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Education Abbreviations

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Education Abbreviations lists the set of acronyms and abbreviations that are frequently used in the field of education. The abbreviations include names of organizations, degrees, accreditation's, among several other terms. Education Abbreviations is an important topic for General Knowledge section of various competitive exams. The objective type questions on Education Abbreviations are useful for the candidates to crack any of the competitive exams covering different essential national and worldwide subjects.

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S.No. Abbreviations Expansions
1 A level Advanced level examinations
2 ABE Adult Basic Education
3 ACE Advisory Centre for Education
4 ACL Adult Community Learning
5 ACPC Area Child Protection Committee
6 AI Assigned Inspector
7 AICTE All India Council for Technical Education
8 ALI Adult Learning Inspectorate
9 ALIS A Level Indicator System
10 ALISE Association for Library and Information Science Education
11 AoC Association of Colleges
12 ALPS Advanced Level Performance System
13 APA American Psychological Association
14 APT&C Administrative, Professional, Technical and Clerical
15 AQA Assessment and Qualifications Alliance
16 ASB Aggregated Schools Budget
17 ASPECT Association of Professionals in Education and Children’s Trusts
18 AST Advanced Skills Teacher
19 AT Attainment Target (in National Curriculum)
20 ATL Association of Teachers and Lecturers
21 AWPU(N) Age Weighted Pupil Unit (Number)
S.No. Abbreviations Expansions
1 BA Bachelor of Arts
2 BAC Behaviour and Attendance Collaborative
3 B.A.E Bachelor of Arts in Education
4 B.Ag Bachelor of Agriculture
5 BAG British Amateur Gymnastics Association
6 B.A.M Bachelor of Arts in Management
7 B.Arch Bachelor Architecture
8 B.B.A Bachelor of Business Administration
9 B.C.E Bachelor of Civil Engineering
10 B.Ch.E Bachelor of Chemical Engineering
11 BCI Bar Council of India
12 B.C.L Bachelor of Canon Law
13 B.D Bachelor of Divinity
14 BDA British Deaf Association
15 BDA British Dietetic Association
16 BDA British Dyslexia Association
17 B.E Bachelor of Education or Bachelor of Engineering
18 BECTA British Educational Communications and Technology Agency
19 BEd Bachelor of Education
20 B.E.E Bachelor of Electrical Engineering
21 BEI British Education Index
22 B.F Bachelor of Forestry
23 B.F.A Bachelor of Fine Arts
24 BITC Business in the Community
25 B.J Bachelor of Journalism
26 BLN Bradford Learning Network
27 B.Lit Bachelor of Literature
28 B.Litt Bachelor of Letters
29 B.L.S Bachelor of Liberal Studies or Bachelor of Library Science
30 B.M Bachelor of Medicine or Bachelor of Music
31 BME Black and Minority Ethnic
32 BMS Bachelor of Management Studies
33 B.M.S Bachelor of Marine Science
34 B.N Bachelor of Nursing
35 B.Pharm Bachelor of Pharmacy
36 B.R.E Bachelor of Religious Education
37 B.S Bachelor of Science
38 BSA Basic Skills Agency
39 BSc Bachelor of Science
40 B.S.Ed Bachelor of Science in Education
41 BSP Behaviour Support Plan
42 BSS Behaviour Support Service
43 BTEC Business and Technology Education Council
42 B.Tech Bachelor of Technology
S.No. Abbreviations Expansions
1 C&G City and Guilds
2 CAB Citizens Advice Bureau
3 CAD Computer Aided Design
4 CAF Common Application Form
5 CAF Common Assessment Framework
6 CAFM Computer Aided Facilities Management
7 CAL Computer Assisted Learning
8 CAM Computer Aided Manufacture
9 CAMHS Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service
10 CAP Common Application Process
11 CAP Child Action Project
12 CASE Campaign for the Advancement of State Education
13 CAT Cognitive Ability Test
14 CAT Curriculum Attainment Target
15 CATS Credit Accumulation and Transfer System
16 CBSE Central Board of Secondary Education
17 CCT Compulsory Competitive Tendering
18 CDC Curriculum Development Committee
