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Hibernate Tutorials

Hibernate Tutorials

shape Introduction

The chapter Hibernate Tutorials give a brief introduction about Hibernate which is similar to a database and it was developed by the Gavin king in 2001, the current version of hibernate is 4.3.6 was released in July 16th, 2014 and the main asset of hibernate is an ORM (Object Relational Model) and to vanish the flaws of JDBC hibernate was introduced. ORM inside utilization Java Data Base Connectivity to furnish joining with the database. To deal with hibernate project developer need to have database support like MySQL to create the table, the primary advantage of Hibernate code is the creation of a table. Hibernate is also an open source and lightweight framework and It can be also known as ORM tool. Hibernate underpins inheritance also and underpins relationships like one to one, one to many and underpins collections also. ORM tool used to access the data. Hibernate is persistence. To overcome the flaws of JDBC hibernate came into action. Following are the flaws of JDBC.

shape Conceptual figure

In the above diagram,
  1. Java Application is Connected to JDBC API.
  2. JDBC API is Connected to the  DataBase depending on the type of JDBC Driver used.  After the connection with the database is established, data will be stored in the table format.


shape Description

ORM is a new kind of Persistence Software, which is used to transfer the data from Java Application to DataBase in the Object format. ORM software internally uses JDBC,  JTA (Java Transaction API), JNDI (Java Naming and Directory Interface) for communicating Java application with the database in order to transfer objects between them.

shape Conceptual figure

In the above diagram,
  • ORM Software uses the JDBC Technology to perform the database operations on the DataBase Server.
  • ORM Software uses JNDI when Connection pool technique is applied for database connections.
  • ORM Software uses JTA for managing the Transactions.

shape Vendors

Different ORM's are given different Vendors.
ORM Softwares Vendor Names
Hibernate JBOSS
TopLink Oracle Corporation
OJB(Object Java Bean) Apache
JDO(Java Data Object) Adobe

shape Advantages


shape Key Points

  • Hibernate Tutorials - ORM is the one of the hibernate tool to fetch the data between relational databases.
  • Hibernate Tutorials - By using ORM development of application will be useful.
  • Hibernate Tutorials - Gavin King is also an inventor of JBoss Server.
  • Hibernate Tutorials - Retrieving of information is main assert of Hibernate.