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jQuery Tutorials

jQuery Tutorials

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jQuery was first coded by John Resig in January, 2006. jQuery is a powerful, easiest, popular and an open source JavaScript API released in 2006 and it is a JavaScript based library that makes use of JavaScript much easier for web development based applications. jQuery Tutorials chapter gives clear explanation of why to use jQuery and its basic features.

Why jQuery?

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Many JavaScript frameworks exists like Ext JS, Dojo etc.. but jQuery has become the most popular, and is also the most extendable framework.

Why jQuery instead of JavaScript?

Suppose to include effects in a website and if not familiar with JavaScript, jQuery can be used which is a reasonably fast loading library. jQuery is browser compatible whereas JavaScript may not work on all browsers.

Features of jQuery

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Before Start

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  • jQuery is JavaScript Library.
  • jQuery is compatible in all browsers unlike JavaScript.
  • It is easy, fast and dynamic.