19 CDT Craft, Design and Technology
20 CE (Bradford) Confederations Executive
21 C.E Civil Engineer
22 CEG Careers Education Guidance
23 CEM Centre for Education Management
24 CEP Continuing Education Programme
25 CFE Countryside Foundation for Education
26 CFET Certificate in Further Education and Training
27 Ch.E Chemical Engineer
28 CIET Central Institute of Educational Technology
29 CIF Common Inspection Framework
30 CLAIT Computer Literacy and Information Technology
31 CLISc Certificate Course in Library and Information Science
32 CLS Certificate in Library Science
33 CMIS Central Management Information System (provided by Serco)
34 CNAA Council for National Academic Awards
35 CoC Changing Our Council (BMDC)
36 CoVE Centre of Vocational Excellence
37 CP Child protection
38 CPA Comprehensive Performance Assessment
39 CPD Continuing Professional Development
40 CPS Classroom Teachers Pay Spine
41 CPVE Certificate of Pre-vocational Education
42 CRB Criminal Records Bureau
43 CSIR Council of Scientific and Industrial Research
44 CST Curriculum Support Team
45 CTC City Technology College
46 CTF Common Transfer File
47 CV Curriculum Vitae
S.No. Abbreviations Expansions
1 D&T Design and Technology
2 D.A Doctor of Arts
3 D.A.S Doctor of Applied Science
4 D.B.A Doctor of Business Administration
5 DCPO Designated Child Protection Officer
6 D.C Doctor of Chiropractic
7 DDA Disability Discrimination Act
8 D.D Doctor of Divinity
9 D.D.S Doctor of Dental Surgery or Doctor of Dental Science
10 DEAF Depositors Education Awareness Fund
11 DEC Distance Education Council
12 D.Ed Doctor of Education
13 DESIDOC Defense Scientific Information and Documentation Center
14 DfE Department for Education
15 DI The Dyslexia Institute
16 D.J Doctor of Laws
17 D.J.S Doctor of Juristic Science
18 D.L.H Doctor of Humane Letters
19 DLIS Department of Library and Information Science
20 D.LL Doctor of Laws
21 DLO Desirable Learning Outcomes
22 D.L.S Doctor of Library Science
23 DLSc Diploma in Library Science
24 D.M.D Doctor of Dental Medicine
25 D.M.S Doctor of Medical Science
26 D.O Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine
27 DOB Date of Birth
28 D.P.A Doctor of Public Administration
29 D.P.H Doctor of Public Health
30 DRC Disability Rights Commission
31 D.R.E Doctor of Religious Education
32 DRTC Documentation Research and Training Center
33 D.Sc Doctor of Science
34 D.S.W Doctor of Social Welfare or Doctor of Social Work
35 DTP Desktop Publishing
36 D.V.M Doctor of Veterinary Medicine
37 DWP Department of Work and Pensions
S.No. Abbreviations Expansions
1 EAB Examinations Appeals Board
2 EAL English as an Additional Language
3 EAZ Education Achievement Zone
4 EAZ Education Action Zone
5 EBD Emotional and Behavioural Difficulty
6 EBP Education Business Partnership
7 EC Excellence Cluster
8 eCAF Electronic Common Assessment Framework
9 Ed.D Doctor of Education
10 EDU Education Development Unit
11 EDRS Education Document Retrieval Service
12 Ed.S Education Specialist
13 E.E Electrical Engineer
14 EENET Enabling Education Network
15 EFL English as a Foreign Language
16 EHP Early Headship Provision
17 EiC Excellence in Cities
18 EIP Education Improvement Partnerships
19 E.M Engineer of Mines
20 EMA Ethnic Minority Achievement
21 EMAG Ethnic Minority Achievement Grant
22 EMAS Ethnic Minorities Achievement Service
23 E.Met Engineer of Metallurgy
24 EMS Education Management System
25 EO Equal Opportunities
26 EO Education Otherwise
27 EOTAS Education Other than at School
28 EP Educational Psychologist
29 EPM Education Plan Monitoring
30 EPT Educational Psychology Team
31 ERA Education Reform Act
32 ERIC Educational Resources Information Center
33 ESF European Social Fund
34 ESOL English for Speakers of Other Languages
35 ESW Education Social Worker
36 ETS Educational Testing Service
37 EU European Union
38 EWO Education Welfare Officer
39 EYCS Early Years and Childcare Service
