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SQL Tutorials

SQL Tutorials

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SQL stands for Structured Query Language. The dialect initially created by IBM at mid 1970 and is utilized for dealing with the database. It is a non-procedural dialect. Client can compose SQL script to execute and SQL compiler consequently produces a method to get to database and convey the fancied output. SQL is a database coding, planned for the recuperation and organisation of data in social database. Taking after outline clarifies how SQL getting to database to recover wanted information.

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SQL - Is a procedural language. Database - Is a collection of logical related data.

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The below example describes the sample example of sql query. [c]Select * from employee; [/c] It will display all the employees table values in the table.

SQL Languages

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SQL is used for controlling all the functions provided by the DBMS like
  • Data Definition: SQL permits a client to characterize the structure of information to store and relate between them.
  • Data Retrieval: SQL helps a client or an operation to recover information from database.
  • Data Manipulation: SQL permit client or an operation to overhaul the current information, include some new information and erase existing information.
  • Access Control: SQL can likewise be utilized to confine a client or an application to get to some delicate information by setting up authorization level.

SQL process

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SQL databases are very quick and user friendly database. SQL is an ANSI (American National Standards Institute) standard but there are many different versions of the SQL language.
  • SQL is published under an open-source license agreement.
  • SQL handles more expensive and powerful database packages.
  • SQL deals with C, C++, PHP, Java and so on and other working frameworks.
  • SQL works quick and handle even with tremendous information sets.
  • SQL is neighborly to PHP, the most section on dialect for web improvement.
  • SQL advances gigantic databases, upto 50 million columns and significantly more in the table. The default size point of confinement of a table is 4GB, however can be stretched out to a hypothetical cutoff of 8 million terabytes (TB).
  • SQL is imprint. In general source, GPL permits developers to change the SQL programming to suit their own particular informational system.


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  • SQL - Stands for Structured Query Language.
  • Purpose of SQL Tutorials - Used for managing the database.
  • DDL - Stands for data definition language, and which is used to define data in database server.
  • DML - Stands for data manipulation language, and which is used to manipulate the data in database server.
  • Access control - Restrict the user to access confidential data.