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SQLite Introduction

Chapter 1

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SQLite Introduction

SQLite Introduction

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The current chapter SQLite Introduction mainly focuses on basic evolution and advantages of SQLite. D.Richard Hipp developed SQLite in the year 2000 with the end goal of building up a system without the need of Database Administrator. And around the same time SQLite 1.0 discharged with the elements of GNU Database Manager. And later Richard Hipp added UNQI interface to develop UNQLite to SQLITE DB in the year 2011.


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SQLite is Working Framework Information Center that executes an independent, zero-arrangement, value-based SQL database appliance and server-less. SQLite is the uttermost extensive setup for SQL database appliance in the Universe. The SQLite source code is in terms of free domain. SQLite is one of the quickest developing database apparatuses as far as development and fame.

SQLite is one of the database technology that is zero-configured, which implies it doesn’t need to configure in individual PC’s that resembles with other database technologies. SQLite mechanism is not a standalone strategy like different databases, every one can link it progressively or statically according to once prerequisite with each operation. The SQLite admittances its storage documents straight forwardly.

Advantages of SQLite

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The advantages of SQLite database technology are as follows.
  • SQLite is independent, which implies no outer conditions.
  • SQLite doesn’t require a different framework or server procedure to function.
  • The database SQLite is kept away in a solitary cross-stage plate record.
  • SQLite accompanies zero-design, that implies SQLite does not need any administration or setup.
  • SQLite transactions are completely ACID-consistent, permitting secure connections among numerous procedures or strings.
  • SQLite is little and weight less, under 250kib with discretionary elements or under 400kib completely designed overlook.
  • SQLite is composed in ANSI-C and gives straight forward and simple to-use API.
  • In Windows and UNIX, SQLite is accessible.
  • SQLite bolsters a large portion of the query dialect components exits in the SQL92 standard.


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SQLite Introduction chapter draws out following important points.
  • SQLite – Is a  working framework information center that executes various appliances.