40 EYDCP Early Years Development and Childcare Partnership
41 EYDP Early Years Development Plan
42 EYFSP Early Years Foundation Stage Programme
S.No. Abbreviations Expansions
1 FAETC Further and Adult Education Training Certificate
2 FAP Fair Access Protocol
3 FE Further Education
4 FEFC Further Education Funding Council
5 FERPA Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act
6 FEX Fixed Term Exclusions from school
7 FF Fair Funding
8 FFS Farms for Schools
9 FFT Fischer Family Trust (a charity that provides estimates of pupil performance)
10 FL Family Learning
11 FLLN Family Literacy, Language and Numeracy
12 FMS Financial Management System (Capita)
13 FOI Freedom of Information (Act)
14 FRESA Framework for Regional Employment and Skills Action
15 FRS Fire and Rescue Service
16 FS Foundation Stage
17 FSA Financial Services Authority
18 FSM Free School Meals
19 FSP Foundation Stage Profile
20 FSS Formula Spending Share
21 FTE Full Time Equivalent
S.No. Abbreviations Expansions
1 GATE Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering
2 G&T Gifted and Talented
3 GBA Governing Bodies Association
4 GCE A General Certificate of Education Advanced Level
5 GCE AS General Certificate of Education Advanced Supplementary
6 GIAC Global Initiative for Academic Networks
7 GCSE General Certificate of Secondary Education
8 GLD Good level of development (an Early Years judgement)
9 GM Grant Maintained
10 GMAT Graduate Management Admission Test
11 GNVQ General National Vocational Qualification
12 GOYH Government Office of Yorkshire and Humberside
13 GPA Grade Point Average
14 GRE Graduate Record Examinations
15 GSA Girls' School Association
16 GSB General Schools Budget
17 GTC General Teaching Council
S.No. Abbreviations Expansions
1 H&S Health and Safety
2 HACSG Hyperactive Children’s Support Group
3 HE Higher Education
4 HEADLAMP The Headteachers’ Leadership and Management Programme
5 HEFC Higher Education Funding Council
6 HESA Higher Education Statistics Agency
7 HiMP Health Improvement Plan
8 HIP Headteachers' Induction Programme (now replaced by EHP)
9 HMC Headmasters' and Headmistresses' Conference
10 HMCI Her Majesty's Chief Inspector
11 HMI Her Majesty's Inspector(ate)
12 HMM Healthy Minds Matter
13 HMSO Her Majesty's Stationery Office
14 HODs Heads of Departments
15 HRF Health Related Fitness
16 HSC Higher Secondary Certificate
17 HSE Health and Safety Executive
18 HT Headteacher
S.No. Abbreviations Expansions
1 IAG Individual Advice and Guidance
2 IASLIC Indian Association of Special Libraries and Information Centers
3 IATLIS Indian Association of Teachers in Library and Information Science
4 IB International Baccalaureate
5 ICAC International Council of Adult Education
6 ICS Integrated Children's System
7 ICSE Indian Certificate of Secondary Education
8 ICSSR Indian Council of Social Science Research
9 ICT Information and Communications Technology
10 I.E Industrial Engineer or Industrial Engineering
11 IEC Interfaith Education Centre
12 IEP Individual Education Plan
13 IES Institute of Educational Sciences
14 IES Indian Engineering Services
15 IfL Institute for Learning
16 IFLA International Federation of Library Associations and Institutions
17 IiC Investors in Children
18 IIP Investors in People
19 IIT Indian Institute of Technology
20 ILA Indian Library Association
21 ILP Individual Learning Plan
22 ILR Individual Learner Record
23 ILS Integrated Learning Systems
24 INSET In-service Education and Training
25 INSDOC Indian National Scientific Documentation Center
26 IQ Intelligence Quotient
27 IRT The Identification, Referral and Tracking of children and young people at risk
28 ISC Indian School Certificate
29 IS Index Information Sharing Index
30 ISA Information Sharing and Assessment
31 ISA Independent Schools Association
32 ISB Individual Schools Budget (i.e. the delegated budget for each school)
33 ISC Independent Schools Council
