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JDK Environment Setup

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JDK Environment Setup

JAVA Environment Setup

shape Introduction

JAVA which is a combination of JDK and JRE.

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Initially, download JAVA by clicking the link -> Java Link

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Click on "JDK and JRE Download buttons" as shown in the figure.

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Now click on the checkbox "Accept the licence agreement" as shown below.

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Download the links as per the operating system on the computer.The process of downloading for Windows OS is shown below.

shape Step-5

Now open the downloaded link and click on Next as shown below. If needed one can change the destination folder and click on Next.

shape Step-6

Java is now installed and one need to set the classpath.To set the path,go to My Computer->Advanced system settings->Environment Variables->New Follow the below figure which shows step-by-step procedure. Give the variable name as "PATH" Variable value as "C:\Program Files\Java\jdk1.8.0_65\bin" (destination folder of java)

shape Step-7

To develop any Java program, any of the text editor is needed.Any text editor like Notepad,Eclipse,NetBeans etc can be used.Eclipse IDE can be downloaded from  Eclipse Link 

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