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MySQL Introduction

MySQL Introduction

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MySQL is a Relational Database Management System (RDBMS) which is an accessible source database. MySQL is authorized under GNU(General Public Licence). It is a multi-client, multi threaded database administrator framework. MySQL is extremely well known on the Web. It is one of the parts of LAMP platform.Currently MySQL is possessed by Oracle. MySQL database is accessible on most vital OS stages. 

What is Database?

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A Databases is a huge gathering of logical related information which can be created, accessed, managed, and updated. The data can be in any form like text and numbers. There are many type of data stores, such as files on the file system, where data reading and writing will be very slow. So in the present generation, Relational Database Administration framework is being utilized to store and oversee colossal measure of information.

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  • Queries - Queries are nothing but questions
  • DBMS - Stands for database management system ,which is a collection of different types of programs.
  • Operating system -Is a software which support basic function inside the system.
  • Database - Is a collection of logical related data.


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The full form of RDBMS is Relational DataBase Management System. The RDBMS is a database programming that can perform the accompanying operations.
  • Enables one to create a database with tables, sections and lists.
  • Assured the Referential Integrity among the rows of different tables in the current database.
  • Consequently updates the indexes.
  • Read an SQL query and joins data from different  database tables.

MySQL Database

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MySQL is very quick and user friendly database. MySQL is technologically advanced, and promoted by MySQL AB, which is a Swedish organization developed by David Axmark, Allan Larsson and Michael "Monty" Widenius. On 23rd May, 1995 the first version of MySQL resembled. Many large and small enterprises use this technology.
  • MySQL is published under an open-source license agreement.
  • MySQL handles more expensive and powerful database packages.
  • MySQL is developed on the basic version of SQL.
  • MySQL deals with c, c++, PHP, Java and so on and other working frameworks.
  • MySQL works quick and handle  even with tremendous information sets.
  • MySQL is neighborly to PHP, the most section on dialect for web improvement.
  • MySQL advances gigantic databases, upto 50 million columns and significantly more in the table. The default size point of confinement of a table is 4GB, however can be stretch out to a hypothetical cutoff of 8 million terabytes (TB).
  • MySQL is imprint. In general source, GPL permit permits developers to change the MySQL programming to suit their own particular informational system.


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  • MySQL - Is an open source relational database management system, licensed under GNU.
  • RDBMS - Is a collection of all co-related data that can perform in the database table.