34 ISEB Independent Schools Examination Board
35 ISEET Indian Science Engineering Eligibility Test
36 ISI Independent Schools Inspectorate
37 ISIS Independent Schools Information Service
38 ISP Integrated Service Plan
39 ISR Individual School Range
40 IT Information Technology
41 ITT Initial Teacher Training
42 IYSS Integrated Youth Support Service
S.No. Abbreviations Expansions
1 JAR Joint Area Review
2 JCQ Joint Council for Qualifications
S.No. Abbreviations Expansions
1 KS Key Stage
2 KS1 Key Stage 1 Years 1-2 (5 - 7 year olds)
3 KS2 Key Stage 2 Years 3-6 (8 - 11 year olds)
4 KS3 Key Stage 3 Years 7-9 (12-14 year olds)
5 KS4 Key Stage 4 Years 10-11 (15 - 16 year olds)
S.No. Abbreviations Expansions
1 LA Learning Assistance
2 LA Local Authority
3 LAC Learning Assistance Center
4 LAC Looked After Children
5 LAP Local Achievement Partnership
6 LASS Learning Assistance Support System
7 LASSI Learning & Study Strategies Inventory
8 LCLC Learning Center Leadership Certification
9 LCSH Library of Congress Subject Heading
10 LDP Local Delivery Plan
11 LEA Local Education Authority
12 Learndirect National Education and Training Helpline
13 LEP Limited English Proficient
14 LIF Local Initiative Fund
15 LIG Leadership Incentive Grant
16 LIS Library and Information Science
17 LKG Lower Kinder Garten
18 LLB Bachelor of Laws
19 LLDD Learner with Learning Difficulties or Disabilities
20 LMS Local Management of Schools
21 LMS Learning Management System
22 LMSS Local Management of Special Schools
23 LPSA Local Public Service Agreement
24 LPSH Leadership Programme for Serving Headteachers
25 LRM Local Resource Management
26 LSB Local Schools Budget (i.e. the total budget available to be spent on schools)
27 LSC Learning Support Center
28 LSC Learning and Skills Council
29 LSCHE Learning Support Centers in Higher Education
30 LSDA Learning Skills Development Agency
31 LSE Library Services for Education
32 LSP Local Strategic Partnership
33 LSW Learning Support Workers
S.No. Abbreviations Expansions
1 MA Master of Arts
2 M.Aero.E Master of Aeronautical Engineering
3 MAT Management Aptitude Test
4 M.B.A Master of Business Administration
5 MBBS Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery
6 M.C.E Master of Christian Education or Master of Civil Engineering
7 M.C.S Master of Computer Science
8 MCI Medical Council of India
9 MCI Management Charter Initiative
10 M.D Doctor of Medicine
11 M.Div Master of Divinity
12 M.E Master of Engineering
13 M.Ed Master of Education
14 M.Eng Master of Engineering
15 MENCAP Royal Society for Mentally Handicapped Children and Adults
16 M.F.A Master of Fine Arts
17 MFL Modern Foreign Languages
18 M.H.A Master of Hospital Administration
19 MIND National Association for Mental Health
20 MIS Management Information System
21 MLA Modern Library Association
22 MLD Moderate Learning Difficulty
23 MLISc Master of Library and Information Science
24 M.Litt Master of Letters
25 M.LL Master of Laws
26 M.L.S Master of Library Science
27 M.M Master of Music
28 M.M.E Master of Mechanical Engineering or Master of Music Education
29 M.Mus Master of Music
30 M.N Master of Nursing
31 M.Phil Master of Philosophy
32 M.R.E Master of Religious Education
33 M.S Master of Science
34 MSc Master of Science
35 M.S.W Master of Social Work
36 MTFS Medium Term Financial Strategy
37 M.Th Master of Theology
S.No. Abbreviations Expansions
1 NAAC National Assessment and Accreditation Council
2 NACAB National Association of Citizens Advice Bureaux
3 NACE National Association for Able Children in Education
4 NADE National Association for Developmental Education
5 NAGC National Association for Gifted Children
6 NAGM National Association of Governors and Managers
7 NAHT National Association of Headteachers
8 NAPE National Association for Primary Education
9 NAS National Autistic Society
10 NASSDOC National Social Science Documentation Center
11 NASUWT National Association of School Teachers/ Union of Women Teachers
