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PHP Installation

PHP Installation

PHP Installation Steps

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After PHP installation, three components are required to execute PHP script. The download can be done either by going to PHP Home page and the PHP website has a download section where both the source code and pre-compiled binaries of PHP are available, or Windows users can go to where Windows binaries of PHP are found. Other operating systems like Linux, for instance, have package managers which can install PHP with the web server. Some operating systems even come with PHP already installed or at least built-in. So depending on the operating systems, the steps to get a working PHP system up and running might a bit different. Install web server (Apache), PHP and Database separately ( LAMP - Linux-Apache-MySql-PHP) or use third part tools (eg: WAMP ) that can get all the three package in one file.Once installed that file, it will configure all the settings and will be ready to run the PHP files. Below are some of the third party packages, which will install Web Server (Apache), PHP, MySql.


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  • PHP Installation : PHP Parser, Web Server and a Database are required to build PHP based applications.
  • XAMPP is most user server.