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Indian Railways Acronyms

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Indian Railways Acronyms

Indian Railways Acronyms (Former and Current)

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An Acronym or Abbreviation is a word or name whose letters are the first letters of a of a phrase or a word, usually individual letters and sometimes syllables. Those abbreviations that are pronounced as words are usually known as Acronyms. Example: NASA can be pronounced as a word and hence it can termed as an Acronym. NASA stands for The National Aeronautics and Space Administration. Example: WSJ which stands for Wall Street Journal cannot be pronounced as a word and is usually pronounced as 'W' 'S' 'J'. Hence WSJ is commonly referred to as an Abbreviation. People often create an acronym/abbreviation that means the same thing as a much longer phrase (set of words). Acronym/Abbreviation is a faster and shorter form of a long word or long phrase. Acronyms/Abbreviations are predominantly used in every field across the world. Example: IT is the Abbreviation of Information Technology.
Abbreviations (the shortened form of a word or phrase) and acronyms (words formed from the initial letters of a phrase) are commonly used in technical writing. Indian Railways Acronyms lists the set of acronyms commonly used in the Indian Railways system operated by the India's Ministry of Railways. This article enhances the readers knowledge about the different terms used in the Indian Railway system.

shape Railways

Operated by the Ministry of Railways, Indian Railways (IR) is one of the nation's strongest domain. This article improves the reading process, by fostering enhanced readability and efficient comprehension  of IR.
List Of Acronyms/Abbreviations of Divisions And Departments of Indian Railways (Former and Current).
Acronyms/Abbreviations Full Form of Acronyms and Abbreviations
ADCR Agra-Delhi Chord Railway
BAR Bengal Assam Railway (in 1947, renamed East Bengal Rly., and in 1961, renamed Pakistan Eastern Rly.)
BB&CI / BB&CIR (BBCIR) Bombay, Baroda, and Central India Railway
BCR Bengal Central Railway
BDR Bengal Dooars Railway, also Bankura Damodar Railway
BESR Bilaspur - Etawah State Railway
BLR Barsi Light Railway
BMR Burma Mines Railway
BNR Bengal Nagpur Railway
BNWR Bengal North-Western Railway
BPR Bengal Provincial Railway
BR Burma Railway
BRC Burma Railways Corporation
CBR Cooch Behar Railway
CGR Ceylon Government Railway
CR Central Railway
CSER Calcutta and South-Eastern Railway
DHR Darjeeling Himalayan Railway
DMSR Dhond-Manmad State Railway (Dhond = Daund)
DRLR Dehri Rohtas Light Railway
DSR Drangdhara State Railway
EBR East Bengal State Railway
ECR East Coast Railway
EIR East Indian Railway
EPR Eastern Punjab Railway
ER Eastern Railway
GBSR Gaekwar's Baroda State Railway
GIPR Great Indian Peninsular Railway
GLR Gwalior Light Railway (later Scindia State Railway)
GSR Gondal State Railway
GSIR Great Southern of India Railway
IGR Indian Government Railways
IMR Indian Midland Railway
IR Indian Railways
ISR Indian State Railway
IVSR Indus Valley State Railway
JDR Jamnagar and Dwarka Railway
JR Jodhpur Railway
JSR Jaipur State Railway
KHR Khanai-Hindubagh Railway
KKTR Kushalgarh-Kohat-Thal Railway
KR Konkan Railway
KSR Kalka Simla Railway
KVR Kangra Valley Railway
LJR Larkana-Jacobabad Railway
MLR Matheran Light Railway
MR Madras Railway
MSMR Madras and Southern Mahratta Railway
MSR Mysore State Railway
NER North-eastern Railway
NEFR, NFR North-East Frontier Railway
NMR Nilgiri Mountain Railway
NR Northern Railway
NGSR Nizam's Guaranteed State Railway
NSR Nizam's State Railway
NWR North Western Railway (in 1961, renamed Pakistan Western Rly.)
O&RR, ORR Oudh and Rohilkhund Railway
OTR Oudh and Tirhut Railway
PDB Piplod Devgad Baria Railway
PLR Parlakimedi Light Railway
PNSR Punjab Northern State Railway
PR Pakistan Railways
PSMT Patiala State Monorail Trainways
RDR Raipur Dhamtari Railway
RKR Rohilkhund Kumaon Railway
RMR Rajputana Malwa Railway
SCR South-central Railway
SER South-eastern Railway
SLR Sri Lanka Railways
SIR South Indian Railway
SMR Southern Mahratta Railway
SPDR Scinde, Punjab, and Delhi Railway
SR Southern Railway
SSLR Shahdara Saharanpur Light Railway
SSR Scindia State Railway, also Sangli State Railway
TBLR Tezpore-Balipara Light Railway
WCSR Wardha Coal State Railway
WIPR West of India Portuguese Railway
WR Western Railway

