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jQuery Mobile Tutorials

jQuery Mobile Tutorials

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jQuery Mobile is a JavaScript library that builds on top of the popular jQuery library. It allows to build web applications that will work with patch interfaces and it looks great on all the popular mobile web browsers. It also supports the Kindle Tree and the Kindle Fire as well as palm devices running webOS. The present chapter "jQuery Mobile Tutorials" gives the basic introduction of jQuery Mobile, its features, advantages and the prerequisites.

What is jQuery Mobile?

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jQuery Mobile is a web framework developed by jQuery team members in 2010 to create mobile based web applications. jQuery Mobile is applicable to all kinds of smartphones and tablets. If known jQuery it is very easy to learn jQuery Mobile because it is built on the top of jQuery library.And it also supports desktop browsers like Chrome, Firefox, Opera and Internet Explorer because this is just JavaScript, HTML, CSS, and web standards all the way down.It uses HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript and AJAX to build pages with minimum scripting.

Why jQuery Mobile?

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jQuery Mobile follows "Write Less and Do More".The web pages are designed automatically, attractively and friendly to use and which fits to all mobile devices. Rather than writing one native application for every mobile platforms,like Develop one application using jQuery Mobile, as it only uses HTML, CSS and JavaScript, which is applicable to all Mobile platforms and is standard for all mobile web browsers. jQuery is cross-platform, cross-browser and open-source framework.


  • The applications developed using jQuery mobile works slow on mobiles.
  • It requires more time to run an application when jQuery is combined with other mobile frameworks.
  • A fully customized design may not be possible with jQuery mobile.
  • All device features may not be accessed by the JavaScript in a browser.

jQuery Mobile Versions

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Year Version
2014 1.4.1-1.4.5
2013 1.4.0 ,1.4.0 RC 1,1.4.0 Beta 1,1.4.0 Alpha 1-2,1.3.0-1.3.2,1.3.0 RC 1,1.3.0 Beta 1,1.2.1,1.1.2
2012 1.2.0,1.2.0 RC1-2,1.2.0 Beta 1,1.2.0 Alpha 1,1.2.0,1.1.1 ,1.1.1 RC 1,1.1.0,1.1.0 RC 1- 2,1.0.1
2011 1.0 Alpha 3-4.1,1.0 Beta 1-3,1.0 RC 1- 3,1.0
2010 1.0 Alpha 1-2


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This tutorial gives an overview about how to develop web applications for all mobile platforms and is developed for beginners and professionals. Basic knowledge of HTML, CSS, jQuery aides in simpler learning of jQuery Mobile Development.


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  • jQuery Mobile is a javascript framework used to create mobile based web applications.
  • It is standard for all mobile web browsers using HTML, CSS and JavaScript.