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RRB Recruitment 2019 Exam Calendar

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RRB Recruitment 2019 Exam Calendar

shape Introduction

The Railway Recruitment Boards, popularly known as RRB, is the recruiting authority for Indian Railways Railway Recruitment Cells, popularly known as RRC. RRB releases notifications on a regular basis, informing candidates about the current job opening. Every year, the Railway Recruitment Board conducts exams for recruiting lakhs of suitable people for different positions. For the year 2019 - 2020, RRB have announced different posts like
  • Junior Engineer (JE),

  • Non-Technical Popular Categories (NTPC),

  • Paramedical,

  • Ministerial and Isolated Categories (MI),

  • and Level 1 Group D Posts.

The article RRB Recruitment 2019 Exam Calendar presents the list of recruitment exams released by RRB and RRC. The article RRB Recruitment 2019 Exam Calendar also presents the list of RRB posts & vacancies for the year 2019- 2020.

shape RRB Exams

RRB Exam - RRB Exam Calender:
Name of the Exam Application Start Closing Date Phase Exam Date Vacancies
RRB JE 2019 [latex]{2}^{nd}[/latex]Jan 2019 [latex]{31}^{st}[/latex]Jan 2019 [latex]{1}^{st}[/latex] Stage CBT April/May, 2019 13487
RRB NTPC 2019 [latex]{1}^{st}[/latex]March 2019 3[latex]{1}^{st}[/latex] March 2019 [latex]{1}^{st}[/latex] Stage CBT June – September 2019 35277
RRB Paramedical 2019 Exam [latex]{4}^{th}[/latex]March 2019 [latex]{2}^{nd}[/latex] April 2019 [latex]{1}^{st}[/latex] week of June, 2019 1937 Vacancies
RRB Ministerial and Isolated Categories (MI) 2019 Exam [latex]{8}^{th}[/latex] March [latex]{7}^{th}[/latex] April June – July 2019 1665 Vacancies
RRB/RRC Group D Level 1 [latex]{12}^{th}[/latex]March 2019 [latex]{12}^{th}[/latex]April 2019 September-October 2019 103769