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C Tutorial

Chapter 1

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C Tutorial

C Tutorial

shape Introduction

In the present chapter of C Tutorial, following will be discussed.
  • Evolution
  • Enhancements
  • Importance of C

shape Description

Most of the operating systems are written in C including the first operating system UNIX.C-Language has become the inspiration and the base for all the higher languages like PHP, Perl, etc all are written in C only.

Basically, C was invented to shift the assembly language like UNIX kernel code to higher level language. It also helped Oracle Database originally created in 1977 by rewriting the code and finally releasing in 1983 which has now became the World’s most popular databases.

C – The World Power

shape Description

C did not stop by being useful in those older projects, it is still continuing its command and competing with the newly coming languages.

Operating systems like Windows, Mac, Linux also run its kernel having C. Even the mobiles use the C kernel. Even the embedded systems which are being used in everyday life will be programmed in C.

All the features like portability, efficiency, reduced code, Memory Manipulations and what not? Every feature of it resulting the C-language to be evergreen language among the prevalent higher level languages.


shape Key Points

C Tutorial chapter draws out following main points.
  • No language evolving today can beat the C-language.
  • In most areas of software, C will be past, present and future.