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OICL AO Exam Syllabus

OICL AO - Exam Syllabus

Exam Syllabus, a preparation guide, is a crucial element that always helps the candidates to devise effective preparation strategies, by, focusing on their strengths and weaknesses in different topics. Below mentioned data gives an overview of the OICL AO Exam Syllabus 2017 Recruitment.

shape Phases

OICL AO Preliminary exam is an online exam, which consists of 3 sections as described below and has a total of 100 marks.
SL Name of Test Type of test Maximum Marks Medium of Exam Duration
1 English language Objective 30 English Composite time of 1 hour
2 Reasoning ability Objective 35 English/Hindi
3 Quantitative Aptitude Objective 35 English/Hindi
Total 100 100

✶ Reasoning Ability Syllabus (35 marks)
    ✦ Linear seating arrangement: (4-6 questions) ✦ Circular seating arrangement: (3-6 questions) ✦ Questions on syllogism: (5-7 questions) ✦ Questions on Coding & Decoding: (4-7 questions) ✦ Questions on puzzles: (4-6 questions) ✦ Inequalities, Statements & Arguments, Statements & Assumptions, ranking series, blood relations: (3-5 questions)

✶ Quantitative Aptitude Syllabus (35 marks)
    ✦ Simplification: (1-5 questions) ✦ Profit & Loss: (1-3 questions) ✦ Mixtures & Allegations: (0-1 questions) ✦ Simple Interest & Compound Interest: (1-2 questions) ✦ Surds & Indices: (2-3 questions) ✦ Work & Time: (1-2 questions) ✦ Time & Distance: (1-3 questions) ✦ Mensuration – Cylinder, Cone, Sphere: (1-3 questions) ✦ Data Interpretation: (5-10 questions) ✦ Ratio & Proportion: (1-2 questions) ✦ Percentage: (1-2 questions) ✦ Number Systems: (0-1 questions) ✦ Sequence & Series: (1-5 questions) ✦ Permutation & Combination: (0-1 questions) ✦ Probability: (0-1 questions)

✶ English Language Syllabus (30 marks)
    ✦ Reading comprehension: (8-10 questions) ✦ Error Spotting: (4-5 questions) ✦ Sentence Completion: (5-6 questions) ✦ Para Jumbles: (4-5 questions) ✦ Cloze test, Synonyms, Antonyms: (4-5 questions) ✦ Phrase Replacement: (5 - 10) questions)

Phase I Information Handout (English)
Phase I Information Handout (Hindi)
  • Main Examination will consist of Objective Tests for 200 marks and Descriptive Test for 30 marks.
  • Both the Objective and Descriptive Tests will be online.
  • Candidates will have to answer Descriptive Test by typing on the computer.
  • Immediately after completion of Objective Test, Descriptive Test will be administered.

  • (i) Objective Test: The Objective Test of 2 hours duration consists of 4 sections (Generalists) and 5 sections (Specialists) for total 200 marks.
    For Generalists -
    Sr.No. Name of Tests (NOT BY SEQUENCE) No. of Questions Maximum Marks Medium of Exam Time Allotted for Each Test (Separately Timed)
    1 Reasoning Ability Objective 50 English/Hindi 120 Minutes
    2 English Language Objective 50 English
    3 General Awareness Objective 50 English/Hindi
    4 Quantitative Aptitude Objective 50 English/Hindi
    Total 100 100 English/Hindi

    For Specialists -
    Sr.No. Name of Tests (NOT BY SEQUENCE) No. of Questions Maximum Marks Medium of Exam Time Allotted for Each Test (Separately Timed)
    1 Reasoning Ability Objective 40 English/Hindi 120 Minutes
    2 English Language Objective 40 English
    3 General Awareness Objective 40 English/Hindi
    4 Quantitative Aptitude Objective 40 English/Hindi
    5 Professional Knowledge Objective 40 English/Hindi
    Total 100 100

    ✶ Reasoning Ability
      ✦ Puzzles ✦ Seating Arrangements ✦ Direction Sense ✦ Blood Relation ✦ Syllogism ✦ Order and Ranking ✦ Coding-Decoding ✦ Machine Input-Output ✦ Inequalities ✦ Alpha-Numeric-Symbol Series ✦ Data Sufficiency ✦ Logical Reasoning (Passage Inference, Statement and Assumption, Conclusion, Argument)

    ✶ English Language
      ✦ Reading Comprehension ✦ Cloze Test ✦ Fillers ✦ Sentence Errors ✦ Vocabulary based questions ✦ Sentence Improvement ✦ Jumbled Paragraph ✦ Paragraph Based Questions (Paragraph Fillers, Paragraph Conclusion, Paragraph /Sentences Restatement)

