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JavaScript Tutorial

JavaScript Tutorial

shape Introduction

JavaScript is a lightweight scripting language used to create network-based applications. It is very easy to implement as it is integrated with Java and HTML programming languages. JavaScript is an open and cross-platform programming language that involves both functional programming and object-oriented features. JavaScript Tutorial is intended to help programmers understand the basic functionality of JavaScript and teach them how to create dynamic web pages and web applications.

shape Description

JavaScript can integrate with Java and HTML, but, it is not an extension to Java. Simply put, JavaScript is a language that can be understood by browser and defines the behavior of web pages. The functionality of web pages mainly depend on 3 things: Javascript code will be executed by the browser itself.

Before Beginning

shape Requisites

JavaScript Tutorial gives a clear idea about how to create the web applications & web pages and work with them dynamically. But before going to the programming, one needs to have the basic idea about the following:
  • HTML
  • OOPs concepts
  • IDE like Notepad++


shape Key Points

The chapter JavaScript Tutorial draws out following important points.
  • JavaScript is a dynamic and scripting language.
  • Execution is done in the browser.
  • One should know HTML and CSS to learn JavaScript.