in this chapter:
  • WordPress Categories Overview
  • Adding Categories

WordPress Categories overview

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Using Categories, posts can be organized into different categories topic-wise and are grouped together. Many people get confuse with categories and tags. As categories are hierarchical i.e. they have child categories, whereas, tags do not. A user can divide a big post into sub topics and can group them in a single category.

Adding Categories

shape Description

Adding Categories is quite simple in WordPress. To add a new Category, log in to the Admin Panel and follow the steps below:

shape Step 1

Explore the Post widget and click the Categories section under the Add New section as shown in the below image:

shape Step 2

Now, a page consisting of some options for creating a new category will appear as shown below.

shape Step 3

Click the button Add New Category after filling all the required options as shown in the image below.

shape Step 4

After clicking the Add New Category button, the Category gets added and the user can perform the following actions like Edit, Quick Edit, Delete or View on the created Category by using the links present under the Category as shown in the image below:
Also, the categories can be created in another way as follows: Go to the Edit Post section -> click Add New Category in the Categories window -> Give a name for the Category -> select the Parent Category type -> Click the Add New Category button. The image below displays the alternate method for adding a Category in an easy way.


shape Key Points

  • Categories are hierarchical i.e. they have child categories whereas tags do not.
  • A big topic can be divided into sub-topics and grouped in a single category.
  • Category can be created in two ways-Categories section and Edit Post Section