shape Technical

List of Technical acronyms and abbreviations which is relevant in Indian Railways, India’s National Railway system.
Acronyms/Abbreviations Full Form of Acronyms and Abbreviations
ABS Automatic Block Signalling
ACD Anti-Collision Device
ADAM ARTS Data Manager (system for managing EPROMs and station configuration cartridges for ARTS)
AE Automatic Emergency or Auto-Emergency (type of brake system)
AFTC Audio Frequency Track Circuiting
ATC Automated Train Control
ATP Automatic Train Protection
ATS Automatic Train Stop
AVB Automatic Vacuum Brake
ATS Automatic Train Stop
BPC Brake Power Certificate (issued before train departure)
BS Braking in Series configuration
BSL Block Section Limit
BSP Braking in Series-Parallel configuration
CDO Coaching Depot
CLS Colour-light signalling
COCR Confirmatory Oscillograph Car Run
COFC Container on flat car
CTC Centralised Traffic Control
CTR Complete Track Renewal
CWR Continuous Welded Rail (0.5km and longer sections of welded rail)
DAC Digital Axle Counter
DBFO Design-Build-Finance-Operate (a scheme for private parties to build and run railway lines with IR's help)
DJ From the French disjoncteur, the main circuit breaker of an electric loco (usually pneumatically operated, roof-mounted)
DLBI Double Line Block Instrument
DEMU Diesel-Electric Multiple Unit
DETC Diesel-Electric Tower Car
DHMU Diesel Hydraulic Multiple Unit (hydraulic transmission DMU)
DMH Dead Man's Handle (on EMUs)
DMU Diesel Multiple Unit
DPC Driving Power Car
DS Disconnecting Switch (to switch off OHE power to loco circuits, usually manual)
DSC Dual-Stacked Container service (or Double-Stacked Container)
DTC Driving Trailer Car (unpowered driving car in EMU rake)
DW Double wire (of semaphore signals)
EA Extra (time) Allowed (make-up time noted in working time-tables)
ELCM Electronic Load Control Module (governor for DEMUs and other diesels)
EMU Electric Multiple Unit
EOG End-On Generator Car
ETCS European Train Control System
EY Empty (notation for empty rake in real-time train information systems)
FEDL Fully Electrified Double Line
FM Fouling Mark
FMVFT Frequency-modulated Voice-frequency Telegraph (used for control communications by signals / electric traction / traffic control staff)
FOR Forward motion (position of master controller in loco)
FP Fouling Point; also Feed Pipe (at couplings of vehicles)
GTO Gate Turn-Off thyristor
HEP Head-end Power (power from the loco for the coaches)
HFTC High-Frequency Track Circuit
HOBC High-Output Ballast Cleaner
HOG Head-On Generator
HHPDMU High-Horsepower Diesel Electric Multiple Unit
HPDMU High-powered Diesel Multiple Unit
HSCB High-speed Circuit Breaker
HT High Tension
HTCBC High Tensile-strength Centre-Buffer Coupler
HTS High Tensile-strength Steel
IGBT Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistor
JRI Junction Route Indicator
LOB Lube Oil Balance
LTPDS Live Train Position Display System
LVC Last Vehicle Check (automated detection of rake integrity)
LWR Long Welded Rail (5-15 rails welded together in a section)
MACL, MACLS Multiple-Aspect Colour-Light signalling
MCB Master Circuit Breaker (in locos)
MCI Malleable Cast Iron
MEMU Main-line Electric Multiple Unit
MLRI Multi-Lamp Route Indicator
MNI Modified Non-Interlocked (in working timetables)
MOG Mid-On Generator Car
MOT Motoring (position of master controller in loco)
NBT Neale's Ball Token
NI Non-Interlocked (in working timetables)
NTES National Train Enquiry System
NX eNtrance-eXit (interlocking panels)
OCV Other Coaching Vehicle - non-passenger coaches, e.g., pantry cars.
OFC Optical Fibre Cable
OHE Overhead Equipment (or foreman for same)
OMS Oscillation Monitoring System
PCS Pneumatic Control System (loco shut-off/idling control which takes effect on application of emergency brakes)
PCV Passenger Carrying Vehicle (regular passenger coaches, as distinct from OCV - restaurant cars, mail cars, etc.)
PI Panel Interlocking
POET Passenger Operated Enquiry Terminal
RCC Remote Control Centre (for electric traction) Also, Reinforced Cement Concrete (Also see below in Miscellaneous)
REV Reverse motion (position of master controller in loco), Reverser
ROSHAN Rolling Stock Health Analyst (accelerometers and other equipment that monitor coach movement and report deviations from normal behaviour).
RPC Resistance Power Control (or Compartment) (in EMU power cars)
SCADA Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (monitoring and control system for remote control of electric traction systems)
SE Superelevation (of curved track)
S/L Shunting Limit
SLBI Single Line Block Instrument
SOD Schedule of Dimensions
SPAD Signal Passed At Danger
SPTM Self-Printing Ticket Machine
SSDAC Solid State Digital Axle Counter
SSI Solid State Interlocking
STR Schedule of Technical Requirements
STRI Stencil type Route Indicator
SW Single wire (of semaphore signals)
SWR Short Welded Rail (2-4 rails welded together in a section)
Also: Station Working Rules
TAB Train Air Brake
TALQ Two-Aspect Lower Quadrant
TAWD Train Actuated Warning Device
TBTR Through Bridge Timber Renewal
TFR Through Fitting Renewal
TLC Traction Locomotive Controller
TM Traction Motor
TMS Train Management System (train monitoring used in Bombay suburban sections)
TOFC Trailer on flat car
T/out Turnout
TPC Traction Power Controller
TRC Track Recording Car
TRO Traction Rolling-stock Operations
TRR Through Rail Renewal
TRT Traffic Recovery Time (a kind of make-up time allotment in working timetable)
TSS Traction Sub-Station
TSR Through Sleeper Renewal
TTR Through Turnout Renewal
TWR Through Weld Renewal
UPF Unity Power Factor
USFD Ultrasonic Flaw Detection
VCC Vacuum Continuity Certificate (issued before train departure)
VCB Vacuum Circuit Breaker
VRP Voltage Regulating Panel
WF Weak Field
WILD Wheel Impact Load Detector
WSR Wheel Slip Relay