12 NATFHE National Association of Teachers in Further and Higher Education
13 NC National Curriculum
14 NCB National Children's Bureau
15 NCER National Consortium of Examination Results
16 NCERT National Council of Educational Research and Training
17 NCHER National Commission for Higher Education and Research
18 NCLCA National College Learning Center Association
19 NCMA National Childminding Association
20 NCPTA National Conference of Parent Teacher Associations
21 NCSL National College of School Leadership
22 NCT Non-contact time
23 NCT National Curriculum Tests
24 NCTE National Council for Teachers Education
25 NCTE National Council of Teachers of English
26 NCTM National Council of Teachers of Mathematics
27 NCVQ National Council for Vocational Qualifications
28 NCY National Curriculum Year
29 NDS New Deal for Schools
30 NEET National Eligibility
31 NEET Not in Education, Employment or Training
32 NEOST National Employers Organisation for School Teachers
33 NETTS National Education and Training Targets
34 NFER National Federation for Educational Research
35 NGC National Council for Governing Bodies
36 NGFL National Grid for Learning
37 NHS HT National Health Service Hospital Trust
38 NHS PT National Health Service Partnership Trust
39 NIACE National Institute of Adult Continuing Education
40 NIIT National Institute of Information Technology
41 NISCAIR National Institute for Science Communication and Information Resources
42 NISOD National Institute for Staff and Organizational Development
43 NLP National Literacy Project
44 NODA National Orientation Directors Association
45 NOVA End of Key Stage results analysis tool provided by the NCER
46 NMAT Narsee Monjee Management Aptitude Test
47 NN Neighbourhood Nurseries
48 NNEB National Nursery Examination Board
49 NOCN National Open College Network
50 NOF New Opportunities Fund
51 NoR Number on Roll
52 NPQH National Professional Qualification for Headship
53 NPQSL National Professional Qualification for Subject Leaders
54 NQT Newly Qualified Teacher
55 NRC National Reading Conference
56 NSPCC National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children
57 Nuc.E Nuclear Engineer
58 NUPE National Union of Public Employees
59 NUT National Union of Teachers
60 NVQ National Vocational Qualifications
S.No. Abbreviations Expansions
1 O and A Observation and Assessment
2 OCN Open College Network
3 OCR Oxford Cambridge and RSA Examinations
4 O.D Doctor of Optometry
5 OFSTED Office for Standards in Education
6 OJC Officers' Joint Committee (BMDC) with Unison
7 OOHL Out of Hours Learning
6 OU Open University
S.No. Abbreviations Expansions
1 PAC Public Affairs & Communications (BMDC)
2 PAN Planned Admission Number
3 PANDA Performance and Data Analysis
4 PANDAS Performance and Assessment Documents
5 PAT Professional Association of Teachers
6 PATA Parent and Toddler Association
7 PCT Primary Care Team
8 PDC Professional Development Consultancy
9 PE Physical Education
10 PEACH Parents for the Early intervention of Autism in Children
11 PEO Principal Education Officer
12 PEPs Personal Education Plans
13 PEX Permanent Exclusion from school
14 PfS Playing for Success
15 PGCE Postgraduate Certificate of Education
16 PGDIT Post Graduate Diploma in Information Technology
17 Ph.D Doctorate in Philosophy
18 PGDLAN Post Graduate Diploma in Library Automation and Networking
19 Pharm.D Doctor of Pharmacy
20 Ph.B Bachelor of Philosophy
21 Ph.D Doctor of Philosophy
22 PID Project Initiation Document
23 PIN Parents Information Network
24 PIP Performance Improvement Plan
25 PIs Performance Indicators
26 PLASC Pupil Level Annual Schools Census (replaced by School Census from January 2007)
27 PLP Primary Leadership Programme
28 PO Project Officer
29 PoCA Protection of Children Act
30 PoS Programmes of Study (in National Curriculum)
31 PPA Pre-school Playgroups Association
32 PRB Performance Review Board
33 PRC Pupil Referral Centre
