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C# Starting with C# Program

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C# Starting with C# Program

Starting with C# Program

shape Introduction

The tutorial "Starting with C# Program" will help to get start with C#. Below are some of the key takeaways of this chapter:
  • To understand the basic syntax of a C# program.
  • What is a Namespace?
  • What is a Class?
  • What is a Main method?
  • How to execute first application?

shape Syntax

shape Example

Below example is a simple C# program. [csharp] using System; using System.Collection.Generics; using System.Text; namespace SPLessons { class Program { static void Main(string[] args)// Main begins program execution. { Console.WriteLine("SPLessons C# Sharp Tutorial!"); // Line1: Write to console Console.ReadLine(); // Line2:ReadLine-Wait’s for user Input } } } [/csharp]


Steps to compile a program

shape Description

Compiling and Executing: Use key F5 to execute the program.
  • Open a Text Editor and add the above-mentioned code.
  • Save the file as Hello.cs.
  • Open the command prompt tool and go to the directory where the file is saved.
  • Type csc Hello.cs and press Enter to compile your code.
  • Hello.exe executable file is generated.
  • Type Hello to execute the program.
  • Output "Hello World" printed on the screen can be seen.


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A program generally has multiple using statements. Here, 3 namespaces are provided that are imported.


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Class is a blueprint of objects. It is a collection of methods,member variables, etc.

Main Class


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Here the execution of the program starts. static void Main(string[] args)
  1. static : The static keyword tells that this method should be accessible without instantiating the class.
  2. void : It is a return type which tells what will be the result returned to the method.
    • int returns integer values.
    • string returns text values.
    • void does not return a value.
  3. Main: This method is the entry-point of application, i.e. where the execution of the program starts.
  4. Arguments passed in the main class are of type string(string[] args)

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