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Spring Tutorials

Spring Tutorials

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Spring Tutorials, The initial name of the Spring was Interface 21 and released from spring organization, Spring is an alternative for EJB's, EJB's are heavy weight application and tightly coupled. Spring does not use any OS dependencies like AWT, it uses only JDK libraries. EJB uses application server dependencies and Spring does not use application server dependencies.

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Spring was developed by Rod Johnson in June 2003 on Apache 2.0 version that provides robust and secure applications. The latest version of Spring 4.2.1 was released in September 2015. Spring objects are loosely coupled objects and it can be used for development of real time applications unlike struts and hibernates.

Java frame works

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In JAVA there are so many technologies that help programmers to make applications easily.

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FrameWorks Functionality
Hibernate Database Access Mechanism
Struts Web Layer
EJB's Services like Transactions,Security
Log4j Logging


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Splessons will help in understanding the Spring brief with the explanation of Architecture, Modules and Actual usage. Before proceeding with Spring Framework programmer must have knowledge in Java basics about web applications. A basic understanding of IDE also mandatory here because most of the programming will be done in IDE only like Myeclipse.


shape Key Points

  • Spring Tutorials - Spring is a light weight and does not have OS dependencies.
  • Spring Tutorials - Spring was develop by Rod Johnson.
  • Spring Tutorials - Latest version of Spring 1.4.6 was released in march 2015.
  • Spring Tutorials - Spring is used to develop real time applications.
  • programmer should have awareness about java programming to deal with Spring framework.
  • IDE ¬†tool is the mandatory to grab best result.