shape Common

List of Indian Railways commonly and most frequently used Acronyms & Abbreviations.
Acronyms/Abbreviations Full Form of Acronyms and Abbreviations
AC Air-Conditioned
ACC Air-Conditioned coach or class
ACCC Air-Conditioned Chair Car
ACP Alarm Chain Pulling (!)
ADE, ADEN Assistant Divisional Engineer
ADEE Assistant Divisional Electrical Engineer
ADME Assistant Divisional Mechanical Engineer
AE, AEN Assistant Engineer (see also Technical terms above)
AEC Accident Enquiry Committee
ALK Allowance in Lieu of Kilometrage (in calculating payments for drivers)
ARMV Accident Relief Medical Van
ART Accident Relief Train
ARTS Advanced Railway Ticketing System
ASM Assistant Station Master
AW Auxiliary Watering (in working timetables)
AWS Auxiliary Warning System
BESA British Engineering Standards Association
BG Broad Gauge
BIO-TOIL 'Biological Toilet' - eco-friendly toilet with bacterial decomposition facility developed by ICF for use on railway coaches.
B/L Branch Line
BOLT Build-Own-Lease-Transfer: private ownership/operation scheme for various freight & passenger services and infrastructure.
BPS Blue Parcel Service
CA&FO Chief Accounting and Finance Officer
CARS Central Accounting and Reporting System (consolidated reports of ARTS ticketing during the day)
CBO City Booking Office
CC Chair Car
CCS Chief Commercial Superintendent
CCTV Closed-Circuit TV
CEE Chief Electrical Engineer
CFTS Chief Freight Traffic Superintendent
CFS Container Freight Station
CHA Custom House Agent
CME Chief Mechanical Engineer
COIS Coaching Operations Information System
Conc. Concessional fare (annotation on ticket)
CARTRAC (not really an acronym) CONCOR's automobile transport service
CONCERT COuntrywide Network of Computerised Enhanced Reservation and Ticketing
CONTRACK (not really an acronym) CONCOR's container freight service
COW Career On Wheels: informal classrooms for teaching English, etc., on board trains
CRS Chief Reservations Supervisor, Computerised Reservation System Commissioner of Rail Safety
CT Control Tower
CTI Central Training Institute
CTR Combined Train Report
CTU Centralized Training Unit
CVM Coupon Validating Machine (for ticketing with prepaid coupons)
C&W Carriage & Wagon (staff for plumbing, electricals, amenities)
CW Carriage Watering facilities (in working timetables)
DAL Delhi Avoiding Line, a route for goods trains to avoid the central New Delhi area.
DCT Domestic Container Terminal (as opposed to the ones equipped for international freight)
DEE Divisional Electrical Engineer (Sr. DEE = Senior Divisional Electrical Engineer)
DF Development Fund
DFC Dedicated Freight Corridor
DF Defence quota
DME Divisional Mechanical Engineer
DP Duty Pass
DRF Depreciation Reserve Fund
DRM Divisional Railway Manager
DRUCC Divisional (or District) Rail Users Consultative Committee
DSC Dual-stacked (or double-stacked) containers
E/A Extra time Allowed (slack in train's schedule for a section)
EC or ECC Executive Chair Car
ECR Empty Coaching Rake
EFC Eastern Freight Corridor
EQ Emergency Quota
ESCAP Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific
ESM Electronic Signal Maintainer
ETA Estimated Time of Arrival
EY Empty rake (on train monitoring systems)
F Forward journey (in train number annotations)
FC First Class, also Financial Commissioner, also Freight Corridor
FEDL Fully Electrified Double Line
FOB Foot Overbridge (a pedestrian overpass); Fuel Oil Balance
FOIS Freight Operation Information System
FRED Flashing Rear End Device (a warning lamp at the rear of a train)
