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Servlet Tutorials

Servlet Tutorials

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Servlet Tutorials will give an overview of what is the advantage of Servlet, Servlet is a very powerful technology which extends the functionality of web servers. Mainly Servlets are a Java Enterprise Edition and one can call it as J2EE. The servlet is a server side programming language which is used for developing web applications communicating through HTML (HyperText Markup Language) and XML (Extensible Markup Language) files. The servlet is a technology to create web applications. Web applications help the web server to build dynamic web contents (such as query of the database). Servlet generates HTML text. Servlets takes HTTP Request from a browser, generate dynamic web content and produced HTTP Response is sent back to the browser in the form of HTML. Click Here To Know More About HTML

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Servlet Tutorials, above figure is a practical working of the Servlet concept. Where the client request the browser that capable of communicating with the server, the server accepts the request and finds the requested page, server formats the requested page gives that to the browser, where browser renders the content to visible format to the client. Actually Servlet is came to the picture to overcome the problems of CGI(Common Gateway Interface), the drawback of CGI is that If number of clients increases, it takes more time for sending response. Click Here To Know The Advantages Of Servlets Over CGI

What is CGI

CGI is a standard route for a Web server to pass a Web client's demand to an application program and to get information back to forward to the client. At the point when the client asks for a Web page , the server sends back the asked for page. Be that as it may, when a client rounds out a frame on a Web page and sends it in, it more often than not should be handled by an application program. The Web server ordinarily passes the frame data to a little application program that procedures the information and may send back an affirmation message. This technique or tradition for passing information forward and backward between the server and the application is known as CGI. It is a piece of the Web's Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP).

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Before learning the Servlet Tutorials user should have a basics regarding Core JAVA , HTML , JDBC will be an added advantage but these are not compulsory. To start learning core Java refer SPlessons website that will be in an easy way to understand.


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  • Servlet Tutorials - The Servlet can be defined as dynamic Java program.
  • The Servlet can be defined as an API or an interfaces .
  • Basic understanding of the programming is mandatory while building  the web application.
  • CGI stands for Common Gate Way Interface.