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VB.Net Statements

VB.Net Statements

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VB.Net Statements, Statements mean instructions which  are going to give to the compiler to execute. Simply, we can also say that the statements are the combination  of keywords, variables, constants and procedures.Following are the types of statements available in computer languages.

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Following is a conceptual figure which shows the types of statements.

Declarative Statements

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The statements which are used to declare something are called as Declarative Statements. To declare Constants, Variables and procedures.The following are the different types of declarative statements. Dim Statement Dim Statement is used to declare one or more variables and also to allocate memory. Example: [vbnet] Dim n as integer Dim s as string = "Splessons"[/vbnet] Enum Statement Enum statement is used to declare the group of constants at a time. Example: [vbnet] Enum Height tall medium small End Enum [/vbnet] Const Statement Const Statement is used to declare fixed values or constant values. Example: [vbnet]Const Pi as double=3.14[/vbnet]

Executable Statements

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Executable Statements mean the statements which are going to execute and perform some actions. Executable Statements are used call procedures or loops..etc..

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Following is an example which describes above types of statements. [vbnet] Imports System Public Class Module1 Shared Sub Main() Dim a As Integer = 10 Dim b As Integer = 20 Console.WriteLine("a value={0}", a) Console.WriteLine("b value={0}", b) If (a < b) Then Console.WriteLine("a is less than b") Else Console.WriteLine("a is greater than b") End I Console.ReadLine() End Sub End Class [/vbnet] Output: Following output will be displayed in the console after the execution of above code. In the above code, if condition is the executable statement.


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  • Sub statement is used to define name, arguments in the program.
  • Statements will be written high level language.