FT Foreign Tourist (annotation on reservation charts)
G Goods
GAL Goods Avoiding Line
GIT Goods Intermodal Transshipment (e.g.,"GIT yard")
GM General Manager
GR General Rules (railway regulations and operating procedures)
GRP Government Railway Police
GSA General Sales Agent (for bookings and Indrail passes sold abroad)
GTKM Gross Tonne KM
HDR High-Density Route
HDN High-Density Network ('Golden quadrilateral' and others)
HO Head Office (a type of quota for tickets)
HP Handicapped Persons quota
HSRL High Speed Rail Line (or Link)
IBP Intermediate Block Post
IC Inspection Carriage (Saloon)
ICD Inland Container Depot
ICTT International Container Transshipment Terminal
I-ASK Inter-Active Status Kiosk (to check reservation / train status)
IMPRESS Integrated Multi-train Passenger REServation System
IOH Intermediate Overhaul
IOW Inspector of Works
IRMP Integrated Railway Modernization Plan
IRP Indrail Pass
IRS Indian Railway Standard (pre-Independence railway standards body)
IRVS Interactive Voice Response System
JOH Junction of Head - point where the tongue rail approaches the main rail in a switch
JUSBRL Jammu Udhampur Srinagar Baramulla Rail Link (Kashmir Valley railway project)
LB Lower Berth (annotation on ticket for sleeping accommodation)
LC Level Crossing
LHF Long Hood Forward
LHL Long Hood Leading
LI Loco Inspector
L/L Local Line
LQ Ladies Quota
LRT Light Rail Transit
LV Last Vehicle
MB Middle Berth (annotation on ticket for sleeping accommodation)
MCO Military Control Office (coordinates ticketing and accommodation for military personnel at some railway stations)
M/E Mail/Express (on tickets)
MG Meter Gauge, also Motor Generator
MGC Mekong Ganga Cooperation group, an association of India and south-east Asian countries, which among other things aim to build a rail link from India to Vietnam.
M/L Main Line
MOW Maintenance of Way
MRT Medical Relief Train (self-propelled medical van for accidents)
MRTC Mobile Radio Train Communication
MSL Mean Sea Level
MTP Metropolitan Transport Project (body studying Calcutta's transit problems in the 1960's)
NETRA Network of Electrification -- Testing and Recording Apparatus
NG Narrow Gauge
NLT Not Losing Time
NMG New Maruti Goods / New Modified Goods (wagons)
NOSTRAC North-South Transport Corridor (proposed Central Asia - Iran - India link)
NP Non-pooled (referring to freight stock)
NR 'Not Received' (referring to freight consignments delayed or missing in transit
NRC Non-railway Customer (any customer other than the zonal railways, for the products of CLW, DLW, etc.)
NTES National Train Enquiry System (phone-based train/reservation status)
NTKM Net Tonne-Kilometer
NV Non-Vegetarian (meal or restaurant)
NVOCC Non-Vehicle Owning/Operating Common Carrier
OA Out-Agency
OCV Other Coaching Vehicle
OIGS On India Government Service (for mail, etc.)
Ordy. Ordinary = Stopping passenger (on tickets)
OSD Officer on Special Duty
OYWS Own Your Wagon Scheme
PAR Parcel Service (in indicating kinds of bookings available at ticket agency)
PCV Passenger Coaching Vehicle
PF Platform (sometimes P/F)
PH Parliamentary Quota
PNR Passenger Name Record (Passenger Numeric Record?) (identifying number for ticket)
POH Periodic Overhaul
POL Petroleum, Oil, and Lubricants (designation for oil cargo)
PQ Pooled Quota
PQWL Pooled Quota Waiting List
PRS Passenger Reservation System
PS Passenger Service (in indicating kinds of bookings available at ticket agency)
PSCT Port-side Container Terminal
PU Production Unit
PWI Permanent Way Inspector
R Return journey (in train number annotations)
