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Java XML Tutorial

Java XML Tutorial

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XML is "Extensible Markup Language" in which the user can store, transport and exchange data. XML concentrates only on what data means unlike HTML concentrating on Layout also. XML characterizes set of tenets created by W3C, an open standard, for encoding information in archives in an organized way. Since the guidelines are standard, the XML archives can be naturally produced and prepared. In XML, the user can define own tags to store the data and is also extensible which means once the XML document is created, the document can be extended to store more data. Markup implies the tags which are used in XML.

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XML was very famous during the start of 2000 decade. So Java Developers used XML in parsing the documents in Java. In the beginning Java developers had to use open source Java XML APIs, but since then standard XML APIs were added to Java. Java Developers has many choices in deciding a consistent interface and how to work with the applications using XML. To choose the right API, the developer have to decide what feature is important to their application. Some application need


shape Description

XML is used in web development and has the following features.
  • Data Sharing becomes easier with XML.
  • XML isolates information from HTML.
  • Upgradation to new operating systems is quite simple with XML.
  • Many languages like XHTML, WSDL, WAP and WML can be derived from XML.
  • Availability of data with XML is easy.


XML has wide range of uses. Few of them are:
  • XML for storing the data in a structured format.
  • XML documents helps as mini storage for browsers for storing the data.
  • Used for storing configuration files in XML formats.
  • XML can be mixed up with various CSS style sheets to get the required output.
  • Transmission of data between Server-Server, WorkStation-Server and vice-versa becomes easier with XML as shown in below figure.

Before Beginning

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Java XML is very easy to learn and SPLessons Java XML Tutorial was prepared to make the readers to understand the basic to advanced topics in simple and easy steps with well explained examples. Before beginning, one should have a basic knowledge on


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  • Java XML Tutorial - Java XML - XML is Extensible Markup Language.
  • Java XML Tutorial - XML stores, transports and exchanges data.