    ✶ General/Economy/Banking Awareness
      ✦ Inventions and Discoveries ✦ Rivers, Lakes, and Seas ✦ General Science ✦ Famous Days and Dates ✦ Indian Politics ✦ Tourism ✦ Artists ✦ Sports ✦ Indian Parliament ✦ Indian History ✦ Countries and Capitals ✦ Indian Economy ✦ Current Affairs ✦ Famous Books and Authors ✦ Culture ✦ Famous Places in India

    ✶ Quantitative Aptitude Syllabus
      ✦ Quadratic Equations ✦ Mixtures and Allegations ✦ Problems on Numbers ✦ Indices and Surds ✦ Simplification and Approximation ✦ Percentages ✦ Areas ✦ Mensuration ✦ Races and Games ✦ Boats and Streams ✦ Problems on L.C.M and H.C.F. ✦ Compound Interest ✦ Permutations and Combinations ✦ Problems on Trains ✦ Simple Equations ✦ Ratio and Proportion ✦ Time and Distance ✦ Numbers and Ages ✦ Time and Work Partnership ✦ Volumes Profit and Loss ✦ Simple Interest ✦ Pipes and Cisterns ✦ Probability ✦ Odd Man Out ✦ Averages

    ✶ Professional Knowledge Syllabus
      ✦ HR ✦ Marketing ✦ IT ✦ Actuaries ✦ Accounts ✦ Legal

    (ii) Descriptive Test: The Descriptive Test for 30 Marks and 30 Minutes duration will be a Test of English Language. The Descriptive test question paper will have only two sections namely:
    • Letter writing (10 Marks) - Formal and Informal Letters.
    • Essay writing (20 Marks) - Currently trending topics in the world.
    The Descriptive section has a choice option each for letter writing and essay writing. The candidate has the liberty to choose any one topic each for letter writing and essay writing. In 2016 Mains, 3 choices were provided each for letter writing and essay writing. The word limit for Essay writing is – 250 words & for Letter writing is 150 words.
    Some of the Previous Year Questions:
    Letter Writing (10 Marks):
    • Write a letter to the manager of a firm to increase credit amount of loan taken.
    • Write a letter to the bank manager apologizing for the delay in EMI payment.
    • Write a letter to the bank manager for extension of joining date.
    • As a manager, write a letter to your colleagues to conduct a meeting on PR strategy.
    • Write a letter to your brother indicating him on why you want to choose a career in banking.
    • Write a letter to the parents, telling them about the challenges you are facing after shifting to a new city for job
    • Write a letter to your younger sibling explaining the importance of saving money

    Essay Writing (20 Marks):
    • Effect of Salary Increase of Government Employees on Economy.
    • Importance of knowing history of nation for a citizen.
    • Effect of the New Game Pokemon GO.
    • Does providing an educational loan help in empowering employment to youth?
    • Impact of unearthing of black money on Indian Economy.
    • What is the relevance of Aadhar card?
    • Importance of education in regional/vernacular languages
    • Rise and Fall of Currency
    • Importance of a mentor in achieving career goals.
    • Pros & Cons of winning a lottery
    • Pros & Cons of Inflation
    • Do brokers deserve the cut that they make on deals?
    • Security of the women in workspace, an increasing cause of concern
    • Has Information Technology Changed the Workplace Culture?
    • Inflation and Stabilization in Economy.
    • Role of Uneducated Population in Indian Economy.
    • Using Animals for Scientific Research.
    • Rural Life vs. Urbanization.
    • Corporate Social Responsibility.
    • Role of NABARD in Indian Agro-Economy.
    • Banning of Voting Symbols by the Election Commission.

    Phase II (Generalist) Information Handout (English)
    Phase II (Generalist) Information Handout (Hindi)
    Phase II (Specialists) Information Handout (English)
    Phase II (Specialists) Information Handout (Hindi)
    ✶ Candidates who will be shortlisted at the end of Phase-II will be called for an Interview. ✶ The candidates will be called in the ratio of up to three times the number of vacancies of respective stream/category. ✶ The weightage of online Examination and Interview will be 80:20 respectively.
    An interview is the final phase of OICL AO selection process. Interviews generally last for about 20-30 minutes. Be calm and composed during the interview. The following are the commonly asked questions in the Interviews for OICL AO Selection process:
    Generic Questions: Name, Place of Residence, What is your hometown famous for, Hobbies, Where did you finish your schooling, Why did you choose this career option? etc..
    Academic Background: Academic Qualifications, Questions related to your graduation discipline/degree, Projects that you worked upon during your undergraduate/graduate studies, Questions about any internships/previous employment, etc..
    Banking Sector: Basic questions about banking, Your knowledge of the roles and responsibilities of the position you have applied for, your views about the current changes/trends in banking sector, etc..
    Current Affairs: Your views about the currently trending topics in the world/India. Your suggestions about how could things be different, Your knowledge/understanding of the impact of major changes(demonetization) on Indian economy, etc..

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