RA Running Allowance (in calculating drivers' pay)
RAC Reservation Against Cancellation
RCC Railway Convention Committee (also see above)
R Fee, Res Fee Reservation fee (annotation on ticket)
RJQ Return Journey Quota
RLWL Running Line Waiting List
RMS Railway Mail Service
ROB Road Over-bridge (i.e., road goes over train tracks)
ROH Routine Overhaul
RO-RO (RORO) Roll-on, roll-off service (auto transport)
ROW Right of Way
RPF Railway Pension Fund (also see above, organizations)
RR Railway Receipt, Refreshment Room
RRF Railway Reserve Fund
RTR Ready-to-Run (modelling kits)
RTSA Rail Travellers' Service Agents
RUB Road Under-bridge (i.e., road goes under train tracks)
SATIS Station Area Traffic Improvement Scheme
S Ch, SF Ch Superfast Charges (annotation on ticket)
SCRA Special Class Railway Apprentice
SEB State Electricity Board (any of the state bodies supplying electricity to IR)
Sh. CC Shatabdi Chair Car
SHF Short Hood Forward
SHL Short Hood Leading
SIL Safety Integrity Level - statistical measure of reliability of a safety system such as an interlocking system
SLB Side Lower Berth (annotation on ticket for sleeping accommodation)
SM Station Master
SPART Self-Propelled Accident Relief Train - 3-coach accident relief rakes with two diesel power packs
SPURT Self-Propelled Ultrasonic Rail Testing cars
SR Subsidiary Rules (for railway operation, see GR)
SRUCC Suburban Rail Users Consultative Committee (for Mumbai suburban services)
SS Station Superintendent; Substation (electrification)
SSD Spring Setting Device - spring-loaded mechanism on some switches to ensure proper alignment of tongue and stock rails
SSE Senior Section Engineer
S&T Signalling & Telecommunications
STA Suburban Traffic Avoiding line : the fifth line between Borivali and Bandra Marshalling Yard, and between Mahim Junction and Mumbai Central in the Mumbai system.
SUB Side Upper Berth (annotation on ticket for sleeping accommodation)
TAAG Trains At A Glance (a timetable publication)
TAR Trans-Asian Railway (another proposed grand pan-Asian route)
TBO Town Booking Office
TC Trailer Car (unpowered car in EMU rake), Ticket Checker / Ticket Collector
TCF Train Coming From (condition of block instrument)
TDR Ticket Deposit Receipt (when surrendering ticket for cancellation / refund)
TEU Twenty-foot Equivalent Unit (for measuring container traffic; a standard 40-foot container is 2 TEUs)
TGT Train Going To (condition of block instrument)
TMS Train Management System
TRS Traction Rolling Stock
TS Train Superintendent
TT Timetable
TTE Travelling Ticket Examiner
TQ Tatkal Quota
TXR Train Examiner, the officer who issues the BPC and VCC (Train Inspector)
UB Upper Berth (annotation on ticket for sleeping accommodation)
UEC Universal Emergency Communication (a system of on-board communication in some trains)
V Vegetarian (meal or restaurant)
V Ch, Vou Ch Voucher charges (annotation on ticket)
VG Vegetarian (meal or restaurant), also Vehicle Guidance (the record of identifying numbers for coaches/wagons that make up a train)
VLRR Vegetarian Light Refreshment Room
VT Victoria Terminus (now Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus)
WFC Western Freight Corridor
WL, W/L Waiting List; Wait-Listed (ticket issued without confirmed accommodations)
WM Works Manager
W/T Without Ticket
ZDOT Zero Death On Tracks (campaign to reduce fatalities from pedestrian trespassers)
ZISTU Zonal Integrated S&T Units
ZTC Zonal Training Centre
2T Two-tier (as in "AC-2T" = airconditioned two-tier coach)
3T Three-tier