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PHP Tutorials

PHP Tutorials

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PHP is widely used server side scripting language and also PHP is an open source scripting language. PHP is mainly focused on web development to interact with HTML elements using dynamic content from database or other web services.The present chapter PHP Tutorials gives the basic idea of PHP.


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The inventor, creator, and first developer of PHP is Rasmus Lardorf. The initial part of PHP was developed for his personal use in 1994. Lerdorf, back then when he created PHP, had a problem to solve himself. He want the dynamic content of his web server, but didn't want to use Perl or the other technologies dominant at that time for that purposes, so he created his own language, which would eventually become PHP. PHP is very popular. It is used by both smaller websites, more simple applications, and very complex websites such as Facebook.

Before Beginning

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PHP is very pragmatic and quite easy to get into.Before going to start learning PHP, basic knowledge of following is needed.

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Below code is the basic example of PHP. [php] <!DOCTYPE html> <html> <head> <title>Splessons</title> </head> <body> <?php echo "Hello World, Welcome to Splesson"; ?> </body> </html> [/php]


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  • PHP is a web scripting language.
  • Rasmus Lardorf invented PHP in 1994.
  • HTML is the basic requirement to learn PHP.