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SAT Introduction

shape Introduction

What is SAT?
  • SAT is a paper-based standardized test which is used widely for undergraduate admission purpose or program consideration for Colleges or Universities in the United States.

  • It is a test used to check or access the readiness or how prepared a student is to attend college.
When year did SAT start?
  • It had its first appearance in the year 1926

Who initiated or developed SAT?
  • The test was brought about by the College Board.

Who is the Administrator of SAT?
  • Educational Testing Service

Who is the College Board?
  • It is a non-profit and private organization in the United States that administers the SAT on behalf of the Educational Testing Service.

Who is the College Board President?
  • David Coleman

shape Appearance

Chronological Appearance of SAT

  • From its first appearance SAT has had numerous names accorded to it until of recent and they include;
    • Scholastic Aptitude Test
    • Scholastic Assessment Test
    • SAT 1: Reasoning Test
    • SAT Reasoning Test

  • And now it is simply called SAT

  • shape Basic Facts

    Where can SAT be taken?
    • The Test can be taken in the United States or outside US (anywhere in the world that the College Board has a centre).

    How can an Aspirant or Test Taker prepare for SAT?

    What are the skills required to take SAT?
    An Aspirant or Exam Taker ought to have the basic knowledge of;
    • Writing
    • Critical reading
    • Mathematics

    What is the duration for taking SAT?
    • The test approximately covers Three hours, Fifty minutes (3h: 50m) without the essay part or Four hours, Forty minutes (4h: 40m) with the essay part inclusive.

    What Language is the SAT based on?
    • Answers and questions should exclusively be in English Language for all countries or the regions worldwide where the test is taken.

    What is the Eligibility or Prerequisite for taking SAT?
    • There are no official criteria for an aspirant to take SAT but you have to be a high school graduate or leaver and have the knowledge or fluency in English Language.

    • A Test taker can also checkout SAT Eligibility on our website for qualifications you have to put into considerations before taking the test.

    How much does SAT Registration cost?
    • With a considerable amount between US $52.50 – US $101.50 depending on your country; a test taker can successful register for the test.

    • Feel free to check on SAT Registration from our website; for guidelines on how to register for SAT exam.

    What is the Official Website for SAT and where can an Aspirant register?
    • Kindly open the web browser and type in on the address bar to access the Official Personal Home Page of SAT.

    shape Roles

    Roles Played by SAT
    • It checks on the literacy, numeracy and writing skills of aspirants or test takers to ensure that they can attain academic success if admitted into college.

    • It observes a tight time limit to check the accuracy and ability of an aspirant to analyze and solve problems within the time frame.

    • It enables Admission officers to make decision with regards to the admission process using the scores obtained during the test.

    shape Structure

    SAT Structure

    How is the SAT Test structured?
    The test questions are categorized into four or five sections depending on which the College Board wish to adapt at a particular time. They structures include;
    • Reading
    • Writing and Language
    • Math (no calculator allowed)
    • Math (calculator allowed)
    • Essay (optional)

    How is the SAT marked?
    The Test is awarded scores based on a broad section of two, which are;
    • Evidence-based Reading and Writing
    • Math

    Aspirants or test takers can check on How to Interpret Test Scores based on the marking sections from our website.

    shape Other Facts

    Other facts about SAT
    How many times is SAT taken?
  • In the United States, SAT is offered seven times which includes the month of;
    • August
    • October
    • November
    • December
    • March
    • May
    • June

  • Outside the US or for International students or aspirants, it is taken four times in a year which includes the month of;
    • October
    • December
    • March
    • May

  • When or where can an aspirant check SAT results?
    • Approximately it takes three weeks after the test administration for the online score reports to appear on their website
    • And six weeks for individual paper scores to be mailed to the test takers.

    shape Conclusion

    Summary or Conclusion of SAT
    • If an Aspirant or Test writer is applying for college is better to have an in-depth knowledge about SAT and how it can affect the admission or application process.

    • Despite the challenges SAT underwent, it has come to stay and serve as a criteria for determining 50% of admission decisions for colleges in US and other countries.

    • Everything an Aspirant ought to know about SAT in brief has been covered. For a quick glance, you can check the table below;
      SAT A standardized test taken for College admission in Undergraduate programs
      Debut year 1926
      Conducting Body College Board, Educational Testing Service
      Expansion or Name Appearance Scholastic Aptitude Test, Scholastic Assessment Test, SAT 1: Reasoning Test, SAT Reasoning Test and SAT
      Country Accepted and Taken Worldwide (Over 175 Countries)
      Skills tested Writing, Critical reading and Mathematics
      Testing Time or Duration 3h: 50m (without essay), 4h: 40m (with essay)
      Language Taken in English
      Registration Fee US $52.50 – US $101.50
      Official Website
      Exam Sections or Structure Reading, Writing and Language, Math (calculator and no calculator) and Essay (optional)
      Number of Times Offered in a Year 7 times in US and 4 times outside US
      Annual Student takers Over 1 million
    • An Aspirant or Test Taker can also check the Comprehensive Introduction to SAT for more details on the SAT Intro.