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VB.Net Basic Syntax

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VB.Net Basic Syntax

VB.Net Basic Syntax

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VB.Net is an Object Oriented Programming Language which only deals with Objects. All the objects interact with other objects by means of actions. Here, Actions means Methods. VB.Net is a collection of the objects which is used to perform some action through methods.Likewise, in the other languages Dot Net will also have the native features , class and objects have the same functionality in every language.Following is the conceptual figure which describes what are the elements are placed in object oriented programming language.

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The following are the different Elements in an Object Oriented Programming Language.
  • Object - An Object is an instance of the Class. Object have the States and Behaviour. Example: Pen is an object. Pen have the color and brand which means states. The Pen is used for writing which means behaviour.
  • Class - As a practical definition class can be defined as a box inside of this box user can write methods and functions.Class may have more objects but object will have only one class.
  • Methods - Method is used to perform some action. Inside of this methods developer can write logic to the code.
  • Variables - A variable is used to store the data. Example:  int a; Here, a is the variable.

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Let us take an Example for the object called Square. Here, the variable is side and method is the area used to perform some action which means method. [vbnet]Imports System Public Class Square Private side As Double Public Sub GetSide() side = 4 End Sub Public Function GetArea() As Double GetArea = 4 * side End Function Public Sub Display() Console.WriteLine("Side: {0}", side) Console.WriteLine("Area: {0}", GetArea()) End Sub Shared Sub Main() Dim s As New Square() s.GetSide() s.Display() Console.ReadLine() End Sub End Class[/vbnet] Output: When developer execute the above code, then the output will be displayed as follows in the console.


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  • Dim gives memory allocation for variables.
  • To declare the name Sub will be used.
  • VB.Net is not a case sensitive.