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JSP Tutorial

JSP Tutorial

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JSP Tutorial, SPLessons will teach every concept in the JSP Tutorial, but before going to learn JSP user needs to have the knowledge in servlet technology . JSP stands for Java Servlet Pages and is utilized for server-side technology which is an augmentation of Servlet technology that was created by Sun Microsystem. The servlet will get executed on client browser where as JSP will get executed on the server. JSP is utilized to create dynamic web applications like as a Servlet technology, but gives extra functionalities like custom tags , JSTL , expression language . JSP concentrates for the most part of presentation logic of the application. Servlet run quicker than JSP, the fundamental favorable position of JSP is less coding contrasted with servlets.

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Following is the conceptual figure which explains the flow of code. JSP contains both Java and HTML in the same file. JSP is same like HTML , but the difference in JSP developer writes Java code with script tags. JSP can be easily managed because business logic is separated from presentation logic. But in Servlet technology, both will be mixed up. When JSP page is updated, there is no need to recompile and redeploy the project. Following are the advantages of JSP.

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Before learning JSP technology user should have knowledge in core Java, servlet technology , JDBC connection because JSP is utilized to overcome the drawbacks of servlet technology.


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  • JSP Tutorial - JSP uses HTML code also.
  • JSP Tutorial - While using JSP code do not need to recompile the code.
  • JSP Tutorial - JSP provides custom tags.