34 PRP Performance Related Pay
35 PRU Pupil Referral Unit
36 PSA Parent School Association
37 PSE Personal and Social Education
38 PSHE Personal, Social and Health Education
39 PSHE+C Personal, Social, Health and Citizenship Education
40 PSS Pupil and Student Services Group
41 PTA Parent Teacher Association
42 PTR Pupil Teacher Ratio
S.No. Abbreviations Expansions
1 QA Quality Assurance
2 QAA Quality Assurance Agency for Higher Education
3 QAN Qualification Accreditation Number
4 QCA Qualifications and Curriculum Authority
5 QTA Qualified Teacher Status
6 QTPS Qualified Teachers Pay Spine
7 QTS Qualified Teacher Status
S.No. Abbreviations Expansions
1 R (Y1, Y2 etc) Reception (Year 1 etc)
2 RARPA Recognising and recording progress and achievement
3 RDA Regional Development Agency
4 RE Religious Education
5 READS Racial Equality and Diversity Service
6 Reg 33 Regulation 33 relation to the inspection of children's homes
7 RgI Registered Inspector
8 RIE Regional Institute of Education
9 RoA Record of Achievement
10 RRRLF Raja Rammohun Roy Library Foundation
11 RSA Royal Society of Arts Examination Board
12 RSU Research and Statistics Unit
S.No. Abbreviations Expansions
1 s2s School to school secure data transfer system
2 SACRE Standing Advisory Council on Religious Education
3 SAR Self Assessment Report
4 SATs Standard Assessment Task/ Test
5 S.B Bachelor of Science
6 SCC School causing concern
7 Sc.D Doctor of Science
8 SCR Single Central Record
9 SDP School Development Plan
10 SEF School self-evaluation form issued by Ofsted
11 SEMT School Emergency Management Team
12 SEN Special Educational Needs
13 SENCO Special Educational Needs Coordinator
14 SENDA Special Educational Needs Discrimination Act
15 SEP Single Education Plan
16 SEU Standards and Effectiveness Unit
17 SFR Statistical First Release (DfE data release)
18 SHA Secondary Heads Association
19 SHMIS Society of Headmasters and Headmistresses of Independent Schools
20 SIMS Schools Information Management System (provided by Capita)
21 SIP School Improvement Partner
22 S.J.D Doctor of Juridical Science or Doctor of the Science of Law
23 SLA Service Level Agreement
24 SLC Student Loans Company
25 SLD Severe Learning Difficulty
26 SM Special Measures
27 SMART Smart, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, Time-scaled targets
28 SMSC Spiritual Moral Social Cultural
29 SMT Senior Management Team
30 SN Standard Number (replaced PAL - Planned Admission Level
31 SOP School Organisation Plan
32 SoS Secretary of State
33 SoW Scheme of Work
34 SPAW School Performance Award Scheme
35 SpLD Specific Learning Difficulty
36 SRB Single Regeneration Budget
37 SRS Safer Routes to Schools
38 SSA Standard Spending Assessment
39 S.Sc.D Doctor of Social Science
40 SSLC Secondary School Leaving Certificate
41 SSCO School Support Coordinators
42 SSE School Self Evaluation
43 SSF School Standards Fund
44 SSFA School Standards and Framework Act 1998
45 SSM Strategic Support Managers (BMDC)
46 STABIS State Boarding School Information Service
47 S.T.B Bachelor of Sacred Theology
48 S.T.D Doctor of Sacred Theology
49 S.T.M Master of Sacred Theology
50 STRB School Teachers' Review Body
51 SURE Start Sure Start is a government programme bringing together, early education, childcare, health and family support agencies
52 SW Serious Weaknesses
S.No. Abbreviations Expansions
1 TEFL Teaching English as a Foreign Language
2 TES Times Educational Supplement
3 TGT Trained Graduate Teacher
4 Th.B Bachelor of Theology
5 Th.D Doctor of Theology
6 Th.M Master of Theology
7 TOEFL Test Of English as a Foreign Language
8 TP Teachers' Pensions
9 TSC Transactional Services Centre (BMDC)
10 TTA Teacher Training Agency
11 TUC Trade Union Congress
S.No. Abbreviations Expansions
1 UCAS University and Colleges Admissions Service
2 UfA University of the First Age
3 UGC University Grants Commission
4 ULN Unique Learner Number
5 UPN Unique Pupil Number