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JavaMail API

JavaMail API

shape Introduction

JavaMail API is the concept related to email through the JavaMail. By using JavaMail API, sending, receiving, deleting, managing the email. JavaMail API is a platform, protocol independent framework for to send or receive mail. JavaMail API also provides core classes for to define objects and used that objects to maintain a mail system. The core class of JavaMail API is available in Java. mail. activation and Java. mail. The JavaMail API is also used in different events like registration of the user to send notification to users mail id and while forgot password to send a message to users mail id. There are some protocols which support the JavaMail API, they are as follows.

shape Prerequisites

Working on SMTP server is very interesting why because through which will send an information to other mails. Before working on this user should have knowledge on JAVA and SMTP protocol.


shape Key Points

  • SMTP stands for simple mail transfer protocol.
  • JavaMail API protocol is a platform independent framework.
  • To receive an email POP protocol will be used.