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Maven Tutorial

Maven Tutorial

shape Introduction

MAVEN is a powerful software management tool used by developers to manage project reporting and documentation. Maven tutorial has been prepared for the developers to understand the basic functionality of Maven tool. In Maven tutorial, every concept of Maven is explained clearly with conceptual figures and users will understand how to use Maven in project development using Java or any other programming language.

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Maven is called as Build Automation Tool or Software Project Management Tool and can work on multi-modules and can take up tough-structured concepts.

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Maven has become so important that every developer these days is learning and using it in projects more than any other automation tools in the IT industry. The most important concept in Maven is POM(Project Object Model), which will be explained in the coming chapters.


shape Description

Apache Maven Tutorial gives a clear idea about how to automate projects in an easy manner. To understand this, one should have an idea about:
  • JAVA programming
  • Eclipse IDE, as this tutorial is demonstrated using Eclipse.


shape Key Points

  • Apache Maven is released by the Apache Software Foundation.
  • ANT automates the important tasks